NBA 2K22: Best WNBA Players in the Game

Here are all of the best WNBA players available in NBA 2K22.

While the NBA may be the focus of its namesake video game series, NBA 2K22 does a good job of including in the WNBA and putting the league and its stars as playable features.

So, to help you to master the court alongside the professional women’s game, here are the best WNBA players in NBA 2K22.

9. Sylvia Fowles (91 OVR)

Overall: 91
Playstyle: Two-Way Inside The Arc Scorer
Best Attributes: Post Defense, Inside Scoring, Rebounding

The Minnesota Lynx center is the definition of a paint beast on defense. Sylvia Fowles is a seven-time WNBA All-Star with four of those coming while a player for the Lynx. She won the WNBA Championship with the team in 2015 and 2017.

As for her game, she’s a solid paint presence who can stretch out the floor on the offensive end and a straight-A in all categories. She can dominate the defensive end, too, thanks to that A+ rebounding rating.

8. Liz Cambage  (91 OVR)

Overall: 91
Playstyle: Two-Way Three-Level Scorer
Best Attributes: Inside Scoring, Mid-Range Scoring, Post Defense

Speaking of interior presence, Liz Cambage is another WNBA star who excels at both ends of the floor. The Australian center has pretty much bounced around the league throughout her career, but it hasn’t halted her game one bit.

She’s an instant bucket when you talk about standing layups, and with an A on her mid-range game and a B from three-point territory, Cambage is a classy weapon to have on offense. Her best asset is her interior defense, though, for which she scores an A+. Add to that a B for perimeter defense, and you’ve got a mighty presence.

7. Tina Charles (92 OVR)

Overall: 92
Playstyle: Versatile Paint Beast
Best Attributes: Inside Scoring, Rebounding, Post Defense

Here’s another paint beast, but this time, it’s iwritten on the profile of her playstyle in NBA 2K22. Inside scoring is an A+ and her outside scoring isn’t bad for a center at B+. Don’t rely on her for mid-range jumpers, though, as it’s not her strongest suit.

Defense is another contrast as well, as she’s an A+ on the perimeter, but her physicality is a mere C. Charles won’t be a slick big for you, but at least she’s still a bona fide interior presence for the Washington Mystics.

6. Elena Delle Donne (92 OVR)

Overall: 92
Playstyle: Two-Way Three-Level Scorer
Best Attributes: Mid-Range Scoring, Inside Scoring, Three-Point Scoring

Finally, a wing player makes this list of the best WNBA players in NBA 2K22, with 2019 MVP Elena Delle Donne of the Washington Mystics making the cut with a 92 overall rating. She’s a combo guard in real life but plays the power forward role in 2K22.

Never mind her real-life injury history, Delle Donne is still a sharpshooter with a grade of A for inside, A+ for mid-range, and A from deep. Add to that her impressive defensive attributes where she’s an A for both perimeter and interior defending. An A- in rebounding helps her case as one of the best defensive players in 2K22. A B+ in playmaking ensures that the Mystics are well-rounded.

5. Brittney Griner (92 OVR)

Overall: 92
Playstyle: Two-Way Finisher
Best Attributes: Post Defense, Mid-Range Scoring, Inside Scoring

Brittney Griner is one of the most decorated names in women’s basketball. Her loyalties, as far as the WNBA is concerned, are with the Phoenix Mercury, who she led to a Championship win in 2014.

Eight seasons later, she’s still one of the best in the game, and it shows in her 2K ratings. Griner’s a straight-A on both offense and defense, except for rebounding, for which she is still a very decent B+. If you love playing bully ball WNBA style, look to Griner to perform the backdown punishment close to the basket.

4. Candace Parker (93 OVR)

Overall: 93
Playstyle: Playmaking Paint Beast
Best Attributes: Inside Scoring, Basketball IQ, Rebounding

Speaking of decorated, Candace Parker will go down as arguably one of the greatest WNBA players of all time, alongside Lisa Leslie. Now, she’s the first woman to grace the cover of NBA 2K.

Parker excels thanks to her almighty basketball IQ. She can play in all positions, boasting a fair amount of distribution in her offensive attributes, with an emphasis on her A-rating for playmaking.

After a lengthy and decorated run with the team that drafted her, Parker has taken her talents elsewhere, moving from the Los Angeles Sparks to the Chicago Sky in 2021,

3. Jonquel Jones (94 OVR)

Overall: 94
Playstyle: Two-Way Scoring Machine
Best Attributes: Inside Scoring, Mid-Range Scoring, Rebounding

Jonquel Jones is one of the dominant forces in the WNBA right now. The Bahamian center is incredibly athletic and regularly posts monster numbers on the boards.

She’s a sure thing from mid-range to the post. What’s more impressive, though, is her A- rating for three-point shooting, as well as her decent perimeter and post defense ratings. Of course, she’s an A+ on the rebounding category, which tells you that Jones is a superb Putback Boss.

2. A’ja Wilson (94 OVR)

Overall: 94
Playstyle: Two-Way Inside The Arc Scorer
Best Attributes: Inside Scoring, Mid-Range Scoring, Rebounding

A’ja Wilson is only 24-years-old but is already making waves in the WNBA. She’s been an All-Star since her sophomore year and has already seen the WNBA Finals once with the Las Vegas Aces. The 2020 MVP continues her dominance with the Aces in the hopes of winning her first Championship with the team; she’s already on pace to do so down the line.

As for her game in NBA 2K22, the only weak link is her three-point shooting, as she’s more focused on being a legitimate inside presence. Her post defense is imposing, to say the least, and she’s one of the top rim-protectors in the WNBA today, which makes that A+ rating on her post defense justified.

1. Breanna Stewart (95 OVR)

Overall: 95
Playstyle: Two-Way Three-Level Scorer
Best Attributes: Inside Scoring, Mid-Range Scoring, Three-Point Scoring

While names like Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker have already solidified their place in history, Breanna Stewart is well on her way to joining the upper echelons already. The 27-year-old forward has been the elite scorer for the Seattle Storm, who already have two WNBA Championship wins with Steward leading the ship. Of course, that’s on top of Stewart being an NCAA champion in all four of her years at UConn.

In NBA 2K22, Stewart certainly plays up to her MVP billing; you’ll see why once you play as the Storm in NBA 2K22. The Syracuse-native is a straight-A in all facets of offense and has the same impressive ratings on defense. The only B ratings that she has is a B+ on perimeter defense and rebounds.

At 95 overall, Breanna Stewart is the best WNBA player in NBA 2K22, but as you can see above, there’s a superb selection of top-tier talent to utilize on the virtual court.

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