NBA 2K22 MyCareer Tips and Tricks: How to Beat The System

While NBA 2K does not have any cheat codes in it, there are a few hacks which can help to work around its meta.

NBA 2K22 MyCareer tips and tricks; how to beat the system guide

NBA 2K22 isn’t like playing GTA. There are no cheats that will give you instant boosts to make you the ultimate player.  

While spending can help you to reach your peak, there are other ways for you to grow your player organically. To pull off the NBA 2K equivalent of cheats, you need to know the game intimately.

So how do you beat the system when playing 2K22? Here are some ways you can cheat your way into superstardom. 

Starting your MyCareer in NBA 2K22 

The best way to get used to the 2K meta is to play MyCareer above all other game modes. 

While the same moves can be memorized for a regular game, the algorithm in MyCareer games doesn’t seem to change regardless of which team or player runs the offensive end. 

Offensive playbooks can differ in a regular 2K game, but in MyCareer you’ll notice the repetitive nature of all offensive plays when you are on the defensive side of the ball. 

Building your 2K22 MyPlayer 

Since Giannis Antetokounmpo is arguably the best individual player in the NBA right now, patterning your MyPlayer build after his mold is a great way to rack up those points. 

Height is very important, as is your body type. If you’re a guard, you will have fewer opportunities to build your offensive portfolio than if you were a big man. 

Even if your goal is to create a Steph Curry, it will be hard without purchased VCs. While doing that is a sure way to develop, the purpose of playing MyCareer is to grow your player organically. 

That said, we’re focusing on beating the system through all default settings possible. In order to do so, here’s a list of vitals you’ll need to follow: 

Position: PF or C 
Height: 6’11 – 7’0 
Weight: 210 lbs 
Body Type: Ripped 
Play Style: Finisher-heavy 

How to beat the system on MyCareer in 2K22 

We’re going to steer away from the agency’s part and fanbase, and focus instead on the gameplay and building team chemistry. That is where the hacks that we’ve mentioned come in. 

You’ll need a few key points to make sure you get the best out of your newly-drafted NBA player. Here are some tips: 

1. Keep your distance on D 

Over-committing on defense will cost you your Superstar Grade because there’s a huge chance your man will go past you, and you won’t yet be fast enough to chase him down. The current 2K meta is also quite friendly with distances in the post, and that space you’re making helps to run the offensive player off his line. 

2. Pick and Roll 

The pick and roll game is the safest way to score on offense or make an easy assist. You’ve built a finisher so it’s expected that you will be able to score baskets in the paint with ease. Simply give your ball handler a good screen and roll to the basket and call for a pass for that easy two. 

3. Mismatches 

Mismatches are key since you’re creating a big man. These happen whenever you are setting a pick or a switch happens. Once you establish a mismatch, it’s time to either jump for the block on defense, or punish your significantly smaller defender in the post when you’ve got the ball. You’ll make the majority of the shots done when a point guard or a shooting guard is the one defending. 

4. Assist game 

This won’t have much impact on the Badge Score, but will have a lot more of an effect on the Superstar Grade because the goal there is to fill out attributes. Assists drastically fill up that grade bar for big men. Try timing the ball rotation in such a way that you’ll be passing the ball to a shooter before the shot clock expires. The receiver makes that shot most of the time.

5. Know which badge to prioritize 

One sure way to score is to have at least a bronze Fearless Finisher badge for offensive badges. You’ll see a drastic difference between having no badge compared to having a bronze badge when playing finishing drills in practice. As for the defensive badge, take the rebound chaser first. It’s pretty self-explanatory why. 

What to expect when trying to beat the system in NBA 2K22 

While these hacks work 99% of the time, there will be those rare occurrences when an opposing player will catch a lucky break. 

One example is if you’re trying to post up Anthony Edwards. While it might work for other guys of his height and position, the mismatch game doesn’t work against him a lot. There are another few players with similar capabilities within the game. 

Also keep in mind that you’re still on that 60 rating at start. Even if you become a scoring machine using these tips, they won’t make you a superstar, nor be enough to ensure that you break into the starting lineup. 

It’s best to consistently upgrade finishing attributes, especially the layup and dunk-related ones. Results will show with even the slightest upgrades.

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