NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a Paint Beast

Make sure that you grab the best badges if you want to create a true paint beast in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a Paint Beast explained

NBA 2K21 players have two favorites when creating their MyPlayer: a point guard and a center. The center position, also known as the ‘big man’ position, is a popular choice because it offers more points on the superstar grade.

If you choose to build a big man and want to become the ultimate paint beat, you’ll need to apply the best offensive and defensive badges that are suited to the position.

On this page, you’ll find everything that you need to know about becoming a great paint beast in NBA 2K21, from using badges as a center to the best badges for a paint beast.

How to build a potential paint beast in NBA 2K21

The first thing that you’ll need to be a paint beast in 2K21 is to build your MyPlayer as a big man or a dominating positionless player, like LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Once you’ve crafter your ideal center or positionless dynamo, you’ll need to get to work in the game modes, dedicating time to building player points so that you can upgrade your skills.

Hakeem Olajuwon is a prime example of a complete paint beast. He is one of the best finishers at the rim while also being the team’s defensive anchor at the other end of the floor.

So, follow Olajuwon’s steps when upgrading. The finishing ability is key if you want to have dominion over other big men; it’s what will separate you from whichever player towers by the post. Next, make them defensively sturdy and capable of absorbing contact.

Optimizing the strengths of your MyPlayer will grant you access to the necessary paint badges needed to upgrade your playstyle.

How to use paint badges in NBA 2K21

The past few NBA 2K releases have made life harder for big men to set up easy shots. It’s even more difficult in NBA 2K21, though, as most of the 2K20 paint badges haven’t returned to this year’s title. The developers, Visual Concepts, have done a good job of nerfing the big men to balance things out, which has also helped bring a bit more parity to the badges selection, allowing for more variations for your MyPlayer builds.

Once acquired, you can level-up your paint badges from Bronze to Hall of Fame to gain more effectiveness inside the shaded area. These badges are meant to either increase a big man’s finishing ability or their defensive prowess.

The key is to distribute attribute points to the best paint badges so that your MyPlayer becomes more effective in key paint beast areas of play. So, of course, to achieve this, you’ll need to apply the best paint badges. Interestingly, you can choose to be a one-trick pony and focus on offense, but to be a real paint beast, you’ll also need to improve on the more passive aspects, such as absorbing body contact and leaping ability.

The best paint beast badges in 2K21

To really excel in the paint, you should look to create a MyPlayer that can absorb contact and crash the offensive glass for those second-chance points.

So, keeping in mind that you need a build that is physically dominant at both ends of the court, these are the best NBA 2K21 paint beast badges that you should aim to max-out for your MyPlayer.

1. Fearless Finisher

It’s a lot more difficut to play as a big man in NBA 2K21 as there simply aren’t any easy layups or hook shots. However, these key offensive maneuvers can be enhanced by using the Fearless Finisher badge, which lessens your chances of missing the mark.

Applying Fearless Finisher as one of the best paint beast badges will also help close the gap whenever you mistime a shot. So, it lessens the odds of you missing a layup, even when the defender lags behind.

2. Hook Specialist 

The best paint beasts in 2K21 have the ability to play with their back to the basket. You have two choices from here: a pump fake or a hook shot.

Boosting your MyPlayer’s hook shot ability with the Hook Specialist badge will grant you a greater conversion rate by the post. It’ll work especially well if you create a DeMarcus Cousins or Joel Embiid type of player.

Hook Specialists can also work themselves into prime three-point play opportunities. If you can push your defender, it’s possible to hook in a three-point play once you’ve perfected the timing.

3. Back Down Punisher

The Back Down Punisher badge is probably the most important of the best badges for a paint beast in 2K21: it’s what makes a big man more effective when backing down other bigs in the low post area. Applying this badge to your build will ensure a better conversion rate when attempting layups and dunks.

For the best results from the Back Down Punisher, you’ll want to pair it with fellow best paint beast badge Hook Specialist, with the duo combining to make you a tyrant in the offensive end.

4. Rebound Chaser

Rebound Chaser helps to make your MyPlayer very effective in the offensive and defensive end of the floor. The badge improves your ability to track where the ball is going to fall, and so, a build with this badge can track down rebounds from farther distances than normal.

Utilizing this top paint beast badge will lead to you having more chances at converting second-chance opportunities.

5. Putback Boss

The Putback Boss badge is best combined with the Rebound Chaser, coming in handy when you have a high offensive rebound rating. Using the badge boosts your shot attributes, even when you come across contact or a lagging defensive rebounder.

6. Rise Up 

Rise Up works in the same way as the Putback Boss in the paint, with the only difference being the finish: this badge boosts your player’s standing dunk ability in traffic.

7. Rim Protector

As you’ll spend most of your time in the paint, even on defense, Rim Protector is a necessity of any paint beast build.

The badge greatly increases your shot-blocking abilities, from the most mundane attempts to those moments when your opponent seems to have a clear shot at the basket. Furthermore, it provides the means to stop an opponent’s momentum when they look to make a run.

Being a 2K21 paint beast doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a Shaquille O’Neal or prime Dwight Howard type of player – you simply need to be effective around the post. Use the best badges for a paint beast, as detailed above, to hone-in on your signature playstyle to dominate in each game.

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