NBA 2K22: Best Badges for Dunking

Dunks aren’t everything, but it certainly helps to have them in your arsenal. These badges will help you to pull them off more often in NBA 2K22.

In the real NBA, players who rely too much on dunking will see their career end as quickly as it began. Fortunately, that same rule doesn’t apply in NBA 2K22, and you can dunk as much as you want without any risk.

If someone like Tracy McGrady or Vince Carter is the model for the player you create, you have to make sure that you build a dunker with the same attributes as them. The best badges for dunking will help you to replicate these superstars as closely as possible.

No matter which position you play, having these badges will help you to be a consistent threat to throw down a big slam.

What are the best badges for dunking in 2K22?

At times, dunking can be quite frustrating with the current 2K meta. Keep in mind, however, that this is because things are more realistic now compared to the unrealistic dunk animations from former NBA 2K editions.

Since we are in a game in which everyone wants to become better 3-point shooters, it’s your player that will stand out if you choose a dunker build.

So what are the best badges for a dunking in 2K22? Here they are.

1. Limitless Takeoff

The Limitless Takeoff is the most important animation that you need to kick off your dunking game. It allows you to start leaping from further away from the bucket, so it’s best that you put this one on a Hall of Fame level.

2. Fast Twitch

Dunking can be as basic as standing under the rim and jamming that ball into the hoop. Make sure that your Fast Twitch badge is on Hall of Fame to make this possible.

3. Rise Up

The Rise Up badge aids the Fast Twitch, making it easier to dunk from under the basket. The best dunkers statistically in 2K22 have it on a Gold level, so you can make do with the same for your player.

4. Posterizer

As we all know, the main reason that anyone wants to be a dunker is to posterize people. The Posterizer badge makes it easier to do just that, so put this one at a Hall of Fame level.

5. Slithery Finisher

If you want a bit of finesse in your dunking game, the Slithery Finisher badge can provide it, improving a player’s ability to avoid contact when attacking the rim. Since most players can defend like Rudy Gobert on the 2K meta, avoid the frustration of getting blocked and put this one up to a Gold level.

6. Lob City Finisher

You can pull off two to three consecutive lobs in a game if you have the Lob City Finisher badge. You’ll want to put this one up to at least a Gold level, but go for Hall of Fame if possible.

7. Downhill

Easy points via dunks, anyone? One of the main reasons to use the Downhill badge is to make it easier to go coast-to-coast. Make this happen with a Hall of Fame Downhill badge to increase overall speed when dribbling in transition.

8. Quick First Step

To throw down a big dunk, you first have to execute the basics, and it’s the dribble animations that will help you to set up your dunks. You’ll need to be able to go past your defender and the Quick First Step badge will help you with that. See to it that you have this one at a Gold level.

9. Triple Threat Juke

Sticking with the theme of dribbling animations to help you dunk, you’ll want the support that the Triple Threat Juke gives you to blow by your defender. Put this one at a Gold level, too, and thank yourself later.

10. Ankle Breaker

Opposition defense locking you down? Break the ankles of your direct opponent with your ball handling courtesy of the Ankle Breaker badge, which improves the likelihood of freezing or dropping a defender when dribbling. If Kyrie Irving was taller and more athletic, he would be the ultimate posterizer thanks to this badge.

What to expect when using badges for Dunking

Dunking doesn’t require a whole lot of basketball IQ, particularly if it’s all that you do.

Tracy McGrady has openly admitted to regretting intentionally disregarding his shooting touch in favor of posterizing. Players who rely too much on dunking will be stopped eventually, and you can’t expect to score 20+ points out of pure dunks per game.

Having said that, dunking can still be a valuable addition to your game, and in NBA 2K the best build will be as a driving dunker rather than a standing dunker. This is because the defensive meta of 2K22 makes even the worst post defenders effective when looking to prevent your dunks, and as a result it’s best to be on the move.

Dunking in 2K22 is better done when in transition, so you better max out those athletic attributes – especially your speed – to set up your dunk and pull them off with as much regularity as possible.





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