NBA 2K22: Best Badges for Park

NBA 2K has made its gaming experience more interactive with the Park, and these are the best badges for that game mode.

NBA 2K is continually developing, and one of the newest additions to the game is the Park. Though the meta is the same here as in any other game mode, there are certain differences in the optimum build for a player in the Park.

Not all of the things that have worked so well for you in MyCareer will be as useful when playing against real people online, and you’ll be in for a rude awakening if you try to implement the same tactics that you use against the CPU.

The best badges for the Park tend to more closely resemble what’s required in today’s real-life NBA, and to perform at your best you need to hone in and focus on specific areas of the game.

What are the best badges for Park in 2K22?

While being a multi-faceted player has plenty of advantages, you only really need two sets of badge categories for Park Mode. Rebounds and steals can certainly help, but shooting and blocking are going to be the most important aspects of the game, so when looking at the best badges for this game mode, these are the areas that we’ve focused on.

These are the best badges for Park in 2K22.

1.   Deadeye

Regardless of how many players are on the court, you’ll need to keep your cool when shooting your jumper. The Deadeye badge will help to increase your chances of draining your shot more regularly, so it’s best to get this to a Hall of Fame level.

2.   Difficult Shots

Since there’s a tendency to hog the ball in the Park, you’ll need to make sure that you make your time in possession count. The Difficult Shots badge will help you to shoot off the dribble better, and it’s best to have this one at a Hall of Fame level too.

3.   Blinders

The Park can get a little rowdy when it comes to defense, especially when playing with beginners who run at whoever has the ball. The Blinders badge will help to render some of those defensive efforts useless, so get this to Hall of Fame as well.

4.   Sniper

You’ve got to practice your aim in 2K if you want to excel in the Park. Once you’ve done that, pair your newly-acquired skills with a Hall of Fame Sniper badge to maximize results.

5.   Chef

The Chef badge is a mere aid to your Difficult Shots badge, increasing the range of where you can pull up with confidence. A Gold one is enough to do the trick.

6.   Hot Zone Hunter

Having the Hot Zone Hunter badge in Park Mode can have varying results. Play with strangers and you might find yourself standing on your hot zone all game without ever getting the ball. Play with friends, however, and you’ll likely find it a lot easier to make plays in your hot zone. A Gold badge is enough to suffice.

7.   Green Machine

Think that you’ve mastered that excellent release? The Green Machine badge will definitely add even more to those shooting streaks that you’ll invariably find yourself having, although it’s not as important as some of the other badges on this list. Having it at Gold is enough, but it won’t hurt to bring it up to a Hall of Fame level.

8.   Space Creator

The Space Creator badge will help you out if your opponent decides to harass you on defense when you’re on a hot shooting streak. You can keep that streak going by creating more space, and a Gold Space Creator should be enough to do just that.

9.   Rhythm Shooter

This badge combines well with the Space Creator, and will help you to break down your opponent. Make sure this one is on Gold too.

10. Clamps

While the park is mostly about fast breaks and threes, you’ll need to make sure that your opponent still has a hard time scoring. The Clamps badge is all that you need to make it hard for them when it comes to perimeter defense, and having this one at a Silver or Gold level should be sufficient.

11. Intimidator

The Intimidator badge will be more important than any perimeter defensive badge. It can help to alter jump shots and make it significantly harder for your opponent to drain them, so do yourself a favor and put this on Gold.

12.   Rim Protector

The Rim Protector badge is pretty self-explanatory. Blocks are the most important defensive move in park, so make sure you put this badge at a Hall of Fame level.

13.   Chase Down Artist

You’ll need to ensure that you can swat your opponent’s shots from any direction, and the Chase Down Artist badge will help you to do just that. Get this one up to Hall of Fame as well.

14.   Pogo Stick

The final badge that you need to complete the blocking trifecta is the Pogo Stick. Be the ultimate defensive beast and put this one at a Hall of Fame level, just like the other block badges.

What to expect when using badges for Park

Picking just a couple of components of your game to focus on is the best way to attack Park Mode, and the most important of these are shooting and blocking.

Slashers may be able to score in the Park too, but layups and dunks are no longer as efficient as three-pointers, regardless of how flashy those inside shots are. There’s also a huge chance that you’ll get blocked on these moves by a bigger player waiting for you in the paint.

If you really want to master the Park, it’s important to play a lot of 2KU rather than normal games or MyCareer, and focus on acquiring the above badges.





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