NBA 2K21: Best Shooting Badges for a Sharpshooter Build

The sharpshooter in NBA 2K is a very rewarding playstyle, if you are willing to put in the work and get the best badges.

The sharpshooter build is not an uncommon path for someone to pick for their MyPlayer. However, you’ll first need to understand how to build it right.

Sharpshooters can range from the point guard to the small forward position in the real NBA game, but of course, you can be more creative with yours in the NBA 2K21 game.

It seems like the modern game has made everyone forget most forms of shooting, so they just shoot threes. That is why we’ve come up with the perfect solution for creating the ultimate NBA 2K sharpshooter with the best shooting badges for your player.

How to be a sharpshooter in NBA 2K21

“Sharpshooter” is quite a general term in basketball. You can either be a player that excels purely in shooting threes or a scorer who can be efficient from beyond the arc. People will mostly think about Kyle Korver or Duncan Robinson when talking about sharpshooters.

There are also guys like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson who purely shoot threes, earning the nickname “Splash Brothers.” Damian Lillard and Trae Young are sharpshooters as well, despite being good slashing guards.

The point here is that you can build just a shooter, or you can have an all-around player with an emphasis on shooting threes. A wild sharpshooter build would be to create a big man who can shoot the ball in volumes, much like a Kristaps Porzingis or a prime Yao Ming.

While the options are endless when it comes to creating a sharpshooter, it might be best to select from the point guard to small forward position. That way, it will be easier to call for open passes when a big man is either guarded well by the post or grabs an offensive board.

How to use sharpshooter badges in NBA 2K21

It could easily be said that you only need to have all of the shooting badges and max out shooting attributes to craft a solid sharpshooter.

While this may be true, you’ll want to avoid redundancy and fill out other badges in order to escape the Kyle Korver and Duncan Robinson bubble.

Ball-handling badges will also come in handy because it’s what’s going to create space for you in isolation plays. It’s pretty much how Jamal Murray and Devin Booker fire their shots from the outside.

Both Booker and Murray aren’t limited to just being shooters, but can be classified as sharpshooters on top of their actual playing style.

That is the goal of being the ultimate sharpshooter in 2K21. So, here are the badges that you’ll need to pull off the optimal playing style with a sharpshooter build.

Best sharpshooter badges in 2K21

The goal here is to be the best sharpshooter in NBA 2K21. You need to have a player that can be deadly without doing much else: scoring output is what decides the final score at the end of the day.

Even in your MyCareer, you will see how your scoring output can bump you up to the starting line-up quiiicker than usual. With that in mind, you’ll have to focus on good ball-handling as well as adhere to the obvious need for shot animations.

It’s time we build your ultimate NBA 2K21 sharpshooter with these badges:


Deadeye is a badge that you’ll love on your favorite player when using them for regular games. What this badge does is increase a normal jump shot’s chances of going in, even when contested. The best way to maximize these animations is to have them at the Hall of Fame tier.

Slippery Off-Ball

Your player will play at their best when they manage to find openings; the Slippery Off-Ball badge is what you need to run into an open space. Kyle Korver has this at Gold, so it’s safe to say your badge will work that way, too.

Catch & Shoot

This is perfectly paired with the Slippery Off-Ball sharpshooter badge. Your chances of hitting a jump shot immediately is increased if you have a Gold Catch & Shoot badge.

Range Extender

This is where you’re playing into Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry territory. Range Extender is pretty much self-explanatory, and it’s best to make your player an expert at this one, too, with a Hall of Fame badge.

Flexible Release

With an extended range and space created, the first instinct is to be too eager to shoot, especially when you’re a beginner. To lessen those shot timing penalties, a Gold Flexible Release badge is enough to create noticeable results.

Space Creator

It’s more difficult to score when the shots are contested. Even shooting badge animations can’t guarantee that you’re going to shoot high percentages. So, copy James Harden here and go for a Hall of Fame-level Space Creator badge.

Handles For Days 

How do you successfully create space? You either rely on a big man for screens if you can’t dribble the ball efficiently, or have the Handles For Days badge to be a confident isolation player. You’ll want to be the latter to become the best sharpshooter, which means that you’ll want a Gold badge here to keep your stamina levels normal.

Quick First Step 

You won’t need to dribble the ball a lot if you can beat your opponent on the first step: Damian Lillard does this before pulling up for three. As Lillard has a Gold badge for this, you must have one, too.

What to expect from building a sharpshooter in NBA 2K21

Building a sharpshooter in NBA 2K can be a long process. Sadly, even a shooter build doesn’t instantly translate into streak shooting.

We didn’t focus on just the pure shooters, but rather All-Stars who are proficient from beyond the arc. That way, you’ll be able to have a sustainable superstar-type player despite being just a shooter.

Base shooter builds also aren’t the quickest, so you’ll need to bump up some of your player’s athleticism attributes every once in a while. Small forwards are the biggest victims of this lack of pace.

If you want to create a sharpshooter that can survive early on, you might want to pick a guard position to build around. It’s still going to be at your discretion, though, because your choice should still depend on the line-up that you’re trying to suit.

The bottom line here is that today’s modern NBA isn’t only about shooting. Yes, it’s a three-pointer era, but you’ll need to have more on offer to make it big. Just keep in mind that there’s a reason why Kyle Korver never became an NBA MVP, while Stephen Curry did – twice.





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