NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Just starting out on MyTeam? Check out out tips and tricks for this game mode.

MyTeam is the mode which gives you the freedom to explore and experiment with a plethora of players that might suit your playstyle. The general managerial expertise of a person will be challenged in this game mode in NBA 2K22, but through the hurdles, there will also be a ton of fun courtesy of the numerous choices of cards that you have to play with.  

In the beginning of MyTeam, some may not know where to start and which mode to play in order to receive the most rewards. It’s also worth noting that there are many cards with talented but unproven players that are far cheaper than those of individuals who already have a higher overall rating. To help you out, here are a few suggestions that others may implement in their MyTeam journey.  

1. Grind domination 

In Season 1 of MyTeam, domination is a very grueling adventure because it takes 66 victories to complete all 198 stars. Despite the time that needs to be allotted to domination, however, the rewards of completing this mode are immense because the players are fantastic for any style, particularly multiplayer games. 

Along with the players, there are also tokens and MT coins that will be earned and will enable you to buy better athletes from the auction house. Domination could also be the approach to completing the XP challenges each season, something that will also bring many more rewards to the squad.  

2. Complete XP challenges 

The XP challenges were a brilliant addition in NBA 2K21 because they challenge gamers to complete certain objectives while grinding out domination or triple threat offline. For instance, playing ten straight triple threat offline games while completing the XP objectives of various players adds some entertainment to the grind. 

The daily and weekend XP objectives do not produce a lot of immediate progress, but as each season moves forward, it will be integral to pile up on these daily and weekly challenges. These XP checklists are not difficult to accomplish, but being aware and willing to finish these goals is pivotal to their completion.

3. Keep calling give and go in triple threat offline to rack up points 

With the majority of XP challenges involving reaching hundreds and thousands of points for a vast amount of players, playing triple threat offline is a fabulous method to successively complete all of these. The give and go play is unstoppable because the CPU does not protect the paint at all when it’s being implemented.  

Even if the CPU is in the elbow or mid-range area, the player in the middle could also swish catch-and-shoot threes from behind the arc. The adjustments in running this give and go play could differ based on the specific challenges that need to be finished by every player. If asked to complete it with dunks, threes, or points in general, the give and go play will help you to accomplish these tasks at a rapid pace. 

4. Research cheap players that have an immense skill set 

The individuals tasked to promote and market the new releases of cards tend to overhype the higher tier cards because of their higher overall ratings and wide range of popularity. After more than a month, it is advisable to only purchase cards at the Ruby or Amethyst level for a No Money Spent player.  

The market of Diamond and Pink Diamond cards are heavily overpriced, but there are Ruby and Amethyst players that can compete with the higher tier cards. As a result, it is integral to research and experiment with the specific Ruby or Amethyst players who fit one’s play style and could flourish in MyTeam.  

5. Don’t spend tokens when it is not necessary 

Despite earning less tokens in grinding domination compared to previous editions, there are still a slew of ways to gain tokens for any gamer. However, there is no rush to spend all these tokens instantly for players in the market.  

It is advisable to only utilize these tokens when the players will fortify the strength of the current squad that is being used. Tokens are at a premium, and it is not easy to increase the quantity in MyTeam, thus it is highly suggested to wait for the next update because the new prizes will have a better skill set and a vast number of badges as well.  

6. Sell items that have value; do not chase for collector level rewards 

For a novice in MyTeam, the collector level rewards seem enticing because of the rewards that gradually become better. However, the rewards that are being promoted could be gained through other methods, such as the auction house or token rewards. 

As a No Money Spent player, the Pink Diamond Rajon Rondo or Pink Diamond Allan Houston are phenomenal athletes, but there are other Diamond or Pink Diamonds free cards that could be attained by grinding the game rather than chasing collector level rewards. 

7. Check prices of shoe boosts and badges in collection 

Shoe boosts and badges enhance the abilities and production of any card that is equipped with these benefits, but as a casual player of MyTeam, it is not advisable to collect many of these.  

There are some shoe boosts and badges that are priced over 5,000 MT coins, but the value and improvement they provide to certain players are not worth the MT coins. Selling these from the current collection may catapult success and progress because of the ability to purchase other items that will enhance one’s squad from the auction house. 

8. Don’t spend MT coins on packs 

Being a No Money Spent player that grinds and enjoys MyTeam, buying players from packs is the last thing that should be done in this game mode. The possibility of receiving a gain from the purchase of packs is insurmountable.  

The suggested approach is to wait for content creators and other people to purchase these packs and sell them on the auction house. Moreover, a few days could be given for the price to decrease in the market because the supply of these cards continually increases. 

9. Practice Offline Modes to Bolster Skills For Online Modes 

By going through the arduous journey of XP challenges, it’s necessary to compete with other players from all over the region. Grinding domination and triple threat offline will initially boost the abilities of gamers, while preparing them for the weekend matches in limited.  

Triple threat online, unlimited, and draft could be tough for beginners, but through the offline modes, it will further propel their status and improvement in MyTeam. Even through the offline modes, the level of a person can rapidly increase with the plethora of offline XP challenges. 

10. Search and track free locker codes that 2K gives away 

The hard-working and well-regarded people who create this phenomenal video game for millions to enjoy all over the world give away free codes that have mysterious prizes which may heavily improve the performance of one’s team.  

Many of these rewards may seem useless to some, but since these are free, they can be sold at any price to add to your amount of MT coins. For instance, if there are two or three codes every week, selling the free items for less than 1,000 MT coins could provide a massive boost by combining all these free coins over the next few weeks. 

Note from the Editor: We do not condone or encourage the purchase of MyTeam currencies by anyone under their location’s legal gambling age; the packs and other mechanics can be considered as a form of gambling. Always Be Gamble Aware. 

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