NBA 2K22: Best Dribbling Badges

Get these top dribbling badges on your player in NBA 2K22.

Dribbling is a skill that basketball players like to add a little flash to; the influence of modern-day basketball leads to such a desire to dribble and shoot.

As much as almost all NBA players want to shoot right now, some of them still want to pull off those flashy dribbles before hitting that jump shot – more so when they want to be flashy on the rare occasion that they drive. Stephen Curry is one of the best dribblers in the game, using flashy runs to set up his threes.

Dribbling can set up your chosen offensive option, whether it’s your jump shots or your drives. To achieve this, it’s best that you have the best dribbling badges in your arsenal.

We want to copy Kyrie Irving’s blueprint here because he’s the one who has the perfect visual image of flashy dribbles and efficiency.

Unless you want to go with more dribbles and less offensive load like Jamal Crawford, here are the best dribbling badges that the two players have in common.

1. Handles for Days

When the top ball handlers in NBA 2K22 flash their dribbles, it seems like they have dribbles that go on forever. That’s because the Handles for Days badge reduces the amount of energy lost when performing dribble moves. This one is essential to put up to the Hall of Fame grade.

2. Quick Chain

You can’t just know one dribble and be the best ball handler alive. The Quick Chain badge improves the ability to quickly chain dribble moves together so that you can confuse your defender and keep them clueless as to where you are going to go. The best way to use this badge is if it’s to the Hall of Fame level as well.

3. Ankle Breaker

Once you’ve got the quick chain of dribbles that you desire, it’s easier to get your defender off-balance with the Ankle Breaker badge. Its purpose is pretty much self-explanatory, as is the reason why this should be cranked up to the Hall of Fame level as well.

4. Tight Handles

What’s the use of the first three badges if you can’t break down your defender? It’s a good thing that the Tight Handles badge is here to save you, and it’s here to complement all three of the aforementioned badges. The Tight Handles badge is in need of Hall of Fame treatment, too.

5. Quick First Step

The purpose of the Quick First Step badge is to provide an explosion on your drive. At times, you don’t need to do much dribbling to get past your defender. The effects of this badge only become visible once it reaches Silver-tier. We’re doing this one better, though, and saying to go for Gold.

6. Hyperdrive

The 2K22 meta isn’t that friendly with drives. Oftentimes, the worst defender in 2K22 can still steal the ball away from you. The Hyperdrive badge limits such instances, which is why you need it to be at a high level, like Gold.

7. Downhill

Speaking of the defensive meta in 2K22, going coast-to-coast may not be a good idea unless you’ve got the Downhill badge. It’s like the full-court version of the Hyperdrive badge, so make sure that you’ve got Gold on it too.

What to expect when using the best dribbling badges

Dribbling isn’t everything. You may be the best dribbler in NBA 2K22 history, but if you don’t have good ratings on your offensive attributes, these successful dribbles will be rendered useless.

Be sure to improve your Driving Layup, Driving Dunk, and Close Shot attributes as much as you upgrade your playmaking attributes. You can even add more to your Free Throw attributes, too, because dribble-drive offenses usually draw fouls.

There’s a reason why Kyrie Irving has such good layups, and Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time: neither of them is classified as a dribbler, like a Rafer Alston or a Jamal Crawford.

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