MLB The Show 22 Collections Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Wondering about collection in Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 22? This piece has you covered.

MLB The Show 22 Collections Explained: Everything You Need to Know

MLB The Show 22’s Diamond Dynasty (DD) mode allows you to collect player cards, both current and former players in the forms of flashbacks and legendary cards. Obtaining all the cards of a team is its own reward, but in The Show, you are given more incentive to finish off sets. 

In The Show 22, you are given various rewards for completing certain collections, from Live Series players to historical stadiums. Not all collections are easy to obtain. 

Below, you will find a primer and tips on collections in The Show 21. 

What are collections and how do they work? 

MLB The Show 22 collections explained
Reach Collections by hitting R1 or RB to the “Collect” tab, then select Collections.

Collections are The Show’s way of organizing cards and placing rewards in line with those collections. It is similar to MyTeam or MyFaction in 2K games and Madden Ultimate Team in the Madden series.

MLB The Show 22 starter collections explained

The collections available are Starter Collections, Live Series, G.O.A.T., Legends & Flashbacks, Stadiums, Uniforms, Unlockables & Equipment, and My Ballplayer. 

MLB The Show 22 available collections

To view a certain collection, go to the “Collect” tab from the Diamond Dynasty menu (hit R1 or RB twice), then select Collections. From there, select the specific collection you would like to explore. 

Are collections worth it in The Show? 

MLB The Show 22 collections for a quick boost
Signature Randy Johnson is the reward for completing the Live Series.

In The Show 22, collections are overwhelmingly worth it, especially if you are just starting. They have a “Starter Collections” set that will give you some quick boosts for your DD team.  

MLB The Show 22 collections for DD team
Milestone Roberto Clemente is the reward for finishing the National League Live Series.

Along the way to completing each collection, there are also sub-tasks that provide you with some rewards like in-game currency or a pack(s) of cards. Usually, the collection is broken up with a reward at conceivable breaking points, like collecting five out of 20 in a collection. 

In short, the answer to this question is yes – collections are worth your time! 

How do you obtain cards fast in The Show 22? 

MLB The Show 22 obtain cards
The “Faces of the Franchise” Program to begin MLB The Show 22.

Tip 1: The simplest way is to play and earn experience. At each experience level, you will gain an item, with the rewards progressively better as you near the cap for each program, with some rewards including packs of cards. 

MLB The Show 22 gameplay xp
Always check the Daily Moments for easy and quick experience!

Tip 2: In each program, there are various missions you can complete that will hasten your experience gain. There are usually at least two Conquest maps per main program plus at least one Showdown. There are also around two Player Programs per main program, which are easy ways to add flashback and legendary cards to your collection. There are also daily and online missions to complete. 

Tip 3: Play VS CPU mode will reward you with a card or a few after each game, and better cards when you win. The higher the difficulty at which you played the game, the higher the likelihood of you obtaining a better card.  

MLB The Show 22 conquest maps

Tip 4: Play through as many Conquest maps as possible. There are specialty Conquest maps that will reward you with a legend or flashback, usually in the 90s. Each Conquest map has tasks that will reward you with item cards or card packs upon completion, like stealing three million fans or taking over X number of strongholds.

MLB The Show 22 goals completion
Conquest tasks for some Prospects Choice Packs.

Tip 5: An easy but time-consuming way of collecting equipment and My Ballplayer cards is to play through Road to the Show and be successful with your player. You can check your progress after each game with how many more hits or strikeouts you need to record before triggering a reward pack – an equipment or My Ballplayer pack. Because RTTS is focused only on your ballplayer, all packs you receive through this mode that are not tied to experience will be of these two varieties.  

Tip 6: If you are inclined, playing any of the online PvP modes – Ranked Seasons, Events, and Battle Royale – will earn you more experience, in-game currency, and if you are successful enough, exclusive legend and flashback cards that are usually among the best in the game. Battle Royale games are three innings, so these could be quick games leading to massive rewards. 

Tip 7: There is also another way to obtain cards: spend stubs, the in-game currency. 

What are stubs, and where do I buy cards? 

MLB The Show 22 where to buy cards

Stubs are The Show’s in-game currency that you can purchase or earn by playing the various game modes. Some missions and modes come with stubs rewards as well. 

MLB The Show 22 missions and rewards
Keep an eye out for the Headliners packs, of which there were 40 in MLB The Show 21.

You can buy cards from the Marketplace or The Show Store. Go to the last tab on the Diamond Dynasty page and select either “Marketplace” or “Packs” with the former being where you can purchase cards from other users – usually at a substantial amount – and the latter where you can buy packs of cards from The Show, sometimes with specialty packs. 

In the Marketplace, you can either “Buy Now” or “Quick Sell” duplicate cards to earn more stubs. You can also place a “Buy Now Bid” or “Sell Now Bid” that needs to either be higher or lower than the first listed price in each column. Especially for diamond Live Series cards and legends or flashbacks, the price can easily run between 100 and 400 thousand stubs. Mike Trout tends to be the most expensive card every year. 

From The Show Store, you can buy either one pack or sets of ten, 50, and 75. You can also buy specialty packs, such as Headliners packs throughout the year or All-Star Game packs in time for the All-Star game. These are expensive ways to collect cards, but you may find that at some points, buying cards might be your only option. 

How do you add cards to and complete a collection? 

MLB The Show 22 add carts to complete collection
Cards marked as “Selected” will be added to the collection.

To add a card to a collection, you must first have the card in your inventory. Then, on the specific collection page, move to the card(s) and hit X or A so that a blue check mark appears on the card. When you are finished collecting cards for that set, make sure to hit the Options or Start button and “Yes” to lock in those cards to your collection. When you view them again, the card will be noted as “collected” and locked into the collection. 

To complete a collection, you must lock in all the cards of a given collection. For Live Series teams, this usually means 40 cards. Some of the equipment collections do not need you to collect every piece, just enough to trigger the final reward.  

Can you remove cards from a collection once locked in in The Show? 

No. Once a card is collected, it is locked and unable to sell. However, any duplicates you may have of a collected card can still be sold for stubs so you can buy cards to finish off other collections.  

What is the Live Series collection and how do you collect them? 

MLB The Show 22 live series collection
Part of the Live Series page under Collections.

Live Series is the designation The Show gives to the current season’s players and rosters. These are updated throughout the season depending on injuries, call-ups and minors options, and trades. The Free Agents collection in the Live Series set has free agents and those on injured lists as there are no minors in Diamond Dynasty. Live Series cards all have the same look with just the player’s name and team (if not a free agent); there will be no year nor a Breakout, Rookie, Awards, or other designation listed. 

The reward you receive for completing a team’s Live Series set is dependent upon the ratings of the teams. For example, a team that began the season with no diamond players – such as the Baltimore Orioles – will reward you with a gold level player (80-84 OVR), while a team with high expectations and many diamond players – such as the Houston Astros or Los Angeles Dodgers – will reward you with a diamond player (85+), with the better teams giving you players in the 90s. 

MLB The Show 22 players

Once you are deeper into the game, completing the Live Series and accompanying division and league sets will net you awesome players. For completing all National League teams, you are rewarded with 99 OVR Milestone Roberto Clemente (3,000 hits); he is arguably the best defensive player in the whole game. For completing all American League teams, you are rewarded with 99 OVR Awards Frank Thomas from his 1993 M.V.P. season, one of the best pure hitters in the game. For completing the Major League set, you receive 99 OVR Signature Randy Johnson.

These are just some of the rewards you can obtain, with even more in the Legends & Flashbacks set. 

What is the Legends & Flashbacks collection? 

MLB The Show 22 legend and flashbacks collection

This is where you go to lock in any flashback and legend cards you may have. The set of collections within here may provide the best rewards. 

There are many sub-collections within, including Veteran, All-Stars, Postseason, Signature Series, 2nd Half Heroes, and more. During the 2021 season, The Show 2021 added a 99 OVR Awards Mookie Betts from his 2018 MVP season where you earned vouchers for collecting a certain amount of each legend and flashback collections. 

The Show 21 then added a 99 OVR Signature Series Clayton Kershaw program. You had to lock in even more cards than for Betts, earning vouchers which you could redeem for SS Kershaw. Expect something like this to also happen in The Show 22 as more of the actual baseball season transpires.

MLB The Show 22 season

The Show 22 added a Cover Athletes section, which has various MLB The Show cover athletes dating back 15 years or so. The reward for collecting all is a 96 OVR Cover Athletes Joe Mauer from MLB The Show 11. This is when Mauer was arguably the best offensive and defensive catcher – some might argue player – in all of baseball.

Like some of the equipment collections, you do not need to collect every card in a Legends & Flashbacks sub-collection. Keep an eye on what you already have and which ones you are close to completing.  

What about the other collections? 

MLB The Show 22 other collections
The new Nike City Connect program is a sure way to grab non-player cards for Collections.

The other groups of collections – aside from the G.O.A.T. collection – will not reward you with player cards, but will usually result in packs. You can also earn nameplates for your The Show profile that indicate you have completed certain collections.  

A cool note is that if you complete the Historical Stadiums collections – which includes some famous (or infamous) stadiums like Old Yankee Stadium, Crosley Field, and The Metrodome – you will be rewarded with maybe the most iconic of all stadiums in the Polo Grounds. 

There you have it, your complete guide to collections and how to complete them in The Show 22. Which one will you go for first? 

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