NBA 2K23: Best Dunk Packages

Here are the best dunk packages for your MyCareer player in NBA 2K23.

Dunking is an essential part of basketball and if your player is able to dunk the ball, you already have an advantage. When you beat your defender to the paint by a single step, your chances of being blocked shrink and your chances of posterizing the defender skyrockets. NBA 2K23 has graced gamers with so many dunk packages to choose from, but as usual, there are standouts and top tier packages for your player in MyCareer.

Best dunk packages in NBA 2K23

Below, you will find the best dunk packages to equip on your player. Note that each package requires a minimum attribute rating in a dunk category (Standing Dunk, Driving Dunk) plus Vertical and in one case, height. After all, you need the ups to reach the rim.

Further, while the packages are available to anyone with the requisite attributes, you’re more likely to have better dunk ratings with small forwards, power forwards, and centers. Those positions have the tallest players, making it easier to dunk.

1. Elite Contact Dunks Off Two

Requirements: 92 Driving Dunk; 80 Vertical

Contact dunks are the best part of slashing in basketball. Everybody wants to put their matchup on the poster and Elite Contact Dunks Off Two are one of the best animations to equip if you want to achieve that. To do these dunks during a game, you have to perform skill dunks, which can be done by driving to the rim, holding R2 or RT + moving the right stick to one direction, then quickly release and holding the right stick down. Note that it needs to be neutral if you wish to time the dunk. 

2. Elite Contact Dunks Off One

Requirements: 92 Driving Dunk; 82 Vertical

This is another, if not the best Contact Dunks package in the game. It’s quick, it’s explosive, and it will looks awesome when you dunk. These are the animations that truly separate great dunkers from good ones. It is performed the same way as the other Contact Dunk Packages.  

Players tend to have higher verticals when exploding off of one foot with a running start, so this is a great way to play above the rim and prevent your shot from being altered or blocked.

3. 360s Off Two

Requirements: 70 Driving Dunk; 50 Vertical

Moving aside from Contact Dunks, one of the best flashy finish packages in the game is 360s Off Two. These are very athletic finishes with low dunking requirements and this year, it is much tougher to block! These moves will activate during a skill dunk attempt. You can turn yourself into a Vince Carter or Jason Richardson with their propensity during their careers to hit 360 dunks during games.

4. Quick Drop-In Back Scratchers Off Two

Requirements: 75 Driving Dunk; 55 Vertical

This is another great dunk package that will get you to the rim quickly and has low requirements. Back scratchers give shot blockers a challenge in NBA 2K23 and you don’t even need to have great slashing attributes to utilize this animation perfectly. Just make sure no one is behind you and poking at the ball as it can be knocked away. To use this, simply hold right stick up while holding R2 or RT. 

5. Quick Drops Off One

Requirements: 80 Driving Dunk; 60 Vertical

One of the most effective animations in the game, Quick Drops Off One gives you a fast sprint to the rim and quickly puts the ball in the basket, giving defenders basically no chance to block the attempt. Yes, it’s not as flashy as some would want, but it gets the job done and competitive players absolutely love this dunk package because of its reliability. You can do this dunk as any other two hand dunk – hold R2 or RT and hold the right stick up. 

6. Flashy Off One

Requirements: 70 Driving Dunk; 50 Vertical

When talking about park dunks, Flashy Off One is one of the best there is for players that love to watch their MyPlayer fly. These dunks look amazing, you get off the floor quickly, and it isn’t blocked often. This is also another dunk package that has low requirements to unlock.

7. Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One

Requirements: 90 Driving Dunk; 70 Vertical

A great dunk package as your player rises high and often imitates a contact dunk. You control which hand you use and it perfectly evades shot blockers. It’s best to initiate this dunk when you drive down the lane while a defender is on your side. If you want to perform a tomahawk dunk, hold R2 or RT and then hold your right stick to the side you want to go if you want to dunk with your right or left hand, respectively.

Equipping this package will make you look like peak LeBron James running down the lane and slamming home the ball. 

8. Straight Arm Tomahawks

Requirements: 80 Driving Dunk; 60 Vertical

As you could see in the previous package, the requirements for Uber Athletic Tomahawks are pretty high and a lot of players may not be able to meet those. Instead, Straight Arm Tomahawks is a perfect alternative. Straight Arm Tomahawks still look pretty athletic, and they are the most unblockable of all the other tomahawk packages. You can initiate this dunk the same way you could have intiiated the previous dunk. 

9. Zion Williamson Alley-Oop

Requirements: 87 Driving Dunk; 60 Vertical

You are going to have so much fun with this one. If you can meet the requirements for this package, you’ll surprise yourself with the dunks you will be able to perform. All the other alley-oop packages are great, but this one takes the cake for bringing a smile to your face every time you receive a lob pass. To finish an Alley-Oop, just press Square or X when the timer is in the green and you will be finishing like Zion Williamson above the rim. 

10. Elite Bigman Contact Dunks

Requirements: 90 Standing Dunk; 75 Vertical; at least 6’10”

Last but not least, this one goes out to all the bigs out there. This is the absolute best dunk package you can equip if you meet the requirements (which you should if you aren’t a stretch big). This dunk will often initiate simply when you have the ball in the paint, after offensive rebounds and post moves. It is almost impossible to block. This is a package that really justifies its high requirements as you will really feel the difference after equipping this animation. If you want to put somebody on the poster like this, just use your right stick while dunking and you will have a high chance of having a contact dunk. 

How do you choose different dunks in NBA 2K23?

You can equip different dunk packages from the Animations Store, purchasing them with Virtual Currency. However, you can also create your own dunk style.  

Here’s how you can create your own dunk style:

  • Navigate to the MyPlayer section in your MyCareer menu 
  • Choose “Animations”
  • Switch to “Dunk Style Creator” by pressing R1 or RB
  • Run through each option and select what appeals to you most
  • Select “Save new Dunk Style” and name it 
  • Select your named dunk style and press X or A to load and edit it 
  • Purchase and equip your desired dunk packages

Regardless of if you purchase already built packages or create your own, there are a plethora of options in addition to the featured ten, so be sure to look through what’s available at your ratings and which ones you want to unlock later.

How do you unlock the best dunk packages in NBA 2K23?

As previously mentioned, most of the dunks require your Driving Dunk and Vertical to be up to a certain rating. If you are a big man, Standing Dunk is also a factor, but if you want to be a great dunker, make sure that you have at least 84 Driving Dunk and 75 Vertical rating so you can at least unlock Pro Contact Dunks. 

Who has the best dunks in NBA 2K23?

There are many signature dunks that can be equipped. Keep in mind that you’re going have to find a dunk package(s) that fits your playstyle. For 2K23, the top dunker packages to equip are Zach Lavine, Michael Jordan, Ja Morant, and LeBron James. Obviously these are just suggestions as you may be more inclined to select the packages of others like Carter or Kobe Bryant. 

Now that you know what it takes and which dunks you need to be the best dunker you can be, you’re ready to hit the courts and catch bodies on a regular basis in NBA 2K23! A little piece of advice would be for you to practice and master timed dunks as it will maximize contact dunk possibility and you will be less likely to get blocked. Good luck on your dunking journey! 

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