Monster Hunter Rise Monsters List: Every Monster Available in the Switch Game

With a tremendous roster of new and returning large and small monsters, Monster Hunter Rise gives Switch players plenty of fantastic beasts to track down.

Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube
Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube

With a new edition to the Monster Hunter franchise comes new weapons, environments, and, most importantly, new monsters.

The Monster Hunter Rise roster is shaping up to be one of its most exciting, albeit not the biggest, due to the scope of the game itself these days.

Here, we’re running through the Monster Hunter Rise monsters list, paying particular attention to the new monsters coming to the Nintendo Switch exclusive before showing a table of all of the monsters in the game.

Aknosom (Bird Wyvern)

Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube

Part crane, part parasol, the Aknosom is seen opening its massive crest to scare off creatures that venture into its territory. That said, the crest can quickly turn from a warning into a weapon, or even a shield for the large monster. The high-speed Bird Wyvern will use ranged fire attacks, aerial flame ball shots, and its talons to try to defeat you in Monster Hunter Rise.

Almudron (Leviathan)

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

Found in the swamps and boggy parts of the Monster Hunter Rise map, Almudron uses its gigantic tail to launch waves of mud at its enemies. The Leviathan monster sports a hardened shell that spans the top of its head, back, and tail. Along with using its feathered tail to throw mud, the Almudron will also submerge itself to launch sneak attacks and raise great pillars to stifle its foes.

Bishaten (Fanged Beast)

Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube

One of the earliest new monsters revealed for Monster Hunter Rise, Bishaten takes the form of a winged, ape-like creature that also sports a fifth limb of sorts. This handed-tail allows it to grab onto environment surfaces and is used as a perch before launching speedy, swinging attacks. Bishaten is incredibly mobile, primarily uses physical attacks up close, but can also spawn and throw large fruit.

Goss Harag (Fanged Beast)

Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube

Goss Harag terrorises the icy flats of the Frost Islands and looks set to be one of the strongest monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. The mighty, shaggy-coated Fanged Beast’s size and ferocity isn’t its only weapon, though, with much of its offensive power coming via its ice breath. Used to create an ice blade, throw gigantic icicles, and fire ice breath, the Goss Harag can deal hefty damage up close or from range.

Great Izuchi (Bird Wyvern)

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

Covered in orange fur, the large raptor-like Great Izuchi roams Monster Hunter rise with an entourage of two other Izuchi. The small monsters are easily disposed of, but the Great Izuchi is crafty and sprightly. The Bird Wyvern will often charge into opponents and use its somersault tail slam to deal damage up close. From range, it can also fire regurgitated rocks at its enemies.

Magnamalo (Fanged Wyvern)

Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube

The headline beast of this Monster Hunter Rise monster list looks to be quite the adversary when you eventually meet the Fanged Wyvern that’s behind all of the disruptions. The regal-coloured Magnamalo will leap and slide at its enemies, slash down with its bladed-tail, fire dark energy balls, and punch you into the ground to deal massive amounts of damage.

Rakna-Kadaki (Temnoceran)

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

An arachnid-type monster that dwells in the underbelly of a bubbling volcano, the web-covered Rakna-Kadaki is depicted as having smaller creatures crawling all over it, which may come into play during combat. The Temnoceran will fire several strands of silk to entangle its targets, binding them before unleashing enflamed gas over the trapped foe.

Somnacanth (Leviathan)

Image Source: Nintendo, via YouTube

A big feature on this Monster Hunter Rise monster list is the new Leviathan-class creature known as the Somnacanth. Sporting large tail fins, four limbs, an impressive crest, but a serpentine-like body, this new large monster to the franchise dwells in the wetlands and is capable of posing a unique challenge through its ability to inflict sleep and stun ailments.

Tetranadon (Amphibian)

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

The Tetranadon takes the form of a gigantic bullfrog crossed with an alligator and some kind of mossy-shelled tortoise. While it does tend to amble around out of combat, its speed and strength are quickly realised in battle. A Tetranadon will use an open-mouthed charge, snap, perform huge body slams, and inflate its torso to enhance the bulk behind its attacks.

The Monster Hunter Rise Monsters List

In the table below, you can see a Monster Hunter Rise monsters list, with all the newest large monsters placed at the top of the full monster list. Those with an asterisk are confirmed as having an Apex form in the Switch game.

AknosomBird WyvernUnknownLarge
BishatenFanged BeastUnknownLarge
Great IzuchiBird WyvernUnknownLarge
Goss Harag                       Fanged BeastUnknownLarge
MagnamaloFanged WyvernUnknownLarge
AnjanathBrute WyvernFireLarge
Arzuros *Fanged BeastIce, Fire, ThunderLarge
BariothFlying WyvernThunder, FireLarge
BasariosFlying WyvernWater, DragonLarge
DiablosFlying WyvernIceLarge
Great BaggiBird WyvernFireLarge
Great WroggiBird WyvernWater, IceLarge
LagombiFanged BeastThunder, FireLarge
MizutsuneLeviathanDragon, ThunderLarge
JyuratodusPiscine WyvernWater, ThunderLarge
KhezuFlying WyvernFireLarge
Kulu-Ya-KuBird WyvernWaterLarge
RathalosFlying WyvernDragonLarge
RathianFlying WyvernWater, Dragon, ThunderLarge
Royal LudrothLeviathanThunder, FireLarge
Pukei-PukeiBird WyvernThunderLarge
RajangFanged BeastEarth, IceLarge
TigrexFlying WyvernDragon, ThunderLarge
Tobi-KadachiFanged WyvernWaterLarge
VolvidonFanged BeastEarth, WaterLarge
AltarothNeopteronIce, Fire, Dragon, Water, Thunder, PoisonSmall
AntekaHerbivoreIce, Water, Thunder, FireSmall
BaggiBird WyvernFireSmall
BombadgyFanged BeastUnknownSmall
BullfangoFanged BeastThunder, FireSmall
DelexPiscine WyvernThunder, WaterSmall
FelyneLynianIce, Water, Thunder, FireSmall
GajauFishThunder, FireSmall
GargwaBird WyvernIce, Water, Thunder, FireSmall
IzuchiBird WyvernUnknownSmall
JaggiBird WyvernFireSmall
JaggiaBird WyvernFireSmall
JagrasFanged WyvernThunder, FireSmall
KelbiHerbivoreIce, Water, Thunder, FireSmall
KestodonHerbivoreIce, WaterSmall
MelynxLynianIce, Water, Thunder, FireSmall
WroggiBird WyvernIceSmall
ZamiteAmphibianFire, ThunderSmall
RemobraSnake WyvernWater, DragonSmall
RhenoplosHerbivorous WyvernIce, Water, ThunderSmall
SlagtothHerbivoreIce, ThunderSmall

That’s the full monster list of all of the monsters confirmed to be in Monster Hunter Rise, which launches on 26 March 2021.

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