Pokémon Legends Arceus: How to Complete Request 6, Mushroom Cake Marketing

Here’s your step-by-step breakdown on completing Request 6, Mushroom Cake Marketing.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you will receive various Requests from the NPCs – many of whom are named. These can range from catching a certain Pokémon to providing a certain item and more. NPCs with Requests are identifiable through a white cursor above their heads resembling a circle within a diamond.

One Request you’ll receive will ask you to retrieve a Springy Mushroom to create some sort of mushroom cake. Read below for your guide on how to complete Request 6, Mushroom Cake Marketing.

How to unlock the Mushroom Cake Marketing Request

After the scene with Kamado, Adaman, and Irida in Kamado’s office, you will receive this request by speaking to Morel outside of the front gates as you enter the Obsidian Fieldlands. He is right next to the Fieldlands Camp, overlooking the area.

Morel will ask you to bring him one Springy Mushroom as he’s spent 20 years perfecting his Mushroom Cake recipe and this is his secret ingredient. Luckily for you, there are two places where you can find Springy Mushrooms.

Where to find Springy Mushrooms

The Alpha Parasect, presumably leading the wild Paras in Nature’s Pantry.

Note: You can turn on Guidance for this by going into the Requests page, scrolling to the Request, and hitting A.

The first and easiest place to find Springy Mushrooms is to buy them from Anvin, who mans the crafting area outside of Galaxy Team HQ (next to the dining area). Anvin sells them for 200 each, so they’re rather cheap. Even better, since they’re just back inside Jubilife Village, you don’t have to go far.

However, if you are a stickler and would rather not spend money, you can also obtain Springy Mushrooms as drops from catching Paras. You will need to have unlocked the Heights Camp first as Paras are in the area just beyond in Nature’s Pantry.

As you head past the Camp, you will come across an alcove a few levels below. This is where you will see an Alpha Parasect. Avoid the Alpha and go around to the edge of the alcove. Here, you will find a number of wild Paras. Just keep in mind that they have aggressive dispositions and will attack you if they notice you. It may take a few catches before you find a Springy Mushroom

Once you obtain your Springy Mushroom(s), head back to Morel – fast travel to the Fieldlands Camp.

Reward for completing Request 6, Mushroom Cake Marketing

Once you hand over a Springy Mushroom to Morel, he will effusively thank you and then reward you with a Mushroom Cake. Tasty! You will also receive five Cake-Lure Base items which can be combined with other items to create more Mushroom Cakes.

The game’s description states that “These cakes are potently effective at attracting the more monstrous Pokémon, as well as dragon Pokémon.” With that, you’re done!

Now you have your guide to easily complete Request 6 and hand over a Springy Mushroom at your pace. Whether you buy it from Anvin or get one from catching Paras, you have multiple options to complete what ends up being a fairly simple Request!





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