Monster Sanctuary Blob Statue: All Locations, Finding the Blob Locks to Unlock Blob Burg, Blob Statue Map

Wondering what those strange Blob Statues are where to find the Blob Locks? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Monster Sanctuary is filled with hidden chests, side quests, and secret areas, with one of the biggest secrets being that of Blob Burg.

A locked area that doesn’t feature as a part of the main quest, Blob Burg can only be found by unlocking each of the Blob Statues, known as Blob Locks.

In this guide, we’re running through how to find the Blob Statues, unlock the Blob Locks, and navigate Blob Burg in Monster Sanctuary.

How to start the Blob Statues secondary quest

To commence the secondary quest that grants you passage to Blob Burg, you’ll first need to find the room of three Blob Statues in Monster Sanctuary.

In the low western chamber of the Magma Chamber, you can find the Blob Statue room that needs to be encountered to trigger the secondary quest. See below for the exact location of the Blob Locks room.

The room contains three currently blank Blob Statues, with each one being tied to one of the three Blob Locks located in the other areas of the map.

Once you’ve encountered the Blob Statues room and spoken to the Wanderer, your starting Spectral Familiar will suggest that you talk to Old Buran on the Mountain Path to learn more about the Blob Locks.

Where is the Mountain Path in Monster Sanctuary?

The Mountain Path is the first area of the Monster Sanctuary map that you’ll explore, being shown in bright green on the Map page. You can find Old Buran in his home to the far west of the Mountain Path, as shown below.

You may recall Old Buran from earlier in the game challenging you to a reasonably easy tamer battle. To receive the information that you seek about the Blob Locks, however, you’ll have to defeat his best Blob team.

Old Buran weighs-in with a team of six high level Blobs. The team features a regular Blob, light-shifted Blob, dark-shifted Blob, Ice Blob, Lava Blob, and a Rainbow Blob.

The first three monsters out will be the regular, light-shifted, and dark-shifted Blobs. Each of them is resistant to water attacks but weak against wind attacks, having earth and water attacks at their disposal.

The next three mix-up the resistance and weaknesses on the field: so, you won’t want to put out a full team of wind element monsters.

The Ice Blob is weak against fire but strong against water, while the Lava Blob is strong against fire but weak against water. Finally, the Rainbow Blob is susceptible to all magic attacks that aren’t water or earth-type.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the battle is the Blobs’ ability to heal, add their own shields, and inflict debuffs, such a poison and burn.

If your team doesn’t overpower the Blobs by level, you can still beat them by attacking their weaknesses and staying in the battle for long enough to grind them down, so having two healers in the team is a smart play. Monsters like the Manticorb, Shockhopper, and Ornithopter are strong individual picks for the tamer battle with Old Buran.

Once you’ve conquered Old Buran’s team of Blobs, he’ll hand over the Blob Key, which is used to activate Blob monuments. Now, all you have to do is find the three Blob Statues scattered around Monster Sanctuary.

Where are the Blob Lock Statues in Monster Sanctuary?

After completing the first phase of the quest, you’ll need to return to the Blob Statues and unlock the Blob Locks. There are three to find, with each one residing in a different part of the Monster Sanctuary map.

The first Blob Lock that you’ll be able to find is in the Stronghold Dungeon area, in the room furthest down on the map – which you can see in the image below.

The second Blob Statue is situated in the lower, watery chamber of the Sun Palace, as shown in the image below.

The third and final Blob Statue that you can find stands in the Mystical Workshop part of the map. As you can see below, the Mystical Workshop is a tower that stands above the Stronghold Dungeon, with the Blob Lock being up near the top, in an eastern room.

Triggering the three Blob Locks will activate all three of the Blob monuments found in the western room, unlocking a passage further west and into the secret area, Blob Burg.

How to navigate Blob Burg in Monster Sanctuary

Blob Burg works differently to the other areas of the Monster Sanctuary map: instead of being open for exploration, you need to find and open chests to remove walls and unlock new rooms.

In the image below, you can see where each of the chests that open new areas of Blog Burg are found. Follow the numbers from one to six to make your way through the area.

After hearing the fifth distant noise by opening a chest, you’ll be able to enter the room of the area’s resident champion monster, King Blob.

Tips for defeating King Blob in Monster Sanctuary

King Blob isn’t particularly strong in its attacks, but the champion monster does have a tremendous amount of health. It’ll also frequently use its Restore and Helping Hand to give itself a boost.

While its Bubble Burst won’t cause too many problems against monsters who aren’t weak against water, King Blob’s Slime Volley does deal significant damage and potentially apply the poison debuff to the whole team.

King Blob is strong against water attacks but is especially susceptible to debuffs. So, if you can deal and stack poison on the champion monster, you can be more conservative with healers and effectively wait out the Blob. If you can also stack bleed on the foe, you should be able to deal with King Blob quite quickly.

For the poison debuff, there are few better skills than Poison Glands. Unlockable for the Spectral Toad or other monsters like the Vasuki or Thornish, it gives a 40 per cent chance to inflict poison to an attacking monster. Of course, there are also other moves like Slime Shot and Toxic Slam that also work.

To stack some bleed, Slash is a solid move as it applies bleed on critical hits, making Catzerker, Minitaur, Ucan, and the Blade Widow viable options. Several other monsters can also inflict bleed on any critical hit by unlocking the Bleed skill – the Manticorb, Silvaero, Catzerker, and Molebear can unlock this skill.

Once you’ve defeated King Blob, you’ll have another champion monster to add to your Keeper rank and another chest to unlock.

Where is the distant noise from the King Blob chest?

Unlocking the chest behind King Blob, the sixth chest of Blob Burg, will grant access to another part of the area. The distant noise that you hear comes from an entrance hidden behind the third chest of the area, as shown in the image below.

Entering the room, you’ll be met by a couple of batches of Worms. Not only are these monsters of a high level, but they also boast very powerful attacks.

Should your team be strong enough to overcome the mighty monsters, you could land yourself a Worm egg. With a Worm at your disposal, not only will you have a potent attacker, but you’ll also get the Grapple ability, which allows you to swing from the grappling anchors found on some ceilings and platforms.

Knowing what the Blob Statues are and where to find the Blob Locks, you can make your way through Blog Burg to defeat the Blob King, and perhaps net yourself a Changeling, Rainbow Blob, or a Worm.

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