Unbound: A Need for Speed 2022 Review PS4

As you can probably tell from this A Need for Speed 2022 review PS4, Unbound is truly a mixed bag.

Unbound: A Need for Speed 2022 Review PS4 PlayStation 4

Just released in late 2022, Need for Speed Unbound is a game that has been attracting a lot of attention. Longtime players of the NFS games anxiously awaited this, the 25th installment in the franchise, which started all the way back in 1994. The races themselves are what players have come to expect from NFS games, but there are some aspects of this game that don’t stack up.

In this Need for Speed 2022 review PS4, there will be a couple of pros and cons to this new release. Ultimately, you will have to be the one to decide how you like the game when you try it out for yourself.

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Pro: Tuning is spot-on

This Need For Speed 2022 review PS4 begins with how spot-on the vehicle tuning is in this game. You can adjust everything from how tightly a vehicle takes turns to how good it is at drifting. This degree of tuning isn’t for the newcomer who expects to win their very first race. It is for the player who enjoys a good challenge. If you wreck your vehicle even once or make one little miscalculation in a race, you will soon find yourself trailing the rest of the pack. This game is going to make you work.

Con: The storyline feels generic

Unfortunately, the storyline in Need for Speed Unbound reads as generic. It puts the series’ plot “twists” on repeat, drags out the rival racers genre trope, and does not do much to make the characters feel relatable. Instead of ideas of family and honor, the game really pushes concepts of getting rich. Even though your character is supposedly being funded in the game, you’re still being propelled to acquire more and more money. It takes the “heart” right out of the whole equation.

Pro: Online mode ups the ante

Online mode makes things more challenging (in a fun way) as you play against your fellow racers. Races are constantly going as the game’s servers are big enough to support them. You can hop on at any time and race with your friends. There’s no way of telling how much renewed content will crop up in online mode in the future, but there’s a good chance it will if the game wants to remain relevant.

Con: No fast travel

Fast travel doesn’t exist in this game – not even to return to a safe house you’ve unlocked. Sure, this could be due to the idea of getting busted at any time, but it would definitely assist in gameplay feeling more refined.

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The final verdict

As you can probably tell from this A Need for Speed 2022 review PS4, Unbound is truly a mixed bag. It isn’t the best game in the franchise and lacks some refinement. Still, you can tune vehicles to perfection and get a realistic feel from how they drive, both in single player and in online mode.

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