Pokémon: Ghost Type Weaknesses

These are the attack types that Ghost Pokémon are weak to, what dual-type Ghost Pokémon are weak to, and what types Ghost Pokémon are strong against.

Pokémon: Ghost Type Weaknesses

Ghost-type Pokémon may not always be among the strongest, but when they come into games, they tend to be tricky to defeat. A core typing for one of the Elite Four in many games, it’s the Ghost-type’s strengths against many popular move types that makes these Pokémon quite formidable.

On this page, you’ll discover the Ghost-type weaknesses, the weaknesses of dual-type Ghost Pokémon, and the move types that aren’t as effective or simply don’t work against Ghost.

What are the Pokémon ghost weaknesses?

Ghost-type Pokémon are weak to:

  • Ghost
  • Dark

Both Ghost and Dark-type attacks are super effective against Ghost-type Pokémon, dealing double (x2) the move’s standard amount of damage.

That’s for pure Ghost-type Pokémon weaknesses. You can also find dual-type Ghost Pokémon, which tend to have more weaknesses while being stronger against far more attack types.

For example, a pure Ghost Pokémon like Mismagius is weak to Ghost and Dark-type attacks, strong against Poison and Bug, and immune to Normal and Fighting-type moves. A Ghost-Flying Pokémon like Drifblim, however, is weak against Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost, and Dark, immune to Normal, Fighting, and Ground, and strong against Grass, Poison, and especially Bug.

What are dual-type Ghost Pokémon weak against?

Here are all of the Pokémon ghost weaknesses.

Ghost Dual-Type Weak Against
Normal-Ghost Type Dark
Fire-Ghost Type Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Dark
Water-Ghost Type Electric, Grass, Ghost, Dark
Electric-Ghost Type Ground, Ghost, Dark
Grass-Ghost Type Fire, Ice, Flying, Ghost, Dark
Ice-Ghost Type Fire, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Steel
Fighting-Ghost Type Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Fairy
Poison-Ghost Type Ground, Psychic, Ghost, Dark
Ground-Ghost Type Water, Grass, Ice, Ghost, Dark
Flying-Ghost Type Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost, Dark
Psychic-Ghost Type Ghost (x4), Dark (x4)
Bug-Ghost Type Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost, Dark
Rock-Ghost Type Water, Grass, Ground, Ghost, Dark, Steel
Dragon-Ghost Type Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark
Dark-Ghost Type Fairy
Steel-Ghost Type Steel, Ground, Ghost, Dark
Fairy-Ghost Type Ghost, Steel

For the most part, Ghost and Dark-type attacks are super effective, so they are often good choices for exploiting Ghost weaknesses. They’re even doubly super effective (x4) against Ghost-Psychic Pokémon.

How many weaknesses does Ghost types have?

A pure Ghost Pokémon has only two weaknesses: Ghost and Dark. If a Ghost or Dark-type attack hits a Ghost-type Pokémon, it will play to its weaknesses, be super effective, and be twice a powerful as usual.

If you’re up against a dual-type Ghost Pokémon, the second typing can make them stronger against these usual Ghost weaknesses but also open up more super effective threats.

For example, Normal-Ghost Pokémon like Hisuian Zoroark are immune to Ghost-type moves and are strong against Bug and Poison, with only Dark as their weakness.

What moves don’t work against Ghost type Pokémon?

Normal and Fighting-type attacks don’t work against any Ghost Pokémon, regardless of if they’re a pure Ghost or dual-type Ghost. Others like Ghost-Normal, Ghost-Ground, Ghost-Flying, Ghost-Dark, Ghost-Steel, and Ghost-Fairy Pokémon are immune to even more move types.

What Pokémon are strong against Ghost types?

Dark Pokémon are always strong against Ghost in Pokémon. So, pure Dark Pokémon like Umbreon, Darkrai, and Zoroark are all good picks to combat tricky Ghost Pokémon. The only weaker pick among the Dark Pokémon is Spiritomb due to its Ghost-Dark typing.

As they’re strong against and Ghost and Dark attacks and immune to Psychic moves – which can be common among Ghost Pokémon – Dark Pokémon are good picks. With dual-type Dark Pokémon, you can find even more success due to them being strong against more types. These Pokémon are good against Ghost:

  • Umbreon (Dark)
  • Honchkrow (Dark-Flying)
  • Weavile (Dark-Ice)
  • Darkrai (Dark)
  • Zoroark (Dark)

What types are Ghost Pokémon strong against?

Ghost-type Pokémon are strong against Poison and Bug-type attacks while being completely immune to Normal and Fighting-type moves.

Due to the mixed typing, some dual-type Ghost Pokémon will take a regular amount of damage when hit with attacks of some of these types. For example, Ghost-Water Pokémon are also strong against Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel, and Fairy moves.

Here are the attack types that each form of dual-type Ghost Pokémon is strong (½ damage) against:

Ghost Dual-Type Strong Against
Normal-Ghost Type Poison, Bug, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0), Ghost (x0)
Fire-Ghost Type Fire, Grass, Ice, Poison, Bug (¼), Steel, Fairy, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Water-Ghost Type Fire, Water, Ice, Poison, Bug, Steel, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Electric-Ghost Type Electric, Poison, Flying, Bug, Steel, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Grass-Ghost Type Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Ice-Ghost Type Ice, Poison, Bug, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Fighting-Ghost Type Poison, Bug (¼), Rock, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Poison-Ghost Type Grass, Poison (¼), Bug (¼), Fairy, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Ground-Ghost Type Poison (¼), Bug, Rock, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0), Electric (x0),
Flying-Ghost Type Grass, Poison, Bug (¼), Normal (x0), Fighting (x0), Ground (x0)
Psychic-Ghost Type Poison, Psychic, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Bug-Ghost Type Grass, Poison, Ground, Bug, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Rock-Ghost Type Fire, Poison (¼), Flying, Bug, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Dragon-Ghost Type Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Poison, Bug, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Dark-Ghost Type Poison, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0), Psychic (x0)
Steel-Ghost Type Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug (¼), Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Normal (x0), Fighting (x0), Poison (x0)
Fairy-Ghost Type Bug (¼), Normal (x0), Fighting (x0), Dragon (x0)

Now, thanks to our Pokémon ghost weakness guide, when you’re faced with one of these tricky Ghost types, you’ll know the moves that play to Ghost weaknesses, how to best dual-type Ghost Pokémon, and the moves that don’t do much damage if you want to catch the Pokémon.

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