NBA 2K22: Best Badges for a Scoring Machine

Becoming a scoring threat on the court is the best way to win games in NBA 2K22, and these badges will help you do that.

Being a scoring machine doesn’t come easy in NBA 2K22, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t mold yourself into a good one with a little practice.

A scoring machine build will be particularly useful when it comes to the Neighborhood, because everyone wants a quick game full of three-pointers. It’s very rare that a player makes an acrobatic dunk there. 

The same could be said when you play MyCareer, as being able to ask for a pick and pulling up from anywhere on the floor with efficiency makes you a walking bucket. The only thing that you’ll need to pull this off is the right group of badges, and if you can find them then your chances of scoring big points will be greatly enhanced. 

What are the best badges for a scoring machine in 2K22? 

While a scoring machine can still be a good defender, sometimes doubling-down on offensive output can be more beneficial than worrying too much about defensive ability. Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard can attest to that. 

Many of the game’s best players are scoring machines because they are able to impose their will on the game through their scoring, with Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James two such examples. 

Below, we’ve taken a look at the best badges for a scoring machine in 2K22.

1. Deadeye 

The Deadeye badge is basically the most important badge a scoring machine can have. It makes you close to unstoppable even with a defender in front of you, so it’s best to fill it up all the way to the Hall of Fame level. 

2. Difficult Shots 

Another important shooting badge is the Difficult Shots badge. Being an offensive threat means that you’ll be commanding a lot of picks, and this badge is going to help you shoot off screens. You can put this on Hall of Fame level as well. 

3. Blinders 

Blinders is another way of saying that you don’t care about defenses. Your player will be unfazed by help defenders with this badge, so pair it up with the Difficult Shots badge and put it on Hall of Fame too. 

4. Sniper 

Let’s talk about shot timing. One badge which will help to make you better at timing that shot meter is the Sniper badge, and given how much more efficient a shooter that can make you, you ought to have this on Hall of Fame level as well. 

5. Chef 

You’ll be shooting off the dribble a lot as a scoring machine. The Chef badge is something that you’ll need if you want to drain off-screen threes with any sort of regularity. A Gold badge here is good enough to get the job done. 

6. Hot Zone Hunter 

Speaking of dribbling, you’re going to want to find your hot spots to score efficiently, and the Hot Zone Hunter will increase your chance of nailing shots when shooting from these parts of the court. A Gold badge will suffice for this one. 

7. Green Machine 

Heating up? The Green Machine badge will help to make you even harder to stop once you get rolling. Once you’ve mastered shooting excellent releases, you’re going to love having this badge. Make sure that you have it at a Gold level at least. 

8. Volume Shooter 

If you hadn’t already noticed, the 2K meta isn’t particularly friendly with streak shooting, but with the Volume Shooter badge your shooting will improve as the game goes on. It can also help to bail you out in late-game situations, so make sure this one’s up to Hall of Fame. 

9. Space Creator 

If there’s one thing that’s always been true about the 2K meta, it’s that your chance of hitting a shot is largely contingent on the space that you can create. While the days of an open player being guaranteed a bucket are gone, the Space Creator badge helps make sure that you can score even with defense in front of you. Make this one at least a Gold badge. 

10. Rhythm Shooter 

Speaking of creating space, you’re going to need the Rhythm Shooter badge here to make sure that breaking down your defender is worth it. This is another instance where you’ll need a Gold badge. 

11. Fearless Finisher 

Once you’ve created the space, the most common next move is to speed past your defender on hyperdrive. This usually results in the help defense generating either contact or a block, but the Fearless Finisher badge will help you power straight through them, and having this one on Gold will increase your chances of enjoying more successful conversions. 

12. Slithery Finisher 

This is the finesse version of the Fearless Finisher badge, because you’re going to be avoiding contact on the way to the rim here. Make sure that your Slithery Finisher badge is on Gold. 

13. Acrobat 

When the layups become difficult due to defense, the Acrobat badge will help to make them that little bit easier for you. You can make do with Silver here, but you’d be better served going for Gold.

14. Pro Touch 

Getting your timing right on layups is a pivotal part of being efficient, and having a badge that will help you to become better at it is hugely beneficial. Having said that, this is not the most important badge on the list, so a Silver will do. 

15. Triple Threat Juke 

Being a Triple Threat Juke opens up a lot of scoring opportunities for you as a shot creator. You’ll need this badge to speed up triple threat moves when trying to blow by the defender. A Gold badge will do the trick. 

What to expect when using badges for a Scoring Machine 

You may have noticed that the Limitless Spot-Up, Catch and Shoot, and Set Shooter badges were omitted. That’s because these are badges that only stationary players need. 

As a scoring machine, you’ll be moving around the court a lot, either shooting off the dribble or slashing to the rim, and included above are all the shooting badges that you need for such a role. 

If you’re looking to base your offensive game on that of a certain NBA player, look no further than Kevin Durant, arguably the most deadly scorer from all parts of the floor in the game’s history.

Whoever you are hoping to imitate as a scoring machine though, you’ll need to master shooting over any other attribute. Achieve that, and being a scoring machine is all but guaranteed.

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