NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a Scoring Machine

Becoming a scoring threat on the court is the best way to win games in NBA 2K21. To increase your chances of scoring buckets, check out the best badges right here.

Scoring buckets is a much-needed skill for anyone playing NBA 2K21 competitively. Many players today can shoot in the paint, from mid-range, and from outside of the three-point line, which should encourage you to learn how to make more shots all over the court.

Fortunately, NBA 2K has an array of finishing and shooting badges that you can use. These badges help in effectively becoming a “bucket-getter,” but choosing the right ones is essential in suiting your player and your playing style.

So, here are the best badges for the scoring machine build in NBA 2K21.

How to be a scoring machine in NBA 2K21

Scoring has been more creative than ever in NBA 2K21, aligning with the rise in points seen in the modern NBA. Dribble moves, shot attempts, and layup packages are more diverse, and NBA 2K allows players to do the same in-game.

It is important, though, to combine learning the controls of offensive moves with effective badges to outlast your competition. Defenses have become more creative over the years, but better offenses triumph over good schemes with the right strategy.

Knowing your playstyle and the players that you have in your arsenal is key to understanding your plan of scoring, whether it’s from the inside, mid-range, or the three-point line. The best scorers know how to get their points over the best defenders, and having counters will be crucial in the key moments of the game.

How to use scoring and finishing badges in NBA 2K21

The finishing and shooting badges in NBA 2K21 have the most options from which to choose. Players have the option of using and upgradingthese to their advantage, depending on if the offensive star has a Bronze, Silver, or Gold badge.

Some badges cater to boosting the overall offensive game of the player, such as Difficult Shots or Range Extender. Other badges, meanwhile, are effective in specific areas of the court, such as Corner Specialist or Deep Hooks. Each badge has its strengths and weaknesses, but it is important to find the right badges that suit your playing style.

Some players, like Devin Booker, tend to have the ball a lot, which enables them to make an impact all over the court. Others play off the ball and choose their shots to rack up points at will, as Klay Thompson does.

Regardless of your playing style, we categorized the list to the best badges to choose from based on what finishing and shooting badges will be effective for you to become a Scoring Machine in NBA 2K21.

Best badges for a scoring machine in NBA 2K21

Starting from scratch when choosing badges in NBA 2K21 will be your best bet to make the most of the power-ups. Choosing the right badge for your playing style and the position of your player is essential to maximize your scoring output on the floor.

There are many badges to choose from, especially in the finishing and scoring category. We’ve separated both types as finishing covers more shots within the paint, and scoring focuses on shooting.

Many badges are effective in certain situations, such as Corner Specialist and Putback Boss. We will focus on badges that will improve your overall offensive game, enabling you to become a scoring machine all over the floor. You may opt to mold your playing style to align with the likes of Devin Booker or Paul George, but the best scorers find a way to rack up points regardless of the defender.

Best finishing badges

Contact Finisher: This allows a player to finish off more layups and dunks despite any physicality from defenders near the basket. This is how the best finishers in the game, such as Vince Carter and Dwyane Wade, can score despite being surrounded by seven-foot centers.

Acrobat: Having this unlocked gives a player a boost in finishing an array of layup moves. Equipping the Acrobat badge makes it easier for players to pull off the spins, Euro-steps, and cradle layups that you see Kyrie Irving perform in real life amid heavy defense.

Relentless Finisher: This badge allows offensive players to take contact inside the paint while losing less fatigue from the physicality of big men. Relentless Finisher allows for the best highlights inside the paint, such as posters and hang-times.

Best scoring badges

Clutch Shooter: This badge gives players a boost to hit shots at the end of the fourth quarter and in any overtime period. Clutch Shooter is very useful, especially since every shot is crucial at the end of games. Players like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan would always deliver for their teams.

Deadeye: Players with the Deadeye badge receive lesser penalties whenever a defender tries to contest their shot. This is crucial to have as defenders are constantly trying to get into your face and force you into difficult shots. The offensive player with this badge is able to stay focused and can concentrate on making shots in traffic.

Tireless Shooter: The Tireless Shooter badge allows shooters to stay fresh throughout the game and have the focus to hit shots despite feeling tired. Players equipped with this have the confidence and consistency to hit shots despite cold streaks and rough shooting nights.

What to expect from building a scoring machine in NBA 2K21

By having these finishing and scoring badges equipped and practicing your player’s shooting form, you will have a reliable scoring threat from outside of the paint who will win you games from deep.

The ability to score inside and outside the paint is an essential skill to have as an offensive talent. Players will need to be smart with what badges they equip, especially as some prefer to drive to the paint more or do their damage from deep.

Knowing your playing style and the shooting form of your player will be the foundations of becoming a bona fide scoring machine in-game. Experiment in practice modes to discover which badges suit your game, and test your game with the competition to rack up more wins in NBA 2K21.

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