Phasmophobia Voice Commands that Get Replies, Interactions, and Ghost Activity

Here’s what you need to know about using voice commands in Phasmophobia, as well as the ones that work via the Spirit Box, Ouija Board, and without tools.

Phasmophobia continues to release new and interesting updates, making the game both scarier and more difficult.

Professional difficulty now really feels like a professional-tier experience by making you start with the breaker off. The fact that ghosts can now open doors during a hunt, both normal and lockers, is not beneficial for you as an investigator, however, it does make the game more intense.

An important part of Phasmophobia that hasn’t changed is the voice recognition feature. Be it to find the ghost, anger it, or ask it questions, voice commands are a key part of the game that add to its uniqueness. So, how does the Phasmophobia voice recognition work?

Read on to get to know how you can use it to your advantage. There are general words and sentences that the ghost can react to, but you can also ask it more specific questions.

Getting the tools required for Phasmophobia voice commands

In the game, part of the investigation can be done by asking the ghosts questions and by using voice commands. To utilise this feature, you’ll need to have the Spirit Box or Ouija Board.

While the Spirit Box will always be available in the truck, as long as you remember to add it in the lobby, the Ouija Board is not. The Ouija Board randomly spawns inside the location’s building, but it isn’t guaranteed to spawn. So, you’ll need a bit of luck for it to appear, and then you’ll also have to find it – which can be difficult on larger maps.

There are several voice commands you can speak into the Spirit Box or Ouija Board, so below, we’ve listed some favourites used by players for the two different tools. It should be noted that some of the phrases do overlap.

Best Spirit Box voice commands in Phasmophobia

You can speak several different voice commands through the Spirit Box in Phasmophobia, with some of them creating interactions from the ghost to help you narrow down its type. Some of these responses to your voice commands will be direct interactions in the game, such as with a door opening or the ghost showing itself.

The ghost can also answer with speech directly through the Spirit Box. For example: in response to the question of age, it can answer with “child,” “kid,” “adult,” or “old.” It can also input replies like “far,” “behind,” and “kill” to help you locate or identify the ghost.

Here are some of the top phrases you can say to the Spirit Box to create interactions with the ghost:

  1. Show yourself
  2. Give us a sign
  3. Are you here?
  4. Where are you?
  5. How old are you?
  6. Turn off the light
  7. Open this door

Best Ouija Board voice commands in Phasmophobia

If you successfully ask the Ouija Board a question, the piece will move around the board and stop on letters and numbers to create a reply. Should you ask, “How old are you?” a reply could come in the form of a “3” and “4,” indicating that the ghost is 34-years-old.

The ghost can also answer by spelling out words on the Ouija Board. When this happens, you’ll have to remember the order of the letters to decipher the response.

In the case that you don’t ask a successful question on the board, the lights will flicker, draining your sanity. It is important to not do this too much unless you do wish to start a hunt. So, for the sake of your sanity, stick to the Ouija Board voice commands and questions that are known to create replies.

If you dare prompt a response, these are the best phrases to say into the Ouija Board:

  1. How old are you?
  2. When did you die?
  3. How long have you been dead?
  4. Where are you?
  5. Where is your room?
  6. How many people are here?
  7. How many people have you killed?
  8. Who is your victim?

Phasmophobia voice commands that don’t require tools

There are also other voice commands that you can say without using the Spirit Box or Ouija Board to create reactions. The responses from these come in the form of interactions with the surroundings, manifestations, or, in the worst case, a hunt.

  1. Where are you?
  2. Give us a sign.
  3. Are you here?
  4. Show yourself.
  5. What do you want?
  6. Are you friendly?
  7. Do you want us to leave?
  8. What do you want?

There are also other words you can say to trigger the ghost unintentionally, such as “scared,” “hide,” and “run,” among others. Lastly, there is also a chance that swear words will anger the ghost, so be careful of what word you type or say through voice recognition during investigations. That said, it’s worth remembering that a hunt can also be used against the ghost.

If you would like to see a longer list of voice commands, feel free to check out the one created by Steam user JAVA. To get the useful responses and reactions from voice commands in Phasmophobia, though, the commands listed above will see you through the hunts.





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