Monster Hunter Rise: Best Hunting Horn Upgrades to Target on the Tree

Ranked as one of the top-tier weapon classes, here’re are the best Hunting Horns on offer in Monster Hunter Rise.

Standing as a top weapon for solo hunts and an even better class if you’re in a team, the Hunting Horn has quickly become a favourite for Monster Hunter Rise players.

From its heavy-hitting play style to the stream of buffs that you receive, every Hunting Horn has its perks, but some will prove to be more useful than others in certain hunt set-ups.

Here, we’re looking at the best Hunting Horn upgrades in MH Rise for each element, overall attack, and the Hunting Horns with the best melodies to use.

Wild Grunt (Highest Attack)

Upgrade Tree: Bone Tree
Upgrade Branch: Bullfango Tree, Column 11
Upgrade Materials 1: Goss Harag Fur+ x2
Upgrade Materials 2: Bullfango Pelt+ x4
Upgrade Materials 3: Beast Gem x1
Stats: 230 Attack, -5% Affinity, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Divine Protection, Knockbacks Negated, Stun Negated

The weapons derived from small monsters aren’t often looked to as the big-hitters, but much like the Gargwa Hammer, the Bullfango Tree offers some of the best Hunting Horn upgrades for attack in Monster Hunter Rise.

Bullfangos are the wild boar-like monsters that roam the Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forest, being easy to spot in the northeast of the Shrine Ruins, in Zone 9.

The Wild Grunt weighs-in with the joint-highest attack of all Hunting Horns at 230 attack. The Duo Horn II of the Diablos Tree has this same attack value, but reduces affinity by more than the Wild Grunt, and the Bullfango Tree’s product arguably has better melodies.

With Divine Protection, Knockbacks Negated, and Stun Negated, you can continually throw down the heavy hits of the Wild Grunt with maximum protection from interruptions.

Hidden Harmonic II (Highest Affinity)

Upgrade Tree: Ore Tree
Upgrade Branch: Nargacuga Tree, Column 11
Upgrade Materials 1: Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw x2
Upgrade Materials 2: Nargacuga Marrow x2
Stats: 160 Attack, 40% Affinity, White Sharpness
Melody Effects: Stamina Recovery Up, Attack Up, Affinity Up

If it’s high affinity boosts that you want from your weapons, the Nargacuga is a must-hunt monster. Following the likes of the lethal Night Wings Dual Blades, the Hunting Horns of the Nargacuga Tree all boast huge affinity boosts and a hefty bar of sharpness.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the speedy, deadly weapons come from the equally ferocious Nargacuga. The monster can be encountered early, appearing in a five-star Village Quest. To tackle the Flying Wyvern, you’ll want to aim for the cutwings, preferably with a thunder weapon.

Boasting 40 per cent affinity and a melody to buff it further, the Hidden Harmonic II is the best Hunting Horn for enhancing your critical output. Its 160 attack seems a little short, but that looks to be the balance for its potentially massive affinity.

The Hidden Harmonic II can play Stamina Recovery Up, Attack Up, and Affinity Up, boosting its somewhat low attack, its already massive affinity, and giving you the stamina to keep on whacking your foe.

Flame Feroce II (Highest Fire Element)

Upgrade Tree: Bone Tree
Upgrade Branch: Rathalos Tree, Column 10
Upgrade Materials 1: Rathalos Wing x2
Upgrade Materials 2: Rathalos Carapace x4
Upgrade Materials 3: Rath Wingtalon+ x3
Upgrade Materials 4: Rathalos Plate x1
Stats: 170 Attack, 32 Fire, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Elemental Attack Boost, Sonic Wave, Stamina Recovery Up

Quite possibly the franchise’s most iconic monster, the Rathalos continues to provide passage to top-class weapons. In the case of the best Hunting Horns, the Rathalos Tree delivers the weapon with the highest fire rating.

The final weapon of the branch requires lots of Rathalos material, meaning that you’ll need to face the fire-breathing beast several times, and in high-rank quests. You can first encounter the Rathalos in a five-star Village Quest, with it being particularly weak to the dragon element, hits to the tail, wings, and head.

Standing as the best Hunting Horn for the fire element, the Flame Feroce II comes in with a hefty 32 fire rating with melody effects that bolster that figure further.

It can play Sonic Wave, Stamina Recovery Up, and, most importantly, Elemental Attack Boost, allowing you to fully capitalise on a monster’s aversion to the flames.

Droth Roar (Highest Water Element)

Upgrade Tree: Ore Tree
Upgrade Branch: Royal Ludroth Tree, Column 9
Upgrade Materials 1: Spongy Hide+ x4
Upgrade Materials 2: Royal Ludroth Claw+ x3
Upgrade Materials 3: Thunder Sac x2
Upgrade Materials 4: Wyvern Gem x1
Stats: 160 Attack, 35 Water, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Blight Negated, Defence Up, Sonic Wave

In many other weapon trees, like with the best Long Swords, you have to turn to Almudron materials to create the best water gear. For the best water Hunting Horn, though, it’s all about the Royal Ludroth Tree.

The Royal Ludroth isn’t the most challenging monster to confront and has many weaknesses. Its head, mane, and abdomen are particularly weak to melee attacks, and fire is tremendously effective. You can first find the water-loving reptilian in a three-star Village Quest.

While its 160 attack puts it towards the low-end of the best Hunting Horns in Monster Hunter Rise, the 35 water rating makes the Droth Roar the top water weapon of the class.

The melody effects of the Droth Roar help you to continue to lay down water damage, with the Blight Negated nullifying elemental blights, Sonic Wave dealing short-range damage, and Defence Up padding you up a bit further.

Thunderbolt Horn I (Highest Thunder Element)

Upgrade Tree: Independent Tree
Upgrade Branch: Narwa Tree, Column 12
Upgrade Materials 1: Narwa Tentacle x3
Upgrade Materials 2: Narwa Carapace x2
Upgrade Materials 3: Narwa Sparksac x2
Upgrade Materials 4: Narwa Claw+ x2
Stats: 180 Attack, 34 Thunder, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Stun Negated, Health Recovery (L), Health Regeneration

A hefty Hunting Horn for a hefty set of hunts: the Thunder Serpent Narwa grants you access to an almighty thunder weapon, but it takes a lot of work to get to the Column 12 creation.

To begin your path to the Thunderbolt Horn I, you’ll need to take on the Thunder Serpent Narwa in a seven-star Hub Quest. It’ll be a tough scrap, but utilising a dragon element melee weapon will help.

It’ll likely take a few challenging outings, but once you have the materials, you’ll be able to craft the best Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise for the thunder element. Its 34 thunder puts the Thunderbolt Horn I ahead of the competition, with its 180 attack making it even more potent.

You’ll also benefit from the Hunting Horn’s tank-making melodies, getting a large Health Recovery, Health Regeneration, and Stun Negated to keep you in the fight.

Algiguiro (Highest Ice Element)

Upgrade Tree: Kamura Tree
Upgrade Branch: Barioth Tree, Column 11
Upgrade Materials 1: Goss Harag Brace+ x2
Upgrade Materials 2: Barioth Spike x4
Upgrade Materials 3: Wyvern Gem x1
Stats: 170 Attack, 20 Ice, 20% Affinity, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Stamina Recovery Up, Health Recovery (S), Affinity Up

There’s not a lot of ice to go around in the Hunting Horn upgrades tree, certainly not as much as with the best Hammers of Monster Hunter Rise. Still, there is the Barioth Tree, which offers a decent ice element rating.

The giant sabre-toothed monster is found in the frozen tundras on a four-star Village Quest, with its fangs and claws being particularly breakable. The Barioth is also quite weak to fire weapons, especially if you clip its thorns.

The Algiguiro clocks-in as the best Hunting Horn for the ice element, toting a 20 ice rating, a decent 170 attack, and a helpful 20 per cent affinity.

Further boosting the Algiguiro as a classy weapon is its melody effects. Affinity Up enhances its critical output, while Health Recovery (S) and Stamina Recovery Up will keep you swinging on monsters.

Vicello Uno Black (Highest Dragon Element)

Upgrade Tree: Bnahabra Tree
Upgrade Branch: Bnahabra Tree, Column 11
Upgrade Materials 1: Rakna-Kadaki Silk x2
Upgrade Materials 2: Ibushi Bluespike x2
Upgrade Materials 3: Monster Broth x4
Stats: 190 Attack, 20 Dragon, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Health Recovery (S), Stamina Use Reduced, Earplugs (L)

You’ll have the Bnahabra Tree unlocked very early for you in Monster Hunter Rise, with the materials of the insects helping to make a fair few solid Hunting Horns.

Bnahabra can be spotted in the Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, and Shrine Ruins, buzzing around as little more than a nuisance. Of course, you’ll need to source much more valuable materials to get to the best weapon on the tree.

The Vicello Uno Black is a solid weapon, featuring 190 attack, blue sharpness, and a decent 20 dragon rating that ranks it as the best Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise in that regard.

As good as it is at attacking the dragon weakness, the Vicello Uno Black doesn’t have the best selection of melodies. It can only play Health Recovery (S), Stamina Use Reduced, and Earplugs (L) – they’re helpful buffs, but not the best trio that you can find.

Illusory Flute (Best Status Element)

Upgrade Tree: Kamura Tree
Upgrade Branch: Somnacanth Tree, Column 10
Upgrade Materials 1: Somnacanth Shell+ x5
Upgrade Materials 2: Somnacanth Talon+ x3
Upgrade Materials 3: Somnacanth Scale+ x3
Upgrade Materials 4: Wyvern Gem x1
Stats: 180 Attack, 19 Sleep, Green Sharpness
Melody Effects: Attack Up, Defence Up, Earplugs (S)

The Somnacanth is Monster Hunter Rise’s go-to beast for crafting sleep-inducing weapons, with the Somnacanth Tree offering the best sleep Hunting Horns.

You can encounter the Somnacanth as early as the four-star Village Quests. It’s not particularly powerful head-on, but its sleep powder can uproot your whole strategy in an instant. Be sure to target its neck to deal maximum damage with each hit.

Somewhat surprisingly, for a status weapon, the Illusory Flute comes in with decent power at 180 attack, and a good stretch of initial sharpness. The main draw, though, is the 19 sleep rating and the useful melody effects.

Being very straightforward in its songs, you’ll benefit from Attack Up and Defence Up the most, while Earplugs (S) can offer a pass against the smaller roars.

For other top status effects Hunting Horns, look to the Toxic Fungasax of the Chaos Tree for poison, or the Vicello Unu Green on the Bnahabra (Paralysis) Tree for the best paralysis Hunting Horn.

Sandcrier (Defensive Melodies Horn)

Upgrade Tree: Ore Tree
Upgrade Branch: Barroth Tree, Column 10
Upgrade Materials 1: Barroth Carapace x4
Upgrade Materials 2: Barroth Ridge+ x3
Upgrade Materials 3: Barroth Claw+ x2
Upgrade Materials 4: Wyvern Gem x1
Stats: 200 Attack, 10 Defence Bonus, -30% Affinity, Green Sharpness
Melody Effects: Defence Up, Sonic Wave, Stamina Use Reduced

The Barroth Tree often offers a few defensive boosts at the cost of affinity, but in the Hunting Horns, the melody effects help to craft a solid defensive weapon.

Once you can recognise when the Barroth is going to charge or sling mud, it becomes a fairly simple monster to hunt. The three-star Village Quest beast is weak against fire and ice element weapons.

Sandcrier offers a ten defence bonus and 200 attack to make it a decent weapon as it is, with its melody effects bolstering your defence further.

Defence Up will enhance this side of your build, while Stamina Use Reduced will help to give you the time needed to flee for healing, and Sonic Wave will let you deal more damage while battling up close.

Despot’s Thunderclap (Offensive Melodies Horn)

Upgrade Tree: Kamura Tree
Upgrade Branch: Zinogre Tree, Column 11
Upgrade Materials 1: Narwa Horn+ x1
Upgrade Materials 2: Zinogre Jasper x1
Stats: 180 Attack, 28 Thunder, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Stun Negated, Attack Up, Knockbacks Negated

Upgrades along the Zinogre Tree often make their way into the selection for the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, and deservingly so: the Zinogre is a mighty beast to battle.

You can encounter a Zinogre as early as a five-star Village Quest. During the battle, you’ll want to keep evasion at the forefront of your strategy, targeting its hind legs, back, and hips. Ice weapons can also give you an edge.

The 28 thunder and 180 attack make the Despot’s Thunderclap a menacing weapon to have, but it’s the melody effects that make you a relentless juggernaut.

Despot’s Thunderclap offers Attack Up to get started, allowing you stay up close with its Stun Negated and Knockbacks Negated. So, you’ll be dealing more damage and won’t be interrupted.

Sinister Shadestrum (Best Melodies Combination)

Upgrade Tree: Independent Tree
Upgrade Branch: Magnamalo Tree, Column 11
Upgrade Materials 1: Magnamalo Shell+ x3
Upgrade Materials 2: Magnamalo Scute+ x2
Upgrade Materials 3: Magnamalo Scale+ x3
Upgrade Materials 4: Purple Magna Orb x1
Stats: 180 Attack, 23 Blast, Blue Sharpness
Melody Effects: Sonic Barrier, Attack and Defence Up, Health Regeneration

Being the poster monster of the game, you’d expect the Magnamalo Tree of upgrades to boast many of the best weapons in MH Rise. However, apart from the Blast element, they don’t often break into the upper-echelons: that is, until the Hunting Horns come into play.

You’ll encounter Magnamalo as the final monster in the core story, but of course, the game goes way beyond the story. When you take on the shady beast, it’s a good idea to target the armblade and head, using water or thunder weapons to capitalise on its weaknesses.

The Sinister Shadestrum sits at the end of the Magnamalo Tree, boasting what looks to be the top melody set of the best Hunting Horns in Monster Hunter Rise. This is on top of its 23 blast and 180 attack ratings.

Combining Sonic Barrier – which nullifies damage from one hit per use – Attack and Defence Up, and Health Regeneration, you get a bit of everything useful from the Sinister Shadestrum melody effects.

Sublime Bell II (Best Element-Boost Melodies)

Upgrade Tree: Kamura Tree
Upgrade Branch: Rakna-Kadaki Tree, Column 12
Upgrade Materials 1: Elder Dragon Blood x2
Upgrade Materials 2: Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw x3
Upgrade Materials 3: Inferno Sac x3
Stats: 140 Attack, 26 Fire, 30% Affinity, White Sharpness

The Rakna-Kadaki Tree is a late-game line of upgrades, primarily due to when you can encounter the namesake monster. Once available, the low-attack, high-affinity weapons can be quite useful against those that are weak to fire.

As mentioned, Rakna-Kadaki isn’t a monster that you’ll come across quickly in Monster Hunter Rise, being held back for the seven-star Hub Quests. If you want to attack the colossal fire spider’s weaknesses, opt for an ice element blade.

The Sublime Bell II isn’t overly impressive on the face of things, with 140 attack, 26 fire, but a decent 30 per cent affinity. It does, however, work very well as an element-boosting support weapon.

With Blight Negated to offset any elemental blights, Elemental Attack Boost, and Knockbacks Negated, the Sublime Bell II can greatly enhance a team looking to attack a monster’s elemental weakness.

All the melody effects for Hunting Horns in Monster Hunter Rise

So that you know your melody effects options in Monster Hunter Rise, check out the table below and see which ones you think will bolster your build the best. To get some of the melody effects listed below, you may have to settle for a Hunting Horn that isn’t the best of an upgrade tree or mentioned above.

Melody NameMelody Effect
Self-ImprovementTemporary movement speed boost and prevents attacks from being deflected.
Attack UpTemporary attack boost.
Defence UpTemporary defence boost.
Affinity UpTemporary affinity increase.
Elemental Attack BoostTemporary weapon element boost.
Attack and Defence UpTemporary attack and defence boost.
Attack and Affinity UpTemporary attack boost and affinity increase.
Knockbacks NegatedTemporary knockback prevention from enemy attacks.
Earplugs (S)Weak monster roars nullified.
Earplugs (L)Weak and strong monster roars nullified.
Tremors NegatedTemporary protection against ground tremors.
Wind Pressure NegatedTemporary protection against wind pressure.
Stun NegatedTemporary protection against stun.
Blight NegatedElemental blights temporarily nullified.
Divine ProtectionA chance to decrease damage received temporarily.
Health Recovery (S)Small amount of health restored.
Health Recovery (L)Good amount of health restored.
Health Recovery (S) + AntidoteSmall amount of health restored and remedies poison.
Health RegenerationRestores health over a set period of time.
Stamina Use ReducedReduces stamina depletion temporarily.
Stamina Recovery UpIncreases stamina regeneration temporarily.
Sharpness Loss ReducedReduces loss of weapon sharpness temporarily.
Environment Damage NegatedSome terrain-based damage nullified.
Sonic WaveDeals damage at short-range.
Sonic BarrierGenerates temporary barrier that nullifies one hit of damage.
Infernal MelodyLarge attack boost for a set period of time.

Now you know the best Hunting Horn upgrades in Monster Hunter Rise for just about any occasion, with the dual-threat of buffs and damage being a potent tool in the game.

This page is a work in progress. If better weapons are discovered in Monster Hunter Rise, this page will be updated.

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