Monster Sanctuary Evolution: All Evolutions and Catalyst Locations

Find out how to evolve, which monsters you can evolve in Monster Sanctuary, as well as all evolutions and catalyst locations.

Monster Sanctuary Evolution: All Evolutions and Catalyst Locations

There are a few different ways to enhance the strength and skill set of your monsters in Monster Sanctuary, such as by levelling up and shifting them to light or dark. Another option available to a select few monsters in the game is evolution.

By combining a compatible monster with its evolution catalyst, you can evolve it into a stronger beast, often unlocking a more powerful skill tree in the process.

So, here’s everything that you need to know about evolution in Monster Sanctuary, including how to evolve monsters and where to find catalysts.

How to evolve monsters in Monster Sanctuary

To unlock the ability to evolve monsters in Monster Sanctuary, you’ll first need to gain access to the only part of the map that enables evolution.

Found in the Ancient Woods, and only accessible via an eastern entrance or Teleport Crystal, you need to get to the Tree of Evolution shown in the image below.

Monster Sanctuary Evolution evolve monsters

Once you arrive at the Tree of Evolution, you’ll meet the Keeper of the Tree. They explain that to evolve a monster, you must present the beast and their specific catalyst to the tree.

The Keeper also warns you that evolving a monster forces it to lose many of its abilities and change its appearance, but that most of the time, the evolved monster is stronger than the original.

Monster Sanctuary Evolution tree of evolution

After your conversation with the Keeper, you’ll receive the catalyst item Magical Clay. This will also trigger a secondary quest, which can be completed by acquiring a Ninki from the Sun Palace and then evolving it with the Magical Clay at the Tree of Evolution.

How to get evolution catalysts in Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary Evolution catalysis

For most Monster Sanctuary evolution catalysts, there are two main ways to acquire them: randomly in a Reward Box and as a rare drop from the same type of monster. For example, if you need the evolution catalyst to evolve a Glowfly, you can try to get it by battling wild Glowdra and attempt to land the item as a rare drop. Applicable champion monsters will also release its evolution catalyst as a five-star reward.

Some evolution catalysts can also be found in certain chests hidden around the Monster Sanctuary map. Usually hidden in the same area that the monster is most prevalent, for some evolutions, you can guarantee that you’ll grab the catalyst by scouring the area for chests.

Similarly, you can also get evolution catalysts from characters around the map, such as the Keeper of the Tree in the Ancient Woods, who gives you the Magical Clay item.

Where you get evolution catalysts is different for each monster that’s capable of evolving, so check below for the full table of Monster Sanctuary evolutions.

All Monster Sanctuary evolutions and catalyst locations

Monster Sanctuary evolution and catalyst locations

In the table below, you can see all of the possible Monster Sanctuary evolutions available in the game. The final three columns concern where you can find the evolution catalysts, including the types of Reward Box that hold the item, monsters to defeat to get it as a rare drop, and where else it can be found on the map.

MonsterCatalystEvolutionReward BoxRare DropOther Location
BlobMajestic CrownKing BlobLevel 5King BlobN/A
Ice BlobMajestic CrownKing BlobLevel 5King BlobN/A
Lava BlobMajestic CrownKing BobLevel 5King BlobN/A
Rainbow BlobMajestic CrownKing BlobLevel 5King BlobN/A
Crackle KnightSun StoneSizzle KnightLevel 2N/ASun Palace (Chest)
DraconovFire StoneDracogranLevel 3DracogranN/A
DraconovDark StoneDraconoirLevel 4DraconoirN/A
DraconovIce StoneDracozulLevel 4DracozulN/A
GlowflyVolcanic AshGlowdraLevel 3GlowdraMagma Chamber (Chest)
GrummyStardustG’ruluLevel 1G’ruluN/A
Mad EyeDemonic PactMad LordLevel 5Mad LordN/A
MagmapillarCocoonMagmamothLevel 1N/AAncient Woods (Chest)
MinitaurShard of WinterMegataurLevel 2N/ASnowy Peaks (Clothes Maker)
NinkiMagical ClayNinki NankaLevel 2N/AAncient Woods (Keeper of the Tree)
RockyGiant SeedMega RockLevel 3Mega RockN/A
VaeroSilver FeatherSilvaeroLevel 3SilvaeroHorizon Beach (Chest)

Benefits of evolving monsters in Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary Evolution benefits of evolving

As stated by the Keeper of the Tree, evolving a monster will usually result in you getting a stronger creature. Along with this, the monster’s skill tree will change, often granting access to better skills higher up the branches.

Along with this skill tree change, you’ll also be refunded all of the monster’s Skillpoints. So, the monster will remain at the same level, but you’ll get as many Skillpoints as you had already earned to unlock the new skills.

Monster Sanctuary Evolution levels skillpoints

Evolving a monster in Monster Sanctuary can also prove to be a time saver when you need a specific ability, or it can be your only path to an ability. Evolution can give you access to Improved Flying (Vaero into Silvaero), Summon Big Rock (Rocky into Mega Rock), and Secret Vision (Mad Eye into Mad Lord).

Finally, anyone looking to complete their Monster Journal will want to make use of evolution catalysts. This is because rare drop eggs are only for the evolved monster’s base form – meaning that you have to go to the Tree of Evolution to get certain monsters.

Now you know which monsters can evolve in Monster Sanctuary, how to evolve monsters, and where you can find the evolution catalysts.

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