Modern Warfare 2 on PS4

The experience is even better on PS5 thanks to improved performance, but you are not missing out if you still own the previous generation of consoles.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on PS4

Each Call of Duty release is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the year across all mediums of entertainment. The latest installment, Modern Warfare 2, is available on nearly every console you can think of. Today we will examine the PS4 version to see if it holds up next to its next gen counterparts.

Easily Hop into Action

One of the hallmarks of Modern Warfare 2 is the pulse-pounding and addictive gameplay. PS4 allows you to hop right into the action without any fuss. PC gamers must wrestle with the best settings for their rigs, whereas console owners can enjoy a great experience right out of the box. There are very few performance issues and bugs when running Modern Warfare 2 on PlayStation. If simplicity and ease of use is your focus, then choosing the PS4 version is a no-brainer.

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Exclusive Options for PS4 Owners

A hot point of contention amongst Call of Duty fans is the introduction of mixed cross-play lobbies. Pitting controller users against keyboard and mouse users is sure to throw off the delicate balance created by the multiplayer designers who work tirelessly to produce the most engaging matchups possible. On the PS4 version of Modern Warfare 2, you can turn off cross play with mouse users in the options menu.

This exclusive perk makes the PlayStation versions the optimal way to play for most people. To get the most enjoyment from each match, the game must be balanced and controlled. The introduction of varied input setups will inevitably produce more frustration than joy for serious players.

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A Strong Community

Considering the ample number of PS4 owners, you can expect a robust community to support you while playing. Not only will you always be able to find matches on PlayStation, but the large community ensures that bug fixes and updates will flow freely.

The Final Verdict

Overall, playing Modern Warfare 2 on PS4 is perfectly suitable for most people. The game offers solid performance and jumping into an exciting round has never been easier. Plus, the exclusive cross-play menu options offer a level playing field for controller users in PvP. The experience is even better on PS5 thanks to improved performance, but you are not missing out if you still own the previous generation of consoles.

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