NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a Slasher

Here’re all of the best badges that you need to use to create a Slasher in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a Slasher

Playing NBA 2K21 has become more complex than ever: it’s not as easy to score in the paint or hit an open jumper as in previous editions.

Despite that, it still opens up a position where a point guard or a wing player can get around what seems to be good defenses and score a bucket.

To do this, you’ll need a slashing playstyle, allowing you to play off of the ball and get as many looks as possible. Bar poster dunks, the slasher role also has the most potential for highlight-reel plays.

Being a slasher requires a particular set of badges and a focus on a specific area, which is exactly what we’re going through on this page. Below, you will find our slasher build 2K21.

How to be a slasher in NBA 2K21

The first thing that you’ll need to understand is that a slasher is a pure offense player: a slashing defender doesn’t exist.

You can either be a ball-dominant guard with a similar playstyle to that of James Harden or Kyrie Irving, or a wing player like Jimmy Butler or Brandon Ingram.

With slashing comes speed and leaping ability, allowing you to get past defenders and jump over them – it is then that your finishing badges will come in handy. While your MyPlayer will likely focus more on shooting and getting open, you never know when a slasher will come in handy.

Such skill will open scoring opportunities for everyone, even if you aren’t a pure point guard. Of course, you’ll also need to align your badges accordingly.

How to use slasher badges in NBA 2K21

Without any easy shots, you’ll need to align your slasher badges properly. If the post-up big men struggle to muscle their way in, so will your player. It’s not the end, though, as with nerfs come smurfs, too. You can build your MyPlayer like the CPU slasher that you always encounter when you play a quick match.

There aren’t any balancing badges for variations when you’re creating a slasher: it should be pure offensive badges over defensive badges.

The ultimate goal is to equip these badges one by one and level them up from Bronze to Hall of Fame. You need to start somewhere, though.

For instance, if you want to be like Andrew Wiggins, you’re going to need to upgrade that dunk rating to over 90 and have at least a Gold tier on your Posterizer badge.

On the other hand, if you like Jamal Murray’s balance in the air when he slashes to the hoop, you’ll need to have a higher rating for your close shot and layup attributes for that Pro Touch.

Creating a certain position may require distributing attribute points to meet necessary requirements for badges. Creating according to playing style will help your MyPlayer more because it creates an established identity for your player to fit into specific game scenarios.

As a slasher, you’ll have to accept the fact that you will be a one-trick pony, since you’re likely going to pour the majority of your attribute points into your offensive game.

Best slasher badges in 2K21

There’s a plethora of slashing superstars in the NBA. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant can classify as such, depending on offensive adjustments in play.

As for the pure slashers, John Wall, prime Derrick Rose, and Ja Morant are the ones currently active who still prefer driving to the hoop. The key is ripping off their offensive game and picking the same badges that they’d use.

Your emphasis may vary, depending on what resulting player you seek. A DeMar DeRozan-type player, for example, will likely have a lower posterizing score than that of Wall or Morant.

One thing is certain, though, you’ll need to max-out all those finishing badges in order to be a successful slasher in NBA 2K21.

Here are the best badges to use for your slasher build:

1. Contact Finisher

This badge is more of a general badge that aids your contested layups and dunks. Contact Finisher should be maxed out at all costs, along with prioritizing your layup and dunk ratings.

2. Slithery Finisher

Jamal Murray’s acrobatic layup over LeBron James in the Western Conference Finals is a product of being a slithery finisher. You’ll need the Slithery Finisher badge to improve your player’s ability to avoid contact when driving to the rim.

3. Fancy Footwork

Here’s another badge that you might need to upgrade to at least a Gold tier to ensure that your Euro steps, spin layups, and hop steps are effective. This is because merely unlocking animations and keeping them on a lower tier isn’t enough – a simple contest will alter your shot to miss.

4. Consistent Finisher/Pro Touch

Being a consistent finisher is a given. You’ll need it to be able to score in streaks, especially if your MyPlayer doesn’t have much outside range. You’ll need this badge at a Hall of Fame level.

5. Relentless Finisher

Being a relentless finisher is mostly used by big men because they always bump in contact. Still, it can help boost a slasher’s contact finishes too. A Bronze-level Relentless Finisher badge is good enough.

6. Posterizer

The Posterizer badge is easy money for a slasher. Once you blow past a defender, the only way your player will go is sky-high with a thunderous dunk. Make sure that you have a 90-plus rating on your driving dunk and vertical to maximize the multitude of contact dunks that this badge activates.

7. Fearless Finisher

If the Relentless Finisher is more for the big men, slashers can focus on the Fearless Finisher badge. It allows your player to drive to the rim without being altered by a defender.

8. Heat Seeker

The Heat Seeker badge is all about your inside shots. It activates the player’s inner takeover game, enabling them to finish the majority of drives and mid-range jumpers. Prime Derrick Rose used to catch fire and dominate on the drive, which you’ll be able to do with a high tier Heat Seeker.

What to expect from a slasher build 2K21

Being a slasher in NBA 2K21 isn’t really the most recommended playstyle as the easy shots were nerfed. Still, some players still choose to be a slasher because they know how to use the build properly.

While it won’t be as dominant as an all-around player like a LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo build, slashers can still be effective on the floor by creating that extra pass when defenses collapse on you.

Most of the badges need at least Gold to enable consistent slashing. Still, having the best slasher badges to a Bronze or Silver grade does provide a boost. Expect slashers to be more of a role player until the stats and badges are maxed out.

The job won’t be as easy as building a playmaker or a paint beast, but there’s value to be found in using the best slasher badges in NBA 2K21. Hope this slasher build 2K21 makes it easier for you on that field!


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