NBA 2K23: Best Point Guards (PG)

Here are the best point guards by overall rating in NBA 2K23.

Just about every play on the court runs through the point guard the elite are looked upon as floor generals who both create opportunities and chip in with their fair share. To really make your team a force to be reckoned with we will take a look at the best point guards that NBA2K23 has to offer. 

Below, you’ll find all of the best point guards in NBA2K23. Unlike the middle position players, point guards – like centers – generally only play their position or rarely shooting guard as a secondary (for centers, it would be power forward). Secondary position is also listed, if any.

1. Stephen Curry (96 OVR) 

Team: Golden State Warriors 
Overall: 96 
Position: PG, SG 
Best Stats: 99 Three-Point Shot, 97 Ball Handle, 95 Close Shot

It is no real surprise that the best point guard in NBA 2K23 is Stephen Curry, the greatest three-point shooter in history coming off of leading Golden State to yet another championship. Curry has four NBA Championship rings, has been selected in the NBA All-Star team eight times, and was named last year’s NBA Finals MVP to go with two NBA (regular season) MVP awards. 

“Chef” Curry has the attributes to reflect his immense skills. Curry’s 99 Three-Point Shot is obvious being the man who holds multiple records for just that. He also is fantastic around the basket with his 95 Close Shot and 96 Layup. Curry is smooth on the ball with his 97 Ball Handling, allowing him to create space and rain down the threes. It can also help when trying to pick out a teammate with his 93 Pass Accuracy as he has no issues finding fellow “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson or “Poole Party” Jordan Poole. 

2. Luka Dončić (95 OVR)  

Team: Dallas Mavericks 
Overall: 95 
Position: PG, SG 
Best Stats: 97 Pass Accuracy, 96 Close Shot, 95 Layup 

Luka Dončić exploded into the NBA after making his senior debut at just 16-years-old for Real Madrid back in 2015. In 2018, Dončić declared for the NBA Draft, joining the Dallas Mavericks as a deal was struck with the Atlanta Hawks to swap him and fellow draftee Trae Young. He went on to be selected to the NBA All-Rookie First Team as well as picking up the Rookie of the Year award. “The Matador” is the main man in Dallas, especially as he leads the team’s triple-double standings, well ahead of some pretty impressive names. 

The 23-year-old Slovenian has some amazing attributes, most notably his 97 Pass Accuracy, 98 Pass IQ, and 96 Pass Vision. He’ll always have an awareness of his teammates and his accuracy will find the open man. Offensively, he has an amazing array of options to hurt opposing sides. On the inside he has 95 Layup for a soft touch around the rim and also has a decent 84 Post Hook, along with 96 Close Shot and 88 Mid-Range Shot. On the outside. he has 87 Three-Point Shot. Defensively, his standout attribute is his 87 Defensive Rebounding, but he is not defensively adept, so keep him focused on offense.

3. Ja Morant (93 OVR) 

Team: Memphis Grizzlies 
Overall: 93 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 97 Driving Dunk, 96 Layup, 96 Close Shot 

Ja Morant is one of the most exciting players in the NBA. Morant was selected second overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2019 NBA Draft and has become their franchise player. He was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2020 and named to the NBA All Star Game in 2022 as a starter. He closed the season by winning the NBA’s Most Improved Player.  

23-year-old Morant has some fantastic attributes offensively with his only real weak point his 79 Three-Point Shot. It’s still good, but not at the point where it’s consistent. His post game isn’t the best, but the likes of his 97 Driving Dunk, 96 Close Shot, and 96 Layup more than make up for this as possibly the most ferocious dunker in the game. As for playmaking, Morant will have no problems in finding a teammate with his 95 Pass Accuracy and he has more than a few tricks with his 95 Ball Handling. 

4. Chris Paul (90 OVR) 

Team: Phoenix Suns 
Overall: 90 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 97 Mid-Range Shot, 96 Pass Accuracy, 95 Close Shot 

 Known as the “Point God” or “CP3,” Chris Paul is a legendary veteran point guard who has aged like a fine wine in Phoenix. He helped the Suns to the NBA Finals in 2021, where they were beaten by the Milwaukee Bucks. Paul has won numerous awards and has been selected the NBA All Star Game 12 times. He currently ranks third in career assists and fifth in career steals. 

The 37-year-old has some brilliant attributes across the shooting department. Paul has 95 Close Shot and 97 Mid-Range Shot with an 88 Layup. His amazing eye for a pass is shown in his 96 Pass IQ and 91 Pass Vision, which combine extremely well with his 96 Pass Accuracy. He also has some exceptional defensive attributes with his 90 Perimeter Defence and 83 Steal. 

5. Trae Young (90 OVR) 

Team: Atlanta Hawks 
Overall: 90 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 97 Mid-Range Shot, 94 Pass IQ, 93 Ball Handle 

Trae Young arrived in Atlanta in the aforementioned 2018 draft day trade after being selected fifth overall by the Mavericks. Young has gone on to become Atlanta’s franchise player with none of that diminished with the offseason acquisition of Dejounte Murray.  

“Ice Trae” has some brilliant attacking and playmaking skills, but is lacking in the defensive area of his game, much like his forever-linked trade partner. His offensive highlights include 97 Mid-Range Shot, 91 Close Shot, and his 90 Layup. He is able to create plenty of space for himself and his team with his 93 Ball Handle and is able to see a pass with his 94 Pass IQ and 93 Pass Vision. 

6. Damian Lillard (89 OVR) 

Team: Portland Trailblazers 
Overall: 89 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 95 Ball Handle, 91 Mid-Range Shot, 90 Layup 

Damian Lillard was drafted by Portland in 2012 with the sixth overall pick and finished the season with the Rookie of the Year Award. He is known for his clutch shooting and has used the phrase “It’s Dame time” whilst tapping his wrist in his celebrations. In 2019, he hit an (in)famous buzzer beating three from deep against the Oklahoma City Thunder, waving them off as he ended their season, just adding to his list of buzzer-beating shots.

Lillard has 95 Ball Handling, which allows him to create space and mesmerize the opposition, including several gold ball handling badges. His 95 Mid-Range Shot is closely followed by his 85 Three-Point Shot and his 90 Layup ensures he can finish on the inside as well as his 85 Driving Dunk. 

7. Kyrie Irving (89 OVR) 

Team: Brooklyn Nets 
Overall: 89 
Position: PG, SG
Best Stats: 99 Ball Handle, 97 Close Shot, 95 Layup 

Kyrie Irving was selected with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers and went on to win the Rookie of the Year. He is a seven-time NBA All-Star and won the NBA Championship in 2016 with the Cavaliers, forming a solid trio with LeBron James and Kevin Love. He’s then been an enigma in his time in Boston and now Brooklyn, nothing more so than his saga with the NBA’s vaccination rules during the 2021-2022 season. Luckily, none of that really applies in 2K23.

Irving’s top-end 99 Ball Handling as well as Hall of Fame Ankle Breaker, Handles for Days, and Killer Combos badges make him a formidable opponent, particularly when isolating an opponent. He is a great shooter with 97 Close Shot, 94 Mid-Range, and 85 Three-Point shooting. He can also finish inside with his 95 Layup.  

All of the best point guards in NBA 2K23 

In the table below, you will find all of the best point guards in NBA 2K23. 

Name  Height  Overall Rating Team  Position 
Stephen Curry  6’2”  96  Golden State Warriors  PG 
Luka Dončić  6’7”  95  Dallas Mavericks  PG, SG
Ja Morant  6’3”  93  Memphis Grizzlies  PG 
Chris Paul  6’0”  90  Phoenix Suns  PG 
Trae Young  6’1”  90  Atlanta Hawks  PG 
Damian Lillard  6’2”  89  Portland Trailblazers  PG 
LaMelo Ball  6’7”  87  Charlotte Hornets  PG, SG 
Darius Garland  6’1”  87  Cleveland Cavaliers  PG 
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  6’6”  87  Oklahoma City Thunder  PG, SG 
Dejounte Murray  6’4”  86  Atlanta Hawks  PG 
Jrue Holiday  6’3”  86  Milwaukee Bucks  PG, SG 
Tyrese Maxey  6’2”  85  Philadelphia 76ers  PG, SG 
Cade Cunningham  6’6”  84  Detroit Pistons  PG, SG 
Jamal Murray  6’3”  84  Denver Nuggets  PG, SG 
De’Aaron Fox  6’3”  84  Sacramento Kings  PG 
Ben Simmons  6’11”  83  Brooklyn Nets  PG, PF 
Jalen Brunson  6’1”  83  New York Knicks  PG 
Lonzo Ball  6’6”  82  Chicago Bulls  PG, SG 
Kyle Lowry  6’0”  82  Miami Heat  PG 
D’Angelo Russell  6’4”  82  Minnesota Timberwolves  PG, SG 
Malcolm Brogdon  6’5”  82  Boston Celtics  PG, SG 
Mike Conley  6’1”  82  Utah Jazz  PG 

Now you know all of the top point guards in NBA 2K23. Who will you add to your team either to take it over the top or to accelerate a rebuild?

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