Stepping Up to the Plate: Your Comprehensive Guide to MLB The Show 23 Archetypes

Dive into MLB The Show 23’s extensive player archetype list. Find the perfect fit for your playing style and unleash the full potential of your virtual athlete.

Explore the comprehensive list of player archetypes in MLB The Show 23

Stepping into the cleats of a pro baseball player in MLB The Show 23 is a thrilling experience. But, does your in-game avatar truly reflect your style? It’s a bit of a curveball when your player doesn’t quite hit or run the bases as you would like, right?


  • MLB The Show 23 introduces more archetypes than the ten available in the previous version.
  • Archetypes represent different playstyles, impacting power, speed, and fielding ability.
  • According to game designer Ramone Russell, archetypes have revolutionized the gameplay experience.

Archetypes: Elevating the MLB Experience

MLB The Show 22 offered ten different archetypes including “Slugger,” “Speedster,” and “Utility.” This year, the developers have knocked it out of the park with even more options! Whether you’re a power hitter or a base-stealing whiz, the expanded MLB The Show 23 archetypes list caters to every player’s style.

Archetypes 101: Unleashing Your Inner Ballplayer

Each archetype in MLB The Show represents a distinct playstyle and skill set. Want to blast homers with every swing? The “Slugger” archetype is your best bet. Love swiping bases and making highlight-reel catches? Opt for the “Speedster” or “Utility” archetypes. The choices you make here significantly impact your character’s attributes and, ultimately, your gameplay experience.

The Impact of Archetypes: An Expert’s Opinion

Ramone Russell, an MLB The Show game designer, believes that the introduction of archetypes has “revolutionized the way players approach the game.” With archetypes providing depth and variety to the gameplay, it’s clear the MLB The Show 23 archetypes list will continue to bring new elements for players to explore.

The MLB The Show 23 Archetypes List: Finding Your Perfect Match

Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the most popular archetypes and what they bring to the (home)plate.

1. Slugger: Ideal for players who want to hit the ball hard and far. This archetype enhances power attributes.

2. Speedster: Perfect for those who prefer swift movements on the field, enhancing speed and stealing.

3. Utility: A versatile choice that offers a balance of fielding, speed, and hitting.

4. Velocity: For pitchers who want to throw heat like Jacob deGrom, Camilo Doval, or Hordan Hicks. 

5. Break: If you like throwing big breaking balls like variations of the curveball or slider, then this is the archetype for you.

6. Control: If you want to paint the corners like prime Greg Maddux, choose Control. Note that Control and Break archetypes will have fastball velocities in the low 90s as opposed to the high 90s for Velocity.

7. Knucksie: This is for those who want to specialize in the knuckleball. Fastball velocity will be in the 80s, and Knucksie archetypes have a good balance of control and break.

One other note is that as a two-way player, you can have a combination of the above archetypes. For example, if you want a power hitting flamethrower, you will end up with a Cheesy Slugger. If you want a speedster with nasty break, then you’ll get a Filthy Speedster. Combine them to find your ideal two-way configuration.

Remember, your chosen archetype should match your preferred playstyle for the best gameplay experience.

Embrace the Strategy

Choosing an archetype isn’t just about matching your player to your style. It’s a strategic decision that could influence the success of your game. For instance, if you’re playing in a big ballpark, a Speedster archetype could make a huge difference. Remember, it’s not just about hitting home runs; it’s about playing smart baseball.

Immerse in the Variety

The variety of archetypes is what makes MLB The Show 23 incredibly immersive. You’re not just stuck with one playstyle; you can experiment and explore different approaches to the game. This variety keeps the game fresh and exciting, preventing it from becoming monotonous.

Master Your Skills

Each archetype comes with its own set of challenges and skill sets to master. Whether it’s blasting homers with a Slugger or making lightning-fast runs with a Speedster, mastering these skills can be a rewarding experience.

Customize Your Journey

Lastly, your chosen archetype customizes your journey in the game. It defines your player’s narrative, making your gaming experience uniquely yours. Choose wisely and create your own MLB The Show legend!

Concluding Thoughts

MLB The Show 23 is more than just a game – it’s an immersive baseball experience that offers an opportunity to manifest your playstyle. Explore the archetypes list, find your match, and hit a home run!


1. Can I change my archetype in MLB The Show 23?

Yes, you can change your archetype, but it can impact your player’s attributes.

2. Do archetypes affect my player’s overall rating?

Yes, your player’s overall rating is influenced by your chosen archetype and its associated attributes.

3. Can I have multiple archetypes in MLB The Show 23?

No, you can only choose one archetype at a time for your player. However, as stated above, you can switch out your archetype.

4. Are there any new archetypes in MLB The Show 23?

Yes, MLB The Show 23 has introduced new archetypes, offering more variety to the players.


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