Pokémon Legends Arceus: How to Complete Request 8, Bothersome Bidoof

Here’s your step-by-step breakdown on completing Request 8, Bothersome Bidoof.

As you progress in Pokemon Legends Arceus both in story and through rank, you will unlock more Requests from NPCs with your ability to traverse deeper into game. These are generally simple, though some are more involved than others.

One of the more unique Requests you’ll receive in Pokemon Legends: Arceus involves Bidoof because of course it involves Bidoof. Read below for your guide on completing Request 8, Bothersome Bidoof.

How to unlock Request 8, Bothersome Bidoof

Bothersome Bidoof becomes available after you see the scene with Kamado, Adaman, and Irida in Kamado’s office discussing the frenzied Kleavor.

Speak to Tsumugi standing next to the front gate inside of Jubilife Village. She will ask you to help with three specific Bidoof who are wreaking havoc around the village doing what they do: chewing on all of the wood they can find.

Tsumugi does provide you with one big hint. She says that having a Bidoof in your party calms them. As such, you cannot complete this Request without a Bidoof in your party.

If Bidoof is already in your party, great! If not, head to the Pastures and transfer one to your party. If you’ve already released all of your Bidoof, the good news is that they’re plentiful and just outside Jubilife Village.

You will have to find the three Bidoof in order.

How to complete Request 8, Bothersome Bidoof

To complete Request 8, follow these steps (with Bidoof in your party).

Head toward the side gate toward the Training Area, but don’t leave! Instead, head right (if you’re coming from Galaxy Team HQ) as if you’re heading toward the farm area. Turn at the corner and look behind the fence to find your first Bidoof. Tsumugi will catch the Bidoof. Without a Bidoof in your party, it will run away and you will have to leave and come back for it to respawn.

The location of the first Bidoof.

After clearing the first Bidoof, head toward the Pastures, but down to the corner of the fence near the side entrance. You will see a Bidoof chewing on the fence. Approach it with your Bidoof and it will then be caught by Tsumugi. Again, without a Bidoof in your party, it will run away. However, it won’t even spawn until Tsumugi catches the first Bidoof!

The location of the second Bidoof near the Pastures.

For the last Bidoof, head to your residence to find the Bidoof chewing on the wood to the side of your residence. Repeat the steps above with Bidoof in your party to allow Tsumugi to catch the third and final Bidoof.

The third Bidoof chewing wood outside of your residence!

Once Tsugumi catches the final Bidoof, a scene will play as the Request is completed.

Reward for completing Request 8, Bothersome Bidoof

For assisting Tsumugi catch the bothersome Bidoof, you will be rewarded with one Rare Candy. This will also mark the Request complete in your log for all of you completionists out there.

THere you go, your guide to completing Bothersome Bidoof. It can be frustrating if you don’t know where to look or if you don’t have a Bidoof in your party, so ensure you have one for this Request!

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