NBA 2K23 Endorsements: How to Get Deals, Tips and Tricks

Learn how to get endorsements to help you maximize your VC earning potential in NBA 2K23.

If you’re new to NBA 2K23, you may find the MyCareer game mode to be engaging but challenging at the same time. Earning VC (virtual currency) is vital to succeeding in MyCareer. Without VC, you can’t upgrade your player and you will have little chance of being competitive. Every MyCareer game gives you a guaranteed salary and bonus earnings for reaching milestones or simply maintaining a high player grade. You’ll likely find these to be your primary source of VC income. In this guide, you can find out everything that you need to know about getting and maximizing endorsements.

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What are sponsorships and endorsement deals in 2K23?

Sponsorships and endorsement deals allow you to market to brands and are prominent in NBA 2K23. They can significantly increase your total VC earnings in MyCareer. You will be paid for event appearances as well as negotiated performance incentives. For instance, Mobile 1 pays out 1,425 VC for an event appearance. You can negotiate the terms before accepting the contract. 

How to unlock endorsements in NBA 2K23

Unlocking endorsements in NBA 2K23 is pretty straightforward. Successfully endorsing a brand is completely tied to how many people are aware of you. As you progress through MyCareer mode by playing simulation games, you will begin to build a fanbase based on your performances. Remember that professional basketball is a form of entertainment so the more flashy and exciting plays you are involved in, the quicker the rate of growth for your fanbase. A quick way to check your player’s progress on the path to landing endorsements is to go to Progression then Endorsements. 

In MyCareer, having more fans leads to you getting more sponsorship deals, which increases your VC earning potential. As your player reaches each next tier of total fans, new offers will be sent your way. As your player’s marketability increases with more fans gained, you can even re-negotiate old sponsorships and demand more money. 

Some plays get you more than fans than others, and a few of the highest “fan acquisition” plays in the game include:

  • Flashy Pass Assists
  • Lob Passes
  • Alley-oop Finishes
  • Alley-oop to Self Finish
  • Score Off Assist 
  • Stepback Limitless Range Triple 
  • Fade Jumpshots and Triples
  • Euro Steps
  • Reverse Layups
  • Posterizing Dunks
  • Steals
  • Fastbreak Scores on the Opponent
  • Blocks
  • Chase Down Blocks 

When playing games in MyCareer, try your best to execute some of these plays to maximize your fan-earning potential. Remember, though, that fans will become bored if you are using the same moves over and over again. You have to keep them on their toes, so mix it up as often as you can and as your player’s skillset progresses. 

Don’t forget to pick up your checks in NBA 2K23

Once you secure your sponsors and play through some games with your endorsements intact, the money will start coming in. Surprisingly, though, many 2K players neglect or simply forget to complete the simple step of collecting their checks. As a result, they leave piles of unused VC left untouched in their bank. Over time, this mis-step can significantly slow down your progress in the game mode. So, to maximize your earnings, you should always be on the lookout for messages from your agent. After he makes contact, you’ll then be able to collect your earnings from the Purser at the Promenade on the Silver Deck. 

How many endorsements can you have in NBA 2K23?

You can have one endorsement for each type of company. For example, you can have a shoe endorsement with Nike, but that also means you are not allowed to have another shoe endorsement with New Balance until the contract is completed. You can have a bunch of endorsements at a single time as long as they are not competitors of one another in the same field. If you decide to wear another brand’s item, you risk losing your endorsement and will receive a warning.

How do you do an event appearance in NBA 2K23?

To do an event appearance, you need to go to the Neighborhood tab and select the event schedule. There are events happening throughout NBA 2K23 where you play against others with different rule variations that happen from time to time. Some appearances are required through your endorsement contracts.

What are incentives in 2K23?

Incentives are part of the endorsement deal that you agree upon with the representative of a brand. You will negotiate a number of incentives in your contract and that will help you earn extra VC when playing the game. Below is a list of the incentives available to pick from Mobil One, your first sponsor once you unlock endorsements. 

  • 2 VCs for Flashy Assists
  • 2 VCs for Pick & Roll Scores
  • 3 VCs for Up & Under Shots
  • 3 VCs for Hopstep Layups
  • 3 VCs for Spin Layups
  • 3 VCs for Euro Step Layups
  • 3 VCs for Runners & Floaters
  • 15 VCs for Win Game
  • 15 VCs for 3 3PM Games
  • 15 VCs for 3 Dunk Games

The incentives and maximum amount to add to a contract will be negotiations with each brand. Try to pick incentives based on the position and skillset of the player. You don’t want to give your starting center the Flashy Assist incentive or a below-the-rim player the three dunks in the game incentive. Pick them based on the likelihood of accomplishing them every game.  

So there you have a complete guide to unlocking endorsements in NBA 2K23. Do all you can to excite the crowd and gain new fans. As you gain fans, you will unlock more and more endorsements, which will exponentially increase the rate you earn VC. 

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