NBA 2K23: How to Play Blacktop Online

Everything you need to know about how to play NBA 2K23 Blacktop mode online

How to play NBA2K23 Blacktop mode online

NBA 2K23 is a versatile game that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. Not only is it available on different consoles and devices, but it can also be played by all types of players from professional gamers to those looking for a quick, fun game.

For the latter, one of the most popular game modes in NBA 2K is Blacktop. Blacktop presents a more adventurous game mode where games are played on a street court instead of a regular NBA court.

NBA 2K has a versatile multiplayer mode where friends can play together both offline or online across different game modes, including Blacktop.

Blacktop provides a unique experience for NBA 2K fans around the world. Better yet, you can test your skill playing against others online, so let us find out more about Blacktop in NBA 2K23.

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What is Blacktop in NBA 2K23?

Blacktop is a mode where you play the game on a black surfaced street court, hence the name Blacktop. However, Blacktop is more than just playing on top of a black street court.

You can play blacktop with the regular five-on-five, four-on-four, three-on-three, two-on-two, or even one-on-one to test out your individual skill. Of course, each mode has different complexity and is challenging in its way.

Not only can you choose the number of players to play with, but Blacktop is also where your imagination can run wild. It allows you to play with any players from any team of any generation. Feel free to pair up legends like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal with young superstars like Donovan Mitchell or Nikola Jokić.

How to play Blacktop online

It is fun to test yourself out against Hall of Fame-level bots in Blacktop, but there is also value in playing against real players online. Follow the steps below to play Blacktop online in NBA 2K23:

  1. Click on the “Play Now” option on the home screen
  2. Click on Blacktop
  3. Add your online friends,and choose to play with or against
  4. Choose how many players each team will have, and pick your players

If you have trouble connecting to the online server, troubleshoot your connection by restarting the game or simply check on your internet connection.

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