Ninjala: Complete Facial Accessories List

Check out all of the facial accessories that can be added to your Ninjala character.

The facial accessories in Ninjala can change your avatar’s appearance a little – such as with some nose tape – or a lot with a face-covering mask.

However, regardless of which facial accessory you bind to your Ninjala character, it won’t impact your performance in battle as the customisation items are purely cosmetic.

To add a facial accessory or change your character’s current facial accessory, you need to go into the Closet and navigate to the Avatar section.

Under the ‘Avatar Items’ tab of the Avatar section, you can then find the facial accessories within the second option down – the one marked by the sunglasses icon.

Now that you know where to find them, you may as well browse the facial accessories on offer in Ninjala.

Ninjala Facial Accessories List

In the table below, you can find all of the known facial accessories that are available in the game Ninjala.

For more details on each item – primarily its description and appearance – click the links in the table.

An in-game brand makes each facial accessory, so to find more items from that fashion brand, check out the Ninjala Fashion Brands page.

This table will be updated as more content is revealed in Ninjala.

Facial AccessoryBrandIcon
Ayakashi Mask Xinobi 
Big Shot Mask Trick in the Pack 
Burton’s Glasses Sydney James 
Charmant Mode Lens Sydney James 
Kappei’s Nose Tape Xinobi 
Lucy’s Eyepatch HoneyPunk 
Monster Mask Xinobi 
Punk Gas Mask Alter Lapse 
Spy Glasses Trick in the Pack 
Street Ninja Mask Beat Jungle 

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