NBA 2K21: Dominant Scoring Machine Guard Build

Learn how to create one of the most dominant offensive guards on NBA 2K21 right here.

This point guard build 2K21 is for a dominant offensive guard capable of scoring in multiple ways.

Once fully upgraded, it boasts an impressive distribution of 15 finishing, 20 shooting, and 16 playmaking badges, making it a nightmare to guard for all opponents. It also has the ability to excel in isolation situations and is an elite threat for scoring from all three areas of the offensive zone. 

Here, we’ll show you how to create one of the most dominant scoring point guard build 2K21, with the body type details quickly shown first below.

  • Position: Point Guard
  • Height: 6’0’’
  • Weight: 155lbs
  • Wingspan: 72.0’’
  • Build: Well-Rounded Wing
  • Takeover: Shot Creator
  • Primary Skills: Shooting and Finishing
  • Secondary Skill: Playmaking
  • NBA Player Comparison: Trae Young, Darius Garland, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Why create the dominant scoring machine build in NBA 2K21

In NBA 2K21, scoring is a valuable asset and is mandatory for anyone who wants to win games consistently across the different game modes. 

Whether in competition matches, 2v2, or casual park games, you will run into very tough opponents, and having a slight offensive edge over them may be the difference between a win or a loss. 

This is one of the rare scorings builds in 2K that has the ability to carry its team offensively and consistently be one of the most challenging builds to keep off of the scoresheet. 

Highlights of this PG build:

This build allows you to take on the role of the primary scoring option on any team. Think of Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, and Trae Young in terms of the type of impact that you can have on the court.

Standing as perhaps one of the more enjoyable builds to play as, opposing teams may not have a choice but to build defensive schemes strictly to shut you down. 

Whether it is through double-team plays or the full-court press method, teams will have to challenge you to generate offense in multiple ways. 

So, here’s how to go about creating a dominant scoring machine in NBA 2K21.

Choosing your position

The first step is to choose point guard as the scoring machine’s default position. The key benefits to choosing a point guard over a shooting guard include a higher badge count, more acceleration, and better default ball-handling ratings. 

As you’ll see later, once fully upgraded, it will have impressive ratings in key major offensive categories, including driving layup, mid-range shot, three-point shot, and ball handling. 

With greater than elite-grade ratings in key fundamental skill sets, this build is arguably one of the most high-powered offensive point guards that you can make in 2K21. 

Choosing your pie chart

In terms of skill breakdown, it is recommended that you go with the Blue and Green pie chart here.

This will give your player the ability to equip Hall of Fame-tier badges for both finishing and shooting – two key areas that separate average offensive players from elite ones.

It is also important to note that your player has elite finishing ability near the basket and is essentially a dual-threat. So, your player can shoot from a distance or finish consistently at the rack. 

Additionally, your player boasts above-average ball-handling and pass accuracy ratings, enabling them to take on the role of the primary ball handler of the team.

Finally, the perimeter defense, steal, and lateral quickness aren’t bad for this pie chart, either. So, unlike many good elite offensive players, your player also has the ability to hold their own on the defensive end and not be a liability. 

Choosing your physical profile

For the physical profile, the best choice should be the pie chart with the mostly Purple (agility) for this build. 

As a point guard, you are often one of the smallest players on the court. So, having elite speed and acceleration should be the area of focus as speed is a fundamental attribute that can help your player excel as a ball-handler and shot-creator. 

With this setup, most of the taller players that you face won’t have the quickness to keep up with your player at top speed. On top of that, you will give your team a huge advantage in transition or mismatch opportunities in isolation. 

Setting your potential to maximize primary skills

When setting your player’s potential, it is recommended that you attribute the maximum potential points to the following areas.

For finishing, max out your player’s driving layup, close shot, driving dunk, and enough to standing dunk to get your 15 finishing badges.

For shooting, max out your player’s mid-range and three-point shot first, followed by the free throw.

To maximize the badge count of this build, it is recommended that you add enough to your post-fade to give your player 20 shooting badges. 

With this current setup, having 15 finishing badges and 20 shooting gives your player the ability to equip around six to eight scoring badges at the Hall of Fame level, putting this build in the elite category when it comes to the two major scoring categories. 

Setting the potential for your secondary skills

In order to capitalize on your player’s secondary skills – playmaking and defense – you will need to maximize ball handle, pass accuracy, and post moves. This will give your player 15 playmaking badges, which is rather impressive for a secondary skill. 

In terms of defense, the key areas to focus on for a smaller guard are perimeter defense, steal, and lateral quickness. Besides that, there aren’t too many benefits to upgrading big man categories, such as interior defense, block, and rebounding.

Best height for your dominant scoring machine point guard

In terms of height for this build, it is best to set your player at 6’0’’. From the testing done in the 2K Lab, this seems to be the sweet spot that does not affect your build’s primary skills, but at the same time, it gives your build elite speed at around 90. By making your build taller, you are sacrificing too much in terms of speed and acceleration. 

Best weight for a dominant scoring machine point guard

In terms of weight, it is recommended that you decrease it to the minimum: 155lbs. Doing so will further increase your player’s speed and acceleration, giving them an even bigger advantage in the quickness department. 

Decreasing the weight to this level does not reduce any of your player’s primary offensive categories either, helping the build to maintain key attribute areas – like ball handle, driving layup, and shooting – in the 80s. 

Best wingspan for a dominant scoring machine guard 

Like most builds, there is some flexibility when choosing the wingspan. You can adjust it to your liking and add to attribute areas where you feel like you want an extra boost.

However, from the testing done, decreasing your build’s wingspan to about 72.0” seems to offer the most benefits. 

Essentially, your build’s mid-range shot, three-point shot, and ball-handling get a healthy boost. This further helps your build to become the best possible shooter and playmaker possible.

Picking your PG build’s takeover

With this build, you can choose between four different takeovers: Shot Creator, Spot Up Shooter, Playmaker, and Slasher.

All takeovers have their own benefits, and there isn’t a drawback to choosing one over another. So, it is recommended that you pick the one that you think best suits your playstyle. 

For example, Spot Up Shooter is a great takeover if you want your player to excel as a striker from distance. Meanwhile, Slasher might be the better choice if you plan to score more of your baskets at the rim amongst the trees. 

Your completed dominant scoring machine point guard build 2K21

In terms of the player’s build comparison, this one creates a scoring machine with shades of Trae Young, Darius Garland, or Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. 

Overall, it has the makings of a dominant offensive point guard with the ability to score from all areas of the court. Additionally, it has the potential to help you become one of the hardest 1v1 isolation players to stop in the park. 

By following the steps above, you’ll have the makings of a top-class scoring machine guard in NBA 2K21. 

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