NBA 2K23: Tips For How to Scan Your Face

Add a new dimension to your NBA 2K23 experience with face scanning

NBA2K23 Face Scan Tips

Over the years, NBA 2K seems to keep finding a way to improve features in their game. Every new version always comes with updated features to provide a better experience for NBA 2K fans worldwide.

NBA 2K23 is no exception. Not only does it come with multiple upgrades in different game modes, but there is also a face scan feature that allows you to be in the game. 

Yes, you read that right. You can scan your face and play with your character in MyCareer

Make sure you have the MyNBA2K23 app downloaded on your iOS or Android device and follow the instructions below for the best scan possible. 

Steps to scan your face in NBA 2K23

  1. Set up your MyPlayer account and link it to both NBA 2K23 and MyNBA2K23
  2. Select “Scan Your Face” in MyNBA2K23
  3. Follow the instructions shown on the screen
  4. Prepare to play with your face in MyCareer!

Can I update MyPlayer after starting MyCareer?

Have you just heard about this feature? No worries, you can still change your MyPlayer face after starting MyCareer mode by following these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have done the steps above in the MyNBA2K23, and have your look ready to go.
  2. On the main menu, click on “MyCareer” and load into the city with your current MyPlayer.
  3. Click “pause” and get to the navigation menu. Click the appearance option under the MyPlayer tab.
  4. Under the appearance tab, edit the MyPlayer appearance.
  5. Click “Scan Your Face” to apply your previous scan.

How to get the best face scan

The face scanning feature of NBA 2K23 is quite impressive, but you have to do your part if you want the scan to be as realistic as possible. Here are a few tips on how to get the best scan:

  • Lighting: Lighting is the main reason people have bad scans in NBA 2K23. Make sure that your face is under even lighting from the front of the camera without any shadows. Shadows hinder the scanning process and will make the scan worse.
  • Scan your face at eye level: Holding your phone too low or too high will affect the final result of the scan and may result in the shape of your face being inaccurate. In addition to holding your phone at eye level, try holding the phone at around 18 inches from your face.
  • Turn your head slowly and do not focus on the camera: You will have to turn your head 45 degrees sideways to provide a scan of your side profile. Make sure you do not focus on the camera while turning and just let the camera focus on the side of your face.

The steps are clear, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to scan your face and make yourself into one of the most popular players in the NBA.

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