Pokémon: Normal Type Weaknesses

These are the attack types that Normal Pokémon are weak to, what dual-type Normal Pokémon are vulnerable to, and what types Normal Pokémon are strong against.

Pokémon: Normal Type Weaknesses

Normal-type Pokémon rarely make the cut when it comes to putting together a strong team, but some of the dual-types like Obstagoon, Oranguru, Pyroar, and now Hisuian Zoroark and Wyrdeer have won the type some favour.

Still, you’ll encounter loads of them in Pokémon, and your goal is to meet a legendary Normal-type Pokémon. Here, you’ll find all of the Normal weaknesses, what dual-type Normal Pokémon are weak against, and the moves that aren’t effective against Normal-types.

Does Normal types have a weakness?

Normal-type Pokémon do have a weakness, with Fighting being super effective against Normal in Pokémon. Fighting-type attacks are the only weakness of pure Normal Pokémon, but all dual-type Normal Pokémon have more weaknesses.

For example, against Normal-Dark Pokémon, Bug and Fairy moves are super effective, and Fighting is doubly super effective, being four-times as powerful as opposed to just two-times.

What are dual-type Normal Pokémon weaknesses?

These are all of the dual-type Normal Pokémon weaknesses that you’ll want to keep in mind when exploring the Hisui region:

Normal Dual-TypeWeak Against
Fire-Normal TypeWater, Fighting, Ground, Rock
Water-Normal TypeElectric, Grass, Fighting
Electric-Normal TypeFighting, Ground
Grass-Normal TypeFire, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Bug
Ice-Normal TypeIce, Fighting (x4), Rock, Steel
Fighting-Normal TypeFighting, Flying, Psychic, Fairy
Poison-Normal TypeGround, Psychic
Ground-Normal TypeGround, Grass, Ice, Fighting
Flying-Normal TypeElectric, Ice, Rock
Psychic-Normal TypeBug, Dark
Bug-Normal TypeFire, Flying, Rock
Rock-Normal TypeWater, Grass, Fighting (x4), Ground, Steel
Ghost-Normal TypeDark
Dragon-Normal TypeIce, Fighting, Dragon, Fairy
Dark-Normal TypeFighting (x4), Bug, Fairy
Steel-Normal TypeFire, Fighting (x4), Ground
Fairy-Normal TypePoison, Steel

You can’t go wrong with a Fighting move as it’s either one of the Normal weaknesses or does regular amounts of damage, with the exception of Normal-Ghost types. Against Normal-Ice, Normal-Rock, Normal-Dark, and Normal-Steel, a Fighting attack will do quadruple damage.

How many weaknesses does Normal types have?

Normal has only one weakness, Fighting. All other move types, other than Ghost, do regular damage to Normal Pokémon. This changes when you encounter dual-type Normal Pokémon, though, with Fighting not being super effective against Normal-Poison, Normal-Flying, Normal-Psychic, Normal-Bug, Normal-Ghost, or Normal-Fairy.

What moves don’t work against Normal Pokémon?

Ghost moves don’t work against Normal Pokémon. This is true of pure Normal Pokémon like Lickitung, Snorlax, Regigigas, and Arceus, as well as dual-type Normal Pokémon, such as Staraptor, Braviary, Wyrdeer, and Hisuian Zorua.

What types are good against Normal Pokémon?

Fighting Pokémon are incredibly good against Normal Pokémon. Still, you’ll want a dual-type Fighting Pokémon or one with Electric, Ice, or Rock-type moves because the second-most commonly seen Normal-type is Flying-Normal, and Fighting moves aren’t very effective against Flying.

That said, Fighting moves still do regular damage against Normal-Flying Pokémon, so a pure Fighting Pokémon will be fine against all but the Normal-Ghost Pokémon, such as Hisuian Zorua or Zoroark. Against them, you’ll want a Pokémon with Dark moves to deal super effective damage.

For the most part – which is to exclude Hisuian Zorua or Zoroark – these are good against Normal Pokémon:

  • Machamp (Fighting)
  • Infernape (Fighting-Fire)
  • Lucario (Fighting-Steel)
  • Toxicroak (Fighting-Poison)
  • Gallade (Fighting-Psychic)

What Pokémon are good against Hisuian Zoroark?

Pokémon with Dark-type attacks that don’t rely on Normal, Fighting, Poison, Bug, or Ghost-type moves are good against Hisuian Zoroark. You’ll also want to avoid those with Fighting, Bug, or Fairy typing due to Hisuian Zoroark’s own Normal-Ghost typing.

So, these Pokémon are good against Hisuian Zoroark:

  • Umbreon (Dark)
  • Honchkrow (Dark-Flying)
  • Weavile (Dark-Ice)
  • Darkrai (Dark)

If you’re looking to catch a Hisuian Zoroark, though, and want to whittle down its health, you should use Bug or Poison-type attack as they aren’t very effective. That said, be sure not to induce the poison status as this will cut down your potential catch attempts.

What types are Normal Pokémon strong against?

The only Normal weakness is to Fighting, with these numerous Pokémon being immune to Ghost moves. As far as pure Normal weaknesses and strengths go, this is it, but dual-type Normal Pokémon have many more strengths. For example, Normal-Fairy Pokémon are strong (½ damage) against Poison and Steel.

So, for each Normal dual-type, these are the types that will go down as “not very effective” or simply don’t do anything (x0) to the Pokémon:

Normal Dual-TypeStrong Against
Fire-Normal TypeFire, Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, Fairy, Ghost (x0)
Water-Normal TypeFire, Water, Ice, Steel, Ghost (x0)
Electric-Normal TypeElectric, Flying, Steel, Ghost (x0)
Grass-Normal TypeWater, Electric, Grass, Ground, Ghost (x0)
Ice-Normal TypeIce, Ghost (x0)
Fighting-Normal TypeBug, Rock, Dark, Ghost (x0)
Poison-Normal TypeGrass, Poison, Bug, Fairy, Ghost (x0)
Ground-Normal TypePoison, Rock, Ghost (x0), Electric (x0)
Flying-Normal TypeGrass, Bug, Ghost (x0), Flying (x0)
Psychic-Normal TypePsychic, Ghost (x0)
Bug-Normal TypeGrass, Ground, Ghost (x0)
Rock-Normal TypeNormal, Fire, Poison, Flying, Ghost (x0)
Ghost-Normal TypePoison, Bug, Ghost (x0), Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Dragon-Normal TypeFire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ghost (x0)
Dark-Normal TypeDark, Ghost (x0), Psychic (x0)
Steel-Normal TypeNormal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Ghost (x0), Poison (x0)
Fairy-Normal TypeBug, Dark, Ghost (x0), Dragon (x0)

The number of Normal Pokémon weaknesses is as short as it can get, but pure Normal Pokémon are also lacking in strengths. It gets a bit more interesting with dual-type Normal weaknesses and strengths, which is good to keep in mind – especially with Hisuian Zoroark.

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