NBA 2K22: Best 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center Build

Learn how to create and use the best 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center Build on NBA 2K22 right here.

This is a versatile center build with the ability to play multiple roles on any given team. It excels on both ends of the floor offensively and defensively and is highly effective in fast-paced park competition.

Here we will show you exactly how to create one of the best 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center builds in the game.

Here is a quick look at the key points of the 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center build.

Key points of the build

  • Position: Center
  • Height, Weight, Wingspan: 6’10’’, 249lbs, 7’6’’
  • Takeover: Limitless Range, Paint Intimidation
  • Best Attributes: Defensive Rebounding (99), Block (97), Interior Defense (95)
  • NBA Player Comparison: Alonzo Mourning, Jusuf Nurkić

What you’ll get from the 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center build

Overall, this is a versatile big man build that can be used as a team’s primary center or power forward. With the ability to protect the rim at an elite level and the attributes to score at all three levels offensively, it is arguably one of the more unique centers builds in the game.

In terms of playstyle, it is best suited for those who want to dominate the boards on both ends of the floor, while maintaining the ability to chip in offensively in multiple ways. This build has above-average speed, making it a perfect fit for teams that want to push the tempo and run in transition.

In terms of weaknesses, this build isn’t made to be a playmaker and shouldn’t be used as the team’s primary ball-handler. However, this shouldn’t be a huge problem as very few teams in 2K use their center in that way.

Free throw shooting isn’t a strong suit either, so you shouldn’t rely on this build to get you too many buckets at the free-throw line.

2-Way, 3-Level Scorer build body settings

  • Height: 6’10”
  • Weight: 249 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’6″

Set your potential for your 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center build

Finishing skills to prioritize:

  • [Close Shot]: Aim to set to around 90
  • [Standing Dunk]: Aim to set to around 90
  • [Post Control]: Aim to set to at least 80
  • [Driving Dunk]: Aim to set to at least 75

By prioritizing your skill points to these four finishing skills, your center will have access to 23 total finishing badges, including five at the Hall of Fame level and nine at Gold Level.

Shooting Skills to prioritize:

  • [Three-point shot]: Max out to 78
  • [Mid-range shot]: Max out to 83

By maxing out your player’s mid-range and three-point shot, it will not only be an above-average shooter for a center but it will also be equipped with 23 shooting badge slots. The most notable shooting badges available include “Sniper” on Hall of Fame level, once your player is fully upgraded.

Defense/rebounding skills to prioritize:

  • [Defensive Rebounding]: Max out to 99
  • [Block]: Aim for 95-97
  • [Perimeter defense]: Max out at 70
  • [Interior defense]: Aim for above 93

With this setup, your center will not only be a dominant defensive force in the paint, it will also have enough lateral quickness and perimeter defense to keep up with smaller players on the perimeter.

With 32 defensive badges and 11 at the Hall of Fame level, once fully upgraded, this build has the ability to out-rebound and lock down most of the matchups they face at the center position.

Secondary skills to boost:

  • [Ball Handle]: Max out ball handle
  • [Pass Accuracy]: Aim to set to at least 40

With this setup, your player will have access to one of the most important badges in the games (Unpluckable) at the Silver level, along with five other key playmaking badges to help them be a better playmaker down low.

2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center build physicals

  • [Speed and Acceleration]: Max out
  • [Vertical]: Max out
  • [Strength]: At least 80

With speed and acceleration maxed out, this will be one of the game’s faster 6’10” center builds. Also boasting a strength of 80, your player will have the ability to size up against smaller players and hold their own against stronger players near the basket.

Best 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center build takeovers

Your build will have the ability to equip many of the best shooting and defensive takeovers in the game including “Spot Up Precision”, “Box Out Wall”, and “Stuff Blocks” to name a few.

However, two of the best takeovers to equip for this particular build are “Limitless Range” and “Paint Intimidation”.

This combo captures the best of both worlds offensively and defensive. Once the takeovers are unlocked, your player will have no problem hitting long-range shots at a high rate. Additionally, it will receive a significant boost in contesting all shots in the paint, making things very difficult for opponents to score near the basket.

Best badges for the 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center build

With the setup of this build, it has good access to many dominant badges in defense/rebounding, shooting, and finishing.

To give this build the best chance to excel in different facets of the game, here are some badges you can equip your player with.

Best shooting badges to equip

⦁ Blinders: Jump shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty.

⦁ Fade Ace: Shot boost to post fadeaways taken from any distance.

⦁ Sniper: Jump shots taken with slight early/late timing will receive a boost, while early or late shots will receive a bigger penalty.

⦁ Hot Zone Hunter: Shots that are taken in a player’s hot zone(s) are given a boost. 

Best finishing badges to equip

⦁ Putback Boss: Enables putback dunks and boosts the shot attributes of a player that attempts a putback layup or dunk right after getting an offensive rebound.

⦁ Unstrippable: When attacking the basket and performing a layup or dunk, the chances of being stripped are reduced.

⦁ Dropstepper: Allows for more success when attempting post dropsteps and hop steps, in addition to protecting the ball better, while performing these moves in the post.

Best playmaking badges to equip

⦁ Glue Hands: Reduces the chances of an errant pass, while improving the ability to both catch tough passes and quickly make the next move.

⦁ Unpluckable: When performing dribble moves, defenders have a tougher time poking the ball free with their steal attempts.

Best defense and rebounding badges to equip

⦁ Rebound Chaser: Improves a player’s ability to track down rebounds from farther distances than normal.

⦁ Intimidator: Offensive players have less success shooting when contested by players with this badge. Also boosts the shot defense ratings when tightly guarding an opponent.

⦁ Hustler: Improves the ability to beat opponents to loose balls.

⦁ Rim Protector: Improves player’s ability to block shots, reduces chances of getting dunked on, and unlocks special block animations.

Your 2-Way, 3-Level Scorer Center build

The 2-way, 3-Level Scorer center is a versatile build with the ability to make an impact on both ends of the floor.

Offensively, it has the skillset to be a spot-up shooter, dominant scorer in the paint, or a reliable pick-and-pop option in the mid-range game.

Defensively, it does not have one glaring weakness and should be able to consistently lock down most centers, power-forwards, and small forwards they face.

To make the most of this build, it’s best to use it in the park competition, especially in 3v3 games. Most winning teams need a versatile center with the ability to secure rebounds, run the floor, defend the paint, and the skillset to score in more than one way.

Congratulations, you now know how to create the most versatile center build on NBA 2K22.

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