NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a Power Forward

Get these badges on your player’s build to craft a mighty PF in NBA 2K21.

Being a PF in NBA 2K is a path less taken: it’s either that you’re a big man snatching boards and swatting shots, or a guard dominating the ball. The power forward position is in a gray area. Its flexibility would make you rather choose to play more as a center or a small forward.

Still, if you’re dedicated to creating a PF MyPlayer in 2K, it’s best to know your build. Power forwards should have versatility in the modern game. While the superstar grades won’t be on your side, making a potent PF still greatly depends on your build.

Now, let’s focus on making that elusive perfect PF with a combination of these offensive and defensive badges.

How to be a power forward in NBA 2K21

Power forwards can be confusing. Giannis Antetokounmpo for one: he fulfills point guard duties, slashes like a small forward, and is as tall as a center. Another good example is Zion Williamson, who has the height of a guard, slashes like a small forward, but is a power forward in position.

The point here is that the PF position is very playable in 2K21. You can go for a traditional one like a Julius Randle or Chris Bosh, or go for a dynamic one like Williamson or Antetokounmpo. Then, there are the so-called tweeners, like PJ Tucker and former NBA player Chuck Hayes, who are extremely undersized but position themselves well to play the four.

Offense is very versatile for a PF build. Most of the modern-day power forwards can score from all ends of the floor. It pays to lock your focus on a particular facet of offense, though, because having multiple play styles may cause redundancy with teammates.

Of course, the right badge animations will help a lot, too. It is important to have the right combinations to increase your success rate of playing power forward in MyCareer and 2KOnline.

How to use PF badges in NBA 2K21

Combining PF badges can be awkward if you don’t focus on one facet. You can’t expect to be a point forward and focus on perimeter defense. At the same time, you can’t be a back-to-basket PF and have shooting badges.

There’s also the dilemma of the current 2K meta, wherein baskets in the paint aren’t as easy to get as before, but at least the correct animations will help to increase your chances. The best strategy to combine badges is to determine what play style you want for your PF.

The best power forward build for NBA 2K21 is an athletic PF. It allows you to snatch rebounds and swat shots, as well as play as an effective pick-and-roll player for catching lobs.

Good examples of athletic power forwards are Blake Griffin and Aaron Gordon. Bam Adebayo slides down to power forward at times, so a build similar to his could also be considered for your NBA 2K21 build.

That said, you’ll need to focus on athletic attributes like speed, vertical, layups, and dunk attributes above all else. We still shouldn’t ignore effective PF builds like a stretch four and a back-to-basket player, either.

So, here are the best PF badges that you’ll need.

Best power forward badges in 2K21

Since you’ll be building from a gray area, keep in mind that Bronze badges may not be enough. You’ll need at least a Silver-grade to a Hall of Fame badge to pull off the perfect PF build.

The PF position is usually a one-trick pony. If you’re building a Blake Griffin, you’ll only need rebound animations and dunks, but on the other hand, a Julius Randle build will need shooting and layup packages.

It’s actually faster to build a productive PF than any other position due to you only needing one dimension to fill. You can argue that the more versatile roles, such as paint beasts and the post playmakers, are better suited for centers.

Here, we’ll focus on the four position as we build your ideal PF through the best 2K21 badges.

PF best finishing badges

Backdown Punisher: Since we’ve been talking about Julius Randle a lot, it’s best if we upgrade with his 2K21 Backdown Punisher badge, equipping a Silver one for your player instead.

Contact Finisher: A very important attribute of a PF is to finish through contact, whether in the post or by cutting through the lane. Put the Contact Finisher up to Gold, and you’ll have an easier time converting.

Lob City Finisher: Another necessary badge to have when you are playing PF is the Lob City Finisher. Prime Blake Griffin used to have a Gold-level badge for Lob City Finisher, so it’s one that you should equip to score easier baskets on the pick-and-roll.

Putback Boss: Whether it’s tip-ins or follow-up dunks, a Gold Putback Boss badge will surely help your performances a lot in NBA 2K21.

Pro Touch: 2K21 players might be ignoring the Pro Touch for bigs, but it’s important for playing with your back to the basket. Zion Williamson is good with changing his shots midair, so a Silver badge works well for your PF build.

PF best shooting badges

Hot Zone Hunter: You’ll need this badge to increase your chances of converting open shots. A Silver badge is enough to make things work on the perimeter, with Kevin Love being a good example of this badge being in use.

Catch & Shoot: This badge is perfectly paired with the Hot Zone Hunter if you wish to play a more stretched-out position. Having a Silver badge is good enough as well.

PF best playmaking badges

Break Starter: An athletic PF will need a lot of this, especially if they are crashing the boards a lot. Pump this badge up to the Hall of Fame tier, and you’ll reap the benefits on your superstar grade.

PF best defense/rebounding badges

Brick Wall: You’ll need to be sturdy either as a pick-and-roll victim or when playing against a back-to-the-basket type of player: a Silver Brick Wall badge will give you a banger PF.

Box: Boxing-out your opponents will increase the chances of rebounding the ball. A Gold badge will make you a tyrant in this department.

Rebound Chaser: Of course, with boxing-out comes the need to rebound the ball. Take this aspect up a notch and put it to Hall of Fame.

Tireless Defender: Since power forwards are posied with a dilemma on defense a lot, they’ll need all of the defensive stamina that they can get to chase a stretch player or recover on a switch. A Hall of Fame grade here will make your PF a decent defender.

What to expect from building a PF in NBA 2K21

There are already a lot of redundant roles for the PF position in the real NBA, more so when you are playing 2K21, where players with a lot of VC to spend max-out all of their stats. Having a specific set role is vital as you’ll be the difference in a game, even if your player is one-dimensional. You can either find an open teammate or fake a pass as you attempt an offensive set.

Blake Griffin and Kevin Love are perfect examples of one-dimensional players who have thrived by modern NBA standards. Another good example might be Jerami Grant, who used to be just a defensive player and opened up offensive opportunities from there. Still, it was his one-dimensional role that gave him those opportunities.

The key here is identifying what style of play you want first, and then maxing out all attributes and badges relating to that style. You might not get monster numbers, but the consistency in delivering will always be there. Most importantly, you’ll also need to adapt the playing style of your PF to the composition and strategies of the entire roster.

By using the best PF badges above, you’ll be able to establish a potent power forward in NBA 2K21.

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