Ninjala: All Costumes Available List and Guide

See which costumes your Ninjala character can don from this complete costume list.

Your Ninjala avatar’s costume is the primary aspect of your load-out. Covering the character from their shoulders to their feet, which costume you select makes a big difference to the appearance of your ninja.

However, costumes are purely cosmetic items and don’t impact your performance in the Ninjala tournaments.

The only exception to this rule may be in the instances where your costume’s colours blend with the background.

To equip a costume, all you need to do is go into the Closet, then the Avatar menu, and then select the option denoted by a small t-shirt icon (the third option down on the ‘Avatar Items’ tab).

So, which costumes can you put on your ninja in Ninjala?

Ninjala Costumes List

Below, you can find all of the costumes known to be in Ninjala. For more information on each costume (primarily its description and appearance), click the links in the table.

To find more items from an item’s fashion brand, consult our Ninjala Fashion Brands page.

This table and the links will be updated as more content is revealed in the game.

BB Dancer Jersey Beat Jungle 
Berecca’s Attire 1080 
Burton’s Attire Sydney James 
Charmant Minidress Sydney James 
Cool & Casual Uniform HoneyPunk 
Cyber 2200 Suit Alter Lapse 
Emma’s Attire Beat Jungle 
Jane’s Attire Freedom & Peace 
Kappei’s Attire Xinobi 
Lucy’s Attire HoneyPunk 
Mini Neo-Shinobi Overalls Xinobi 
Moonlight Jumpsuit World Ninja Association 
Neo-Shinobi Overalls Xinobi 
Ron’s Attire Next Navy 
Spy Suit Trick in the Pack 
Street Ninja Garb Beat Jungle 
Trad Ninja Suit Xinobi 
Van’s Attire World Ninja Association 

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