NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Card Tiers and Card Colors Explained

Looking for an explanation on card tiers and card colors? Look no further.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Card Tiers and Card Colors explained, full guide

As a beginner in NBA 2K22 MyTeam, an individual may not comprehend the importance or value of the numerous kinds of cards available. Starting the mode gives the gamer a chance to use certain players instantly, but these are not those that can have a major impact on a team’s fortunes. The grind to get the best players will be grueling, as it is in any game mode in NBA 2K22.

Throughout the process, it is necessary to bolster one’s knowledge on the possible cards that can be utilized in the game. Certain levels of these become unusable as the season progresses because cards on the higher tiers increase in supply and demand, thus lowering their price to fit the market value. In this article, we will provide a thorough explanation on these card colors entering the third month of NBA 2K22.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam card tier and color: Gold

Over the previous iterations of NBA 2K, there were still lower tiers of MyTeam cards in Bronze and Silver cards. However, none of these cards were usable in the first days or weeks, which prompted the game creators to put all cards below 80 overall at the Gold tier.

Only a few of these players are equipped with badges, which makes them usable in a mode like Limited. One key addition to MyTeam this year was a warm-up Limited challenge game against the CPU by using the restrictions for that week. In this game, there will be magnificent rewards that are usable in Limited weekends, such as Gold Joakim Noah or Gold Corey Kispert.

Though the overall ratings of these players do not seem impressive, Noah has phenomenal Gold defensive badges while Kispert has a terrific release that makes him a reliable shooter even in lineups that are full of Ruby or Amethyst players.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam card tier and color: Emerald

The Emerald players for this year are usable for the first few weeks after the release of the game. All starter players are at the Emerald tier and could be evolved until Ruby. Moreover, some of the early Domination rewards are also Emerald which must be evolved to Sapphire to earn rewards.

Emerald cards are players which have an overall of 80-83, making it difficult for them to be usable around mid-November when most gamers are using Amethyst or higher cards already. Similar to the Gold tier, it is advisable to keep some of these Emeralds for future challenges or Limited weekends wherein the requirements are perfect for Emerald cards.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam card tier and color: Sapphire

Right from the onset, some Sapphire cards like Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green were already causing tons of problems for opponents. Their rating was at just 85, but they were superb on both ends of the floor. As a beginner in MyTeam, Sapphire cards could be a springboard to find the rhythm and mastery necessary to play with various cards.

There are some Sapphire players who have been a difference-maker in some games like Duncan Robinson, Chris Duarte, or Robert Horry. Robinson was part of an early launch of Glitched Flash players, but his offensive repertoire continues to make him usable in the game. On the other hand, Duarte and Horry are reward cards from locker codes and challenges.

As a No Money Spent player, Sapphires are the perfect place to begin the journey because they are immensely talented and provide the perfect platform from which to reach the higher tiers.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam card tier and color: Ruby

Ruby is the start of the tier where some of the best Rubies could compete with other Amethysts, Diamonds, and even Pink Diamonds. There are some underrated Rubies that would be sensational for budget players, such as Darius Miles, Derrick Rose, and Seung Jin-Ha.

The overall rating along with the marketing of NBA 2K on the higher tier cards could deceive gamers into trying to strive to purchase Diamond and Pink Diamond players. However, using this approach it will be difficult to maintain an unbeatable lineup every time there are updates on cards because No Money Spent players will run out of MT coins.

For the beginners, it is highly encouraged to target some of these aforementioned Rubies that could instantly provide a boost to the team.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam card tier and color: Amethyst

As it is still just mid-November, it’s right around the time when the Amethyst tier players start to show their talent even against some of the gamers in MyTeam. There are weekly updates of new players being released who can wreak havoc, like Spencer Dinwiddie and Dejounte Murray, both of whom are currently among the best Amethyst guards in the game.

These individuals are already given at least an overall of 90, which clearly gives them the ability to compete with the highest tier cards in MyTeam. Having said that, however, not all the Amethyst cards are still worth purchasing for the No Money Spent players because these could easily be outdated in a couple of weeks.


NBA 2K22 MyTeam card tier and color: Diamond

The Diamond level is where it becomes tough to recommend gamers to purchase several cards if they are a No Money Spent player. Some of these cards are tremendous, like Klay Thompson and Dominique Wilkins, but they tend to be too expensive to justify purchasing.

For the beginners, it’s important to grind the game as they will likely receive some of the rewards that are at the Diamond tier. Their talent will not be at the same as the pricey Diamond cards, but they will still provide a massive boost to any squad.

Pink Diamond

NBA 2K22 MyTeam card tier and color: Pink Diamond

With two months already of NBA 2K22, the Pink Diamond tier is the highest card in MyTeam so far. Some of these cards go way over 100,000 MT coins, which is obviously too much for budget players. These cards are well-advertised on the internet and social media because they are well-known players who are equipped with enticing animations and badges in order to tempt others to purchase some Virtual Coins (VC).

Individuals must not fall into this trap and should instead grind for some Pink Diamonds like Kevin Garnett or Ja Morant. These rewards are still at a high level, so that is the suggested route rather than over-spending on other skillful Pink Diamond cards.

As the months continue to progress, a plethora of new promos and updates will be gifted by NBA 2K22 for gamers who continue showing interest in MyTeam. Players should enjoy the ride, and continue playing every game mode in NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

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