NBA 2K22 MyPlayer: Training Facility Guide

Want to give your player a temporary or a permanent boost in MyCareer? All you need to know about NBA 2K22’s Gatorade Training Facility and Gym Rat Badge.

NBA 2K22 MyPlayer: Training Facility complete Guide

In NBA 2K22, the Gatorade Training Facility is an key place for those wanting to maximize their MyCareer player’s potential throughout the game.

The Training Facility is one of the best ways to improve the attributes of your players. There are simple tasks your MyPlayer is required to do and you can earn a +1 to +4 boost in any of the speed, acceleration, strength, vertical, and stamina stats.

Some drills mimic real-life drills that NBA players undertake, while others are more simple exercises that you would see in your local gym. NBA 2K has found a way to replicate these drills and reps so that you can experience training your 2K22 MyPlayer in the quest for a championship.

Using the Gatorade Training Facility to get ahead with your 2K22 MyPlayer

NBA 2K22 gatorade training facility

The Gatorade Training Facility is one of the best places to level up your overall rating and earn VC (Virtual Currency) at the same time. This is a must for beginners of the game who do not have many VCs to use yet.

The Training Facility is a great pause from the regular scrimmages and NBA games your MyPlayer participates in on a regular basis. Your upgrades from this facility give your player either a temporary or permanent boost to their overall rating, depending on how much time you spend in the gym weekly.

Essentially, it is a place where you can boost your player’s physical abilities by completing a series of simple workouts. After the entire workout is completed, the player will get an attribute boost of up to +4 for seven days.

How to get to the Gatorade Training Facility in 2K22

To get to the Gatorade Training Facility:

  1. Leave your practice and pull up the menu screen
  2. Go to Deck 15 and select the Gatorade Training Facility option

Utilizing the workout drills

NBA 2K22 utilize workout drills

Once you enter the facility, you will be presented with a list of 12 workout drills, broken down into the five physical groups. Within each group, the player is only required to complete one drill to obtain a seven-day boost for that physical ability.

For example, to gain a boost in strength, you will only need to choose one exercise out of bench press, squats, and dumbbells. Once completed, the other two will not be available for the next seven days.

The training drills

NBA 2K22 training drills

Generally speaking, drills at the facility are not hard to complete. One good approach for those new to the facility is to take advantage of the practice feature. This gives you the opportunity to test which drills work best for your player.

Doing this will not only save time for future workouts, but will also increase your likelihood of earning three stars and maximizing their boost ratings. Otherwise, you will have to wait another seven days to re-do the drill in hopes of getting a better rating.

Remember to fully complete your workouts

To guarantee that your player receives an attribute boost for the entire week, you must make sure that you complete one drill for every physical group.

One common mistake that many 2K players make is not fully completing their workout before leaving the facility. A real-life equivalent to this would be leaving the gym without finishing your whole workout program for the day yet.

Instead of completing it in its entirety, some players only complete a portion of the workout, which does not give the player a boost in any category. Instead, the workout remains a work in progress until the next time that they return to the gym.

To ensure that your workout is complete, you should see the relevant screens before you leave the facility.

The best drills to use

NBA 2K22 training best drills to use

The most efficient exercises to help you level up your attribute overalls in the NBA 2K22 Training Facility are the following:

  • Treadmill: Get over 120 meters of running
  • Agility Drills: Finish the drill in under 9.0 seconds
  • Leg Press: 13 consistent reps
  • Dumbbells Flies: 14 complete reps

These exercises are your best bet to get a +4 training boost on their respective attributes. The tasks listed above only take around 2-3 minutes to complete and need minimal effort from your controller and thumbstick.

The treadmill gives you a boost in stamina, the agility drills give you an agility boost, while the leg press and dumbbell flies give you an edge in strength. There are other exercises such as boxing, battle ropes, and medicine balls that can also help you to upgrade your attributes in NBA 2K22.

How to get the Gym Rat Badge

There are two ways to obtain the Gym Rat Badge: Hit Superstar Two or play 40 to 45 MyCareer Games and win the championship.

Hitting the Superstar Two-rep status in the neighborhood: This is achieved by playing park events, pick-up games, and rec match-ups. Once you hit Superstar Two, you will automatically receive the Gym Rat Badge – it’s as simple as that.

This is easier said than done, and depending on how much you play, it could take a few months to reach that level. Winning can be very hard to come by in the neighborhood: many of the players in the field are already well over 90 overall, and have most of their badges equipped.

Therefore, this may not be the most feasible option for casual players, or those who don’t play in the neighborhood often.

Play 40 to 45 MyCareer Games and win the championship: You can also obtain the Gym Rat Badge by playing around 40 to 45 MyCareer games without skipping or simulating any. Once you’ve done this, simulate to the end of the regular season and play additional playoff games and win the NBA Championship.

This is the preferred method for those who want to acquire the Gym Rat Badge without having to reach Superstar Two status. The journey might be a bit dull, but the objective is definitely more clear-cut, and the competition faced should be easier to defeat.

The “Gym Rat Badge” should be the ultimate goal for 2K players looking to skip all of the future workouts in the game. Once obtained, your player will receive a permanent +4 boost to all of their physical attributes (stamina, strength, speed, and acceleration) for the rest of their MyCareer in NBA 2K22.

All in all, utilizing the Training Facility is something that all players should do, especially those with a low overall rating or a low VC count. Receiving a temporary boost not only increases your chance of winning, but it also goes a long way in helping you to rack up neighborhood rep points, VC, and badge points along the way. We hope this helps you create the best version of a 2K22 MyPlayer possible!

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