NBA 2K22 Practice Facility Guide: Best Drills to Maximize Badge Points

Here’s your guide on the best drills to earn your badges fast in NBA 2K22.

In NBA 2K22, MyCareer badges are one of the most crucial tools that can separate the average players from great players. You will struggle to find success in MyCareer without any unlocked and equipped badges.

Playing MyCareer games is a common way to obtain badges in 2K22, but the Practice Facility is another important avenue for those wanting to get their badges as quickly as possible.

With that said, here is a guide on how you can utilize the Practice Facility to maximize your badge point earning potential.

Early practice in MyCareer

Early on in MyCareer, you will see practice sessions pop up on your schedule. At this point, the options are limited as you’re unable to select the type of drill that you want to do.

Essentially, all drills in these practice sessions are assigned to you by the coach, and many drills aren’t the most productive or time-efficient ways to earn badge points.

As a result, some players may choose to skip these early sessions in favor of earning more VC with MyCareer games instead.

However, it is advised that you don’t skip too many practice drills as some of the coach’s drills offer a 2x and 3x multiplier in badge points, making them a worthwhile pursuit.

How to unlock your practice drills early

The world of the Practice Facility begins to open up once you unlock the ability to choose your own drills. This usually happens after you’ve played ten MyCareer games without simulating.

This is a crucial step that you should not bypass, especially early on in MyCareer, as it helps you to unlock badges as quickly as possible.

Once drills are unlocked, you’ll be able to cherry-pick from a list of drills that will give you the best chance to rack up badge upgrade points faster.

Which drills to choose in NBA 2K22

In the NBA 2K22 Practice Facility, not all drills are equal, and some are much easier than others. Here is a breakdown of the easiest drills to take advantage of in the MyCareer Practice Facility.

Best drills to use for shooting

Floppy Loop Shooting

This drill is one of the easiest drills to earn full points in NBA 2K22. Your player will just need to hit as many three-pointers from the wing in under two minutes to get the full points for this. Five makes will earn you two stars, while ten makes will give you the maximum stars needed for this drill.

It is recommended that you have the Sharpshooter and Three-Point specialist badges to have a higher chance of doing well in this drill. This is your regular catch-and-shoot drill in helping your player have better shooting and stamina in NBA 2K22.

Work on your Game Drills

There are three “Work on your Game” drills that you can do depending on what spot on the court you want to practice on. You can work on your three-pointers from the corner, top of the key, or deep threes. These are perfect for helping you master the shot timing and form of your MyPlayer.

Like the Floppy Loop Shooting, players will just need to hit ten threes in two minutes to get three stars for the drill: you will just need to catch and shoot until the timer expires. This is a quick way to earn VC while being able to improve your skills in NBA 2K22.

Best drills to use for finishing badges

Fatigued Finishing

This is a drill where your player will have to score around the paint, starting from nine different spots on the court. Certain moves and finishes earn more points based on the difficulty. There is also a bonus if you make consecutive shots before you run out of attempts.

Users have the option to do layups, dunks, and even hit floaters over the defenders using this drill. The objective of this drill is to get as many points as possible. To get three stars for this drill, you will need to score at least 700 in your shots.

Contested Finishes

Like Fatigued Finishing, Contested Finishing is another straightforward drill that is easy to execute. Furthermore, the payout reward is a little higher at 750 badge points for three-star finishes.

Essentially, you only need to master one of the two moves (Reverse Layup or the Euro-Step) to make the most of this drill.

From experience, the close shot rating or driving layup don’t need to be particularly high to find success here. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have the Acrobat badge equipped to increase your finishing rate at the rim.

Best drills to use for Playmaking

One Man

The One Man is a full-court drill designed to simulate fast-break situations in the practice arena. You will rebound the ball, go the length of the court, and play 3-on-3 to get a basket on the other end.

Scoring on all ten tries will give you three stars for this drill, while hitting five buckets will earn you two stars for this drill. The CPU opponent will play a full-court press on you, but this is easily passable to give you an advantage coming from the fast break.

Pick-and-Roll Combo

This is a drill that’s perfect for a guard, in which they try to practice their passing and timing to the big men. The drill is one of the more realistic scenarios in-game as users try to execute a good pick-and-roll to earn full marks.

The pick-and-roll mechanics have been adjusted for NBA 2K22, hence why this is a perfect drill to get used to the new system. All that you need to do is to make the correct read and the right pass to get full points with your teammate.

Best drills to use for Defense and Rebounding


Two-Nine sees you try to stop three opponents from scoring at once. You will need to make ten stops out of ten to get full marks, while making only five stops will get two stars. This is a great drill for stars as you will not need a high overall or badges to do well.

Your opponent tends to either drive or shoot upon receiving the ball. It is important to read what they do upon catching the ball to know whether to block the driving lane or contest the shot. The NBA 2K22 system gives you enough time to set up your defensive position before trying to score, so this drill is a great way to test your defending skills.

Protect the Tin

Protect the Tin is another easy exercise for gaining defensive badge points quickly. The main objective is to stop offensive players from scoring at the basket, with a plus-two bonus for blocks. Although this drill is more for power forwards or centers, guards can also make use of the exercise.

Timing is more important here than attribute ratings. Guards with a satisfactory block (around 40) or interior defense (at least 35) should be able to get some stops if they get their positioning and timing right.

If you’re looking to gain points quickly in NBA 2K22, be sure to make your way to the Practice Facility and utilize the most efficient drills detailed above.

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