New Pokémon Snap: Where to Find Mew and Get Each Photo Star Grade

On the hunt for the legendary Mew in New Pokémon Snap? Here’s where to find Mew and how to Snap its one, two, three, and four-star photos.

After completing the island-hopping story of New Pokémon Snap, you can return to all of the expedition locations to complete your Photodéx – and find the legendary and mythical Pokémon.

One of the most iconic of these is a favourite from the original Pokémon Snap, Mew, but you’ll need to coax it out of hiding, hit it as it whips around, and then quickly snap a picture.

So, here’s how to get Mew in Pokémon Snap, including where to find the legendary Pokémon and what’s needed to get each star grade of photo.

Where is Mew in New Pokémon Snap?

Mew is found in Founja Jungle along the Jungle (Night) path. It becomes available after you’ve complete the core story and reached at least Research Level 2 for the path.

To spot Mew and have it be present along the path, you’ll need to use the Melody function. As soon as you start a Jungle (Night) expedition, press Down on the d-pad to spin around and then play the Melody.

You’ll see a purple orb appear and start floating around. You need to hit this orb with Fluffruit to make it stop and reveal Mew. You won’t have long to snap some pictures, so the Set 2 and Set 4 controls are preferable.

How do I make Mew appear in Pokémon Snap?

Mew can appear five times along the Jungle (Night) path of Founja Jungle, but only if you play the Melody in the right locations and hit the orb to reveal Mew in each successive encounter.

You first have to make Mew appear by playing the Melody at the entrance and then hitting the orb with a Fluffruit.

Just a little bit further down the path, as you come out of the undergrowth, play the Melody again to see the Mew orb pop out and fly around, as shown below.

Next, you’ll be able to summon Mew around the pond that Swampert sleeps in by playing the Melody in the location shown here:

To spot Mew for the fourth time, you’ll need to play the Melody as you come over the tree branch bridge path with the Ancient Ruins on your left. Mew will appear by the Ancient Ruins and offer plenty of photo opportunities, as you can see below.

The fifth and final Mew location in New Pokémon Snap, shown below, is at the end of the tree branch bridge path, where the Liepard tends to sleep. Play the Melody just as you reach this area to have Mew pop-up right in front of your camera.

Those are the five Mew locations in New Pokémon Snap, all of which can be accessed from Research Level 2 of the Jungle (Night) path in Founja Jungle.

How to get each star grade of Mew photo in New Pokémon Snap

As the legendary Pokémon pops up so many times on one expedition, provided that you hit the orb in each of the encounters, it’s fairly easy to get all four star grades of Mew photo in one run.

The one-star Mew photos are just of the Pokémon hovering around and not performing any particular behaviours.

The two-star Mew photos appear to show it dazed by the Fluffruit shot, so they need to be taken as soon as you land the hit on the orb.

Mew’s three-star photos capture it performing some form of aerial acrobatics in most instances, such as a twirl or flip.

The four-star Mew photos presented themselves in the fifth encounter, with Mew being directly in front of the camera to check you out.

So, now you know how to coax the legendary Pokémon out of hiding, each of the Mew locations in New Pokémon Snap, and what to look for when trying to get each photo star grade for Mew.

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