Monster Sanctuary Underworld Walkthrough: Catch the Underworld Keeper, Champion Spinner Guide

Tired of running in circles to try to catch what looks to be another Keeper in the Underworld? Here’s what you need to know to trap the Spinner.

As your Monster Sanctuary journey takes you into the depths of the Underworld, you’ll encounter all manner of bizarre monsters trying to stop your quest, and yet, the peskiest appears to be a fellow Keeper.

When you first encounter them and then try to chase the Underworld Keeper, you see them as just another Keeper. However, you’ll come to learn that this runaway Keeper is, in fact, one of the mighty champion monsters.

So, how do you catch the Underworld Keeper and then defeat its true form, the Spinner?

Where to find the Spinner in Monster Sanctuary

The first time that you see this mysterious runaway Keeper in the Underworld, they’ll collapse a bridge from under your feet.

Standing by a lever on the other side of a stone bridge, the Spinner will pull it and drop you down, leaving you to work out another way around.

To pursue them, you’ll need to activate the ground switch at the bottom of the pit that the Spinner forces you to fall into, using the Summon Big Rock ability to do so. As such, you’ll need a Promethean, Mega Rock, or Brutus – the first two of which you can battle and acquire in the Underworld.

Activating the ground switch will produce a grappling spike near the lever that the Spinner pulled to collapse the bridge. To use the grappling point and get to the next section, you’ll need a monster with the Grapple ability, such as the Oculus, Argiope, Arachlich, or Worm.

As you progress through the Underworld and reach the far western corners of the area, you will once again meet the Spinner posing as a Keeper.

Just as they did in the first encounter, the Spinner will flee from you, causing you to give chase.

How to catch the runaway Keeper in the Underworld

As shown on the map above, you can encounter the Spinner in two rooms of the circular area, but wherever you catch a glimpse of the champion monster, they can flee in the opposite direction to get to the other point.

So, what you need to do is corner the runaway Keeper of the Underworld, using the levers and the dropdown walls that they activate.  Your first task is to open both of the levers, which are found at the locations marked below:

With all of the levers open, go to the top room to chase the Spinner down to the lower chamber. If the Spinner isn’t in the top room, it will be in the lower of its two encounter points already.

From the top chamber, head to the eastern exit, interacting with the lever on the way out to drop the wall behind you.

Follow the track down and leave the next lever open to enable you to pass into the next Spinner encounter room.

Go past the open lever and drop down into the next room. Follow the path to the west and you’ll meet the Spinner posing as the Underworld Keeper again, forcing them westwards and into your trap.

Follow the path to the west, make your way up the vertical chamber to the far side, and at the top, turn eastwards to corner and catch the Spinner.

Once you’ve reached the end of the room, you’ll find that the Keeper is blocked by the wall that you dropped earlier. With them trapped, they decide to reveal their true form.

With the runaway Keeper of the Underworld cornered and now showing itself to be the Spinner, you must battle the champion monster.

Tips for defeating the Spinner in Monster Sanctuary

If you’ve been able to best the other monsters of the Underworld, you shouldn’t find the Spinner to be an overly troublesome foe. While it’s resistant to earth and water attacks, it is weak to all other persuasions of magic.

Using a healer and a couple of offensive magic-heavy monsters should be enough to do the trick. Naturally, being able to stack damaging debuffs such as poison, burn, and bleed also helps to cut down the Spinner with haste.

In the encounter shown above, the Spectral Toad acted as the healer and dealt poison stacks when attacking and being hit. Perhaps a better choice for the healer, however, would be one that has attacks that the Spinner is susceptible to, such as the Shockhopper or Plague Egg.

As for the offensive magic-heavy monsters, there are plenty for you to pick. Above, the dark-shifted Manticorb, its four lines of level-five magical attacks, and ability to apply debuffs and bleed stacks, were very useful. The Draconov – left unshifted to utilise the Gray Pearl accessory – was used for its Phalanx buff, critical damage-boosted Claws, and hefty magical attack Spectral Flame.

If you want to get a five-star finish on the Spinner, you’ll likely need a more refined approach to the one above. Still, you can rechallenge the monster in the Champion Challenge in the Keepers’ Tower after the initial encounter. Defeating the champion monster in the wild will earn you another step up the Keeper ranks, regardless of grade.

Now you know how to track down the runaway Underworld Keeper, corner them, and then reveal the champion monster Spinner in Monster Sanctuary.

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