NBA 2K21: Best Dominant-Versatile Paint Beast Build

Learn how to create one of the best paint beast build on NBA 2K21 right here.

NBA 2K21: Best Dominant-Versatile Paint Beast Build explained

Overall, a dominant paint beast is one that’s an intimidating force near the basket on both ends of the floor. Once fully upgraded, this versatile build has the ability to equip 30 defensive badges along with 18 finishing badges, making it a top-of-the-class forward around the basket offensively and defensively. 

Here, we’ll show you how to create one of the best two-way paint beast power-forwards to use in NBA 2K21, with the body type details quickly shown first below.  

How to build the best dominant-versatile paint beast in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 build the best dominant-versatile paint beast
  • Position: Power Forward
  • Height: 6’8’’
  • Weight: 255lbs
  • Wingspan: 90.0’’
  • Build: Paint Beast
  • Takeover: Glass Cleaner
  • Primary Skills: Defense and Rebounding
  • Secondary Skill: Finishing 
  • NBA Player Comparison: Shawn Kemp, Zion Williamson, Brandon Clarke

Why create the paint beast build in NBA 2K21

In 2K21, being effective at both ends of the floor is the blueprint for most successful builds. Whether in comp or casual park games, having a player who can consistently secure rebounds is a major asset to most winning teams.

With elite rebounding ability, the paint beast can give their team a huge advantage in earning extra possessions in the offensive end. 

On top of that, they become an intimidating force defensively and will give opponents a tough time when they’re looking to score near the basket. 

Highlights of this paint beast build:

Regardless of which form of basketball you intend to play, this dominant-versatile paint beast build will suit your needs.

It allows you to play a key role in many situations, especially for teams looking for a versatile power forward that’s capable of playing different roles.  

Here are the key highlights for this build: 

  • You’ll have the attributes and badges to be an intimidating defensive force in the paint. 
  • You can be a dominant big with elite finishing and dunking ability around the basket.
  • It will allow you to control the board and rarely get out-rebounded by matchups.
  • You’ll also be faster than most big men, even having the speed to keep up with small forwards. 
  • It’ll give you the ability to guard multiple positions from the three to the five.
  • You’ll stand as a key asset to a team looking for a player that can set screens, grab rebounds, and score near the basket.
  • You’ll be able to pull off some of the best contact dunks and posterizing finishes in the game. 

If this dominant-versatile paint beast build sounds right for your playing preferences, here’s how you can go about crafting this top power forward build in NBA 2K21.

Choosing your position

NBA 2K21 choosing position

The first step here is to choose power forward as your build’s default position. 

Speed is one of the most important assets to have in the game: choosing PF gives your player an immediate advantage with speed, agility. On top of that, the power forward position offers extra badge counts over the center position.  

As we’ll see later, secondary fundamental skills such as driving layup, lateral quickness, steal, and agility are all above average for this build, compared to the other bigs in the game. 

Choosing your pie chart

NBA 2K21 choosing your pie chart

In terms of skill breakdown, it is recommended that you go with the pie chart that has the most red. Attribute-wise, your player has a solid foundation with elite ratings in offensive rebounding, defensive rebounding, blocking, and interior defense. 

At the same time, this gives your player the option to equip all of the best defensive badges (Intimidator, Brick Wall, Rebound Chaser) to the Hall of Fame level. This setup is imperative for those that want to be a dominant force in the paint. 

Additionally, your player’s finishing ability (driving dunk and standing dunk) is all in the 80s. This gives your build the option to unlock Bigman, Pro, and Elite contact dunk, once they’re upgraded to a 70 overall rating. 

Finally, with perimeter defense and lateral quickness in the mid-70s, your player is rather fast for a forward, having the capacity to switch on smaller defenders. Simply put, the build will not be a liability defensively and is perfect for countering teams that choose to run with a smaller lineup. 

Choosing your physical profile

NBA 2K21 choosing your physical profile

For the physical profile, it is recommended that you go with the pie chart that has the most purple (agility). 

As mentioned before, speed is one of the most important attributes to have in NBA 2K21. Having a PF with a speed in the mid-to-high-70s offers a team so much more flexibility in terms of matchups and offensive strategies. 

Whether it is to switch on defense or to run in transition, this build gives you the speed to eclipse the capacity of most centers, as many in the game won’t have the speed or quickness to keep up. 

Essentially, this build is not a one-trick pony; not only can it hold its own against bigger opponents in the paint, but it can also create mismatch opportunities against bigger and slower centers in transition.  

Setting your potential to maximize primary skills

NBA 2K21 maximize primary skills

In terms of setting your player’s potential, it is recommended that you max out their defensive ability first. The main attributes to focus on are offensive and defensive rebounding, block and interior defense. 

Once that’s done, the focus should be on applying enough attribute points to one of the other three categories to get all 30 defensive badges – which is the maximum that this setup gives you in NBA 2K21. 

With this setup, your player will have the ability to equip seven defensive badges at the Hall of Fame level, or ten defensive badges at the gold level. 

As shown in the photo above, your player’s lateral quickness, steal, and perimeter defense are all over 50. Comparatively speaking, this gives your player a decent advantage as most center builds usually have those categories in the low 40s. 

A second area of focus should be applying upgrades allocated to finishing (blue area). It is recommended that all categories are maxed out to obtain all of the 18 finishing badges that you can get for this build. 

WIth driving dunk, standing dunk, and close shot all in the 80s, your player has the ability to dunk on most opponents, especially those without many defensive badges.  

Once upgraded to a 70 overall, along with a standing dunk at 75 and driving dunk at 50, your player will have the ability to purchase big man contact dunk packages. Essentially, these packages trigger in-game animations that unleash some of the most unstoppable posterizing dunks. 

Setting your potential and secondary skills

NBA 2K21 secondary skills

With the pie chart selected, and the intention to be a dominant player in the paint, it becomes imperative for your player to have elite finishing ability near the basket.

The next logical step would be to maximize the following finishing attributes, including close shot, driving layup, driving dunk, and standing dunk. 

After that, you can allocate enough upgrade points to post hooks to ensure that you get the maximum number of finishing badges.

With 18 finishing badges, this build has the ability to equip six gold, nine silver, or over 12 bronze badges, making the build a rather well-rounded finisher who can dunk and convert on most in-close shots, including advance layups. 

Essentially, the best finishing badges to equip with this build are Contact Finisher, Fancy Footwork, and Acrobat.

Finally, the remaining attribute points could be utilized for playmaking since the pie chart chosen is quite generous and allows you to have six finishing badges. Overall, this trade-off is better than upgrading shooting, since you don’t offer any badges in that category.

Best height for a paint beast build

NBA 2K21 best height for a paint beast build

In terms of height, it is recommended that you adjust it down to 6’8’’. From the testing done in the lab, bringing your player height down by one inch offers several key benefits.

This includes a plus-seven in speed, plus-six in acceleration, and a plus-six in lateral quickness, making your forward a much faster big man.

Comparatively, you are not taking a huge hit in most defensive stats, and as we will see later, the defensive stats can be regained by altering the wingspan. 

Best weight for a paint beast build

NBA 2K21 best height for a paint beast build

In terms of weight, it is recommended that you do not lower the weight for your forward past the default number. Doing so will decrease important physical attributes, such as your player’s strength, which greatly reduces the build’s effectiveness as a paint player. 

Instead, increasing your player’s weight should be the priority here. Some may choose to go for the maximum weight at 280lbs to get a plus-nine boost in interior defense and a plus-13 in strength. Your other options can be somewhere in the middle.

If you are looking for something a bit more balanced and do not want to sacrifice too much speed, setting your player to 255lbs is optimal. Here, your player still gets a plus-seven in strength, a plus-four in interior defense, and is still able to maintain an above-average speed of 80. 

Best wingspan for a paint beast build

NBA 2K21 best wingspan for a paint beast build

In terms of wingspan, there is some flexibility here. You can adjust it to your liking and modify it so that the attributes fit your playstyle.

However, for this particular build, it is probably more advantageous to increase your player’s wingspan to around 90.0”. As shown in the picture above, your player gets a positive boost in eight categories.

This allows your player’s rebound rating and block to be in the 90s, along with rather respectable numbers for standing dunk, close shot, and driving dunk.

At the same time, other defensive stats, including perimeter defense, lateral quickness, and interior defense, don’t take a hit. 

Picking your paint beast build’s takeover

NBA 2K21 picking your paint beast build’s takeover

With this build, you have the ability to choose either Rim Protector or Glass Cleaner as the takeover. Both are solid takeovers in their own right. Overall, choosing one over the other should not make a huge difference for this particular build. 

Your completed dominant-versatile paint beast build

NBA 2K21 completed dominant-versatile paint beast build

In terms of player build comparison, this build creates a paint beast with shades of Shawn Kemp and Zion Williamson. Overall, it’s a fair comparison, as both of these players are considered to be dominant paint players and electrifying dunkers in the game. 

By following the steps above, you’ll have the makings of a top-class power forward that’s capable of being a paint beast in NBA 2K21. 

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