New Pokémon Snap: How to Unlock Aurus Illumina Spot, Each Crystabloom Location in the Ruins of Remembrance

Struggling to find out how to progress to the Aurus Illumina Spot and light up the five statues? Here are all of the Ruins of Remembrance Crystabloom locations.

As you progress through the New Pokémon Snap story, more and more locations are discovered and added to the Lental region map, with the final setting being Aurus.

Here, in the Ruins of Remembrance, you’ll see statues of the five Illumina Pokémon that you’ve snapped so far, all being linked to the final room’s central pillar. Once you have the Aurus Illumina Orb, you need to light all of these statues to unlock the Illumina Spot in Aurus.

So here, we’re showing you where to spot and how to hit each of the Crystablooms in the final room of the Ruins of Remembrance in Aurus, granting passage to the Aurus Illumina Spot.

Ruins of Remembrance Blue Statue Crystabloom location

As seen on the map above, you’ll first pass the blue statue and will need to hit its Crystabloom by throwing an Illumina Orb into it to light it up.

In the image above, you can see the first Crystabloom location in this final room of the Ruins of Remembrance. This first statue represents Meganium and glows blue once you’ve activated the Crystabloom nearby.

Ruins of Remembrance Red Statue Crystabloom location

The second statue is red and represents the Wishiwashi. In the image above, you can see that the second Crystabloom location is right next to the statue itself, making it easy to light up with an Illumina Orb.

Ruins of Remembrance Purple Statue Crystabloom location

Next along the path is the purple statue, standing in the form of the Steelix. You won’t be able to hit this third Crystabloom until you pass the statue, with it being located just behind the following rock formation, as shown above.

If you return here after you’ve completed the main story of New Pokémon Snap, this statue becomes the Jirachi location, too.

Ruins of Remembrance Green Statue Crystabloom location

In the Ruins of Remembrance, the fourth Crystabloom that you’ll need to hit belongs to the green statute of Volcarona.

The Crystabloom is initially surrounded by Eldegoss, so you’ll need to hit them with Illumina Orbs, wait for them to fly off, and then light up the Crystabloom.

Ruins of Remembrance Yellow Statue Crystabloom location

The final statue that you have to light up is the yellow statue for Milotic, which has the trickiest Crystabloom to spot of them all.

As you move past the green statue, you’ll then come down into the area of the yellow statue. On the way down, and to your right, you’ll see a Golurk with a Natu sleeping on it, as shown below.

You need to hit this Golurk with one Illumina Orb. It will then activate and step away, revealing the Crystabloom. Still, it’s quite a long shot to hit the Crystabloom by the time that the Golurk has moved.

Only hit the Golurk with one orb; otherwise, it will stop, repeat its animation, and not move in time for you to hit the Crystabloom.

Final Ruins of Remembrance Crystabloom location

After you’ve hit all five of the statue Crystablooms in the final room of the Ruins of Remembrance, you’ll need to light the final Crystabloom. As shown above, the final one sits in a patch of six Crystabloom: you’ll only need to hit the middle one with an Illumina Orb.

Once you’ve activated all five statues and hit the final Crystabloom, you’ll progress in the New Pokémon Snap story and unlock the Illumina Spot in Aurus.

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