MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop Review: Unveiling Affordable Power with RTX 4050

Unleashing cyberpunk-inspired gaming performance for under $1,000, the MSI Cyborg 15 gaming laptop might be your next gaming purchase.

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MSI has introduced the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop, a cyberpunk-inspired gaming laptop equipped with the potent RTX 4050 GPU and a budget-friendly price tag. The Cyborg 15 offers an enticing blend of performance and style, appealing to budget-conscious gamers and those new to PC gaming. Let’s examine the intricacies of this laptop’s features to determine if it truly represents a remarkable gaming option for those on a budget.

Below, you will read:

  • Aesthetics and build of the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop
  • Gameplay and performance of the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop
  • Analysis of key aspects of the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop like the keyboard, audio, and more
  • Pros, cons, and overall product review score for the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop

Unveiling a distinctive design: Cyberpunk aesthetics and sturdy build

MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop Review Boxed
The MSI Cyborg 15 arrived in distinctive boxes.

The MSI Cyborg 15 leaves a lasting impression due to its unique and captivating design. The laptop’s sides and base are translucent, resembling retro gaming peripherals from a bygone era in homage to the cyberpunk aesthetic. This combination of retro and futuristic design elements gives the MSI Cyborg 15 a unique identity, allowing it to stand out in a multitude of mundane gaming laptops. The aluminium display cover adds a dash of luxury whereas the plastic chassis strikes a balance between durability and weight.

Although the laptop’s 14.15 x 9.86 x 0.9-inch dimensions and 4.37-pound weight may be a bit larger than those of some competitors, it is still relatively portable and backpack-friendly. Despite being made primarily of plastic, the construction feels sturdy and capable of withstanding the rigours of daily use. The laptop hinge operates effortlessly, and its overall construction exudes dependability. The attention to detail, such as the translucent WASD keys, enhances immersion without being overly flashy, making it suitable for both gaming and professional contexts.

Immersive gameplay on the 15.6-inch 144Hz display

The MSI Cyborg 15’s 15.6-inch 144Hz FHD display provides a visually satisfying experience, particularly considering its price. While the display isn’t the brightest or most colourful, its relatively large size allows players to immerse themselves in intricate game worlds and videos. On the 144Hz panel, games like Doom Eternal and Hogwarts Legacy come to life, immersing players in their respective universes.

However, the display’s colour gamut coverage and luminance could be enhanced. Despite this, the colour accuracy stands out and the display’s overall size makes gaming and media consumption enjoyable despite its limitations.

Performance beyond expectations: RTX 4050 GPU and Intel Core i7 CPU

MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop Review Open

The gaming prowess of the MSI Cyborg 15 is powered by the Nvidia RTX 4050 GPU and the 13th Generation Intel Core processor. This configuration enables the laptop to provide a gratifying gaming experience without sacrificing frame rates or settings. At medium and high settings, games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Dying Light 2, Control, Hogwarts Legacy, and Sekiro all run buttery smooth above 60 fps with seamless gameplay feature seamless gameplay.

Even the challenging Cyberpunk 2077 runs smoothly capped at 60 fps, demonstrating the laptop’s ability to tackle modern, graphically intensive games. Thanks to the RTX graphics card, you can also take advantage of the DLSS and see some glorious lighting effects that have minimal strain on the hardware. The MSI Cyborg 15 outperformed similarly priced laptops in benchmark tests, demonstrating its value as an affordable gaming juggernaut.

The inclusion of the MSI Centre application, which automatically transforms the laptop to “Extreme Performance” mode during gaming, further improves gaming performance by allocating more system memory, resulting in observable improvements in frame rate. This feature ensures that gamers can maximize their gaming experience without difficulty.

Mastering the keyboard: Comfort and efficiency

The MSI Cyborg 15’s roomy and responsive keyboard is one of its most notable characteristics. The chiclet-style keyboard’s key travel distance and resistance are satisfactory, allowing for accurate typing. Although it lacks RGB illumination options, the blue backlighting beneath the keys maintains a professional appearance and provides sufficient visibility in low-light environments.

Precision at your fingertips: Touchpad ergonomics

Although the touchpad is not particularly large, it is well-positioned and easy to use. Its placement below the keyboard prevents accidental contact while typing, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. The accuracy and responsiveness of the touchpad enhance the laptop’s overall usability for both gaming and everyday duties.

Audio excellence: Unleashing clarity and dynamics

The dual downward-firing speakers on the MSI Cyborg 15 deliver crystal-clear sound. The laptop excels at reproducing mids and highs and provides excellent separation of various sound elements. This is especially apparent when playing games with intense aural environments, such as COD, in which every gunshot and explosion is audible over the dynamic background music.

While the audio performance of the laptop is remarkable for its class, the lower end of the audio spectrum could benefit from a bit more emphasis. Despite this minor limitation, the audio capabilities of the laptop contribute to an immersive gaming experience, whether exploring the wastes of Doom Eternal or traversing the neon-lit streets of Cyberpunk 2077.

Navigating connectivity: Webcam quality and wireless capabilities

MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop Review Closed

The 720p webcam on the MSI Cyborg 15 is functional, but fails to impress in terms of image quality. It is adequate for rudimentary video conferencing and streaming, but lacks the clarity and detail of more sophisticated webcams. In an era where video communication is becoming increasingly essential, the webcam’s performance may be viewed as a disadvantage by users who desire higher-quality images.

The laptop’s connectivity options include Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, providing robust wireless options for online gaming and device connection.

Managing battery life and temperature: Balancing mobility and performance

Given its gaming capabilities, it comes as no surprise that the MSI Cyborg 15’s battery life is not exceptional. The laptop’s web browsing battery life of five hours achieves a balance between portability and performance. It is essential to note, however, that graphically intensive gameplay reduces the laptop’s battery life significantly, to approximately two hours. This conforms to the industry standard for gaming laptops, emphasising the need to keep the device plugged in during gaming sessions.

While the laptop’s cooling system does a commendable job of controlling temperatures, gaming can result in some heat accumulation, particularly in the underside left back corner. The MSI Cyborg 15 does an admirable job at maintaining lower temperatures within acceptable limits. Using a cooling pad or playing on a computer desk is recommended to maximise cooling.

Pros and cons of the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop

Every product has strong and lesser points. Here are the pros and cons for the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop.


  • Affordable price with adequate gaming performance for gamers on a budget
  • Cyberpunk-inspired design distinguishes it from competitors
  • A keyboard with a satisfactory key travel distance
  • The RTX 4050 GPU and 144Hz display offer a fluid gaming experience


  • 720p webcam provides at best adequate image quality
  • The display could be made livelier and more colourful for a more engaging visual experience
  • Intense gaming sessions can cause a laptop to overheat

Pro tips for maximizing your MSI Cyborg 15 experience

MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop Review Back

In order to make the most out of your MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop, follow the tips below.

Optimize graphics settings

Find the optimal equilibrium between visual fidelity and performance by experimenting with graphics settings in games. Adjusting parameters such as texture quality, shadow quality, and anti-aliasing can have a substantial impact on frame rates while preserving a visually appealing experience.

Use a cooling pad

Consider using a cooling pad during intense gaming sessions to reduce heat accumulation. By elevating the laptop and increasing ventilation, temperatures can be maintained, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.

Explore MSI Center

Utilise the “Extreme Performance” mode of the MSI Center application, particularly when gaming. This feature can increase gaming performance by more efficiently allocating system resources, resulting in higher frame rates.

External monitor setup

Consider connecting your Cyborg 15 to an external monitor with higher resolutions and refresh rates for a more immersive gaming experience. This can improve the visuals and functionality of certain video games.

Upgrade storage

While 512GB of storage may be sufficient for some users, if you intend to install numerous games and applications, you should consider upgrading to a larger storage option. This can prevent storage constraints and improve the user experience.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop before you decide to make the purchase.

Can the MSI Cyborg 15 support contemporary games with playable settings?

Yes, the Cyborg 15 is equipped with an Nvidia RTX 4050 GPU and a powerful Intel Core processor, allowing it to run modern games at playable settings. Although you may need to tweak the graphics settings for optimal performance, the laptop provides a satisfactory gaming experience for the price.

How long does the battery on the MSI Cyborg 15 last?

The battery life of the laptop is adequate for a gaming laptop. It lasts approximately five hours and five minutes while web surfing. Nonetheless, gaming on battery life drastically reduces battery life, which lasts approximately one hour and 47 minutes during demanding gameplay. It is recommended to keep the laptop connected during gaming sessions.

Is the webcam appropriate for video conferences and streaming?

The 720p webcam on the Cyborg 15 is adequate for basic video conferencing and streaming requirements. Although it may not provide the best visuals, it fulfils its purpose for online communication.

Can the laptop overheat during gaming sessions?

Yes, intense gaming can cause the laptop to overheat, particularly in the underside and hinge regions. Consider utilising a cooling pad or performing on a desk to ensure adequate ventilation and heat dissipation.

Are there lighting customization alternatives for the keyboard?

Blue-only backlighting is featured on the keyboard of the Cyborg 15; there are no RGB illumination options. While individual key colours cannot be customised, the blue illumination improves visibility in low-light environments.

How does the laptop compare to other affordable gaming laptops available on the market?

The Cyborg 15 is a strong contender in the budget gaming laptop market thanks to its distinctive design, solid gaming performance, and reasonable price. Although it may not outperform all competitors in every way, the combination of its features and price makes it a strong contender for enthusiasts on a budget.

Can I attach an external monitor to the Cyborg 15 to enhance my gaming experience?

Yes, it is possible to connect the laptop to an external monitor with higher resolutions and refresh rates to enhance the gaming experience. This can improve the visuals and functionality of certain video games.

Is the laptop suitable for tasks other than gaming, such as content creation and productivity?

Yes, the laptop’s solid gaming performance translates well to other duties such as content creation and productivity. The ergonomic keyboard and responsive touchpad enhance the adaptability of the user experience.

Can the storage on my MSI Cyborg 15 be upgraded?

Yes, the storage on the laptop can be expanded. If you find 512GB of storage insufficient, you can investigate storage expansion options to accommodate more games and applications.

Is pre-installed software for optimising gaming performance on the laptop?

Yes, the laptop includes the MSI Centre application, which includes features such as “Extreme Performance” mode to optimise gaming performance by more efficiently allocating system resources. This can result in increased frame rates during gameplay.


MSI Cyborg 15 Gaming Laptop Review Gaming
The illuminated WASD keys stand out on the MSI Cyborg 15.

The MSI Cyborg 15 emerges as a compelling contender in the ever-expanding world of gaming laptops for those seeking an affordable entry into PC gaming. Its cyberpunk-inspired design and RTX 4050 power create an attractive bundle that makes no sacrifices in terms of style or performance. The laptop’s gaming capabilities, sturdy construction, and immersive audio make it a viable option for budget-conscious gamers, despite the display’s limitations and battery life concerns.

The MSI Cyborg 15 offers an alluring proposition for those with a keen eye and a desire for affordable gaming prowess. It may not be the ultimate gaming beast, but its ability to deliver playable 1080p gaming experiences in a stylish form factor makes it a commendable option for those seeking to strike a balance between performance and cost.

Bottom line

The MSI Cyborg 15 strikes a chord as a budget-friendly gaming laptop that doesn’t compromise on performance. It falls short of perfection, but its distinctive design, gaming capabilities, and affordable price make it a viable option for gamers interested in both style and substance. It may not dominate the gaming arena, but it undoubtedly deserves a place among the notable budget gaming laptop competitors.

Official Product Rating 4 out of 5

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