Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Ghost-Type Paldean Pokémon

Here are the best Ghost-type Pokémon specific to Paldea in Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Best Palden Ghost-Type Pokémon

Even though only one Ghost-type evolutionary line – and three total Pokémon – were introduced in Generation I, Ghost-type Pokémon have long been favorites because of their abilities in battle and their overall rarity. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet introduce several new Ghost-type Pokémon in Paldea, including the final evolution of one starter.

Ghost-type Pokémon are generally well-rounded, but favor offense and defense at the expense of speed and health.

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The best Ghost-type Paldean Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet

Below, you will find the best Paldean Ghost Pokémon ranked by their Base Stats Total (BST). This is the accumulation of the six attributes in Pokémon: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each Pokémon listed below has at least a 480 BST.

Ghost-type Pokémon hold immunities to Normal and Fighting unless an identifying move is used first. However, Ghost-type attacks cannot hit Normal without the use of the same. Ghost-type is also one of two types (Dragon-type) that is weak to attacks of its own type.

The list will not include legendary, mythical, or Paradox Pokémon.

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1. Gholdengo (Steel and Ghost) – 550 BST


Gholdengo is a familiar name on these lists. The evolution of Gimmighoul will take a bit of work to obtain. You can find Gimmighoul hiding in chests, but to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, you have to collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins and then level it up while in Let’s Go mode. In Let’s Go mode, Gimmighoul will alter form from the Chest Form to the Roaming Form.

The Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon that resembles Silver Surfer – well, Gold Surfer is more apt – is a strong special attacker. It holds 133 Special Attack, but that is also the only attribute in triple digits. Gholdengo also has 95 Defense, 91 Special Defense, and 87 HP, befitting of its Steel-type. 84 Speed is great for a Steel-type, but it has a low 60 Attack.

Gholdengo holds weaknesses to Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark. In addition to its two immunities from being a Ghost-type Pokémon, Gholdengo receives a rare third immunity to Poison attacks thanks to its Steel typing.

2. Annihilape (Fighting and Ghost) – 535 BST


Annihilape is another new evolution introduced in Scarlet & Violet, this time of Generation I’s Primeape. You can evolve your Primeape into Annihilape after using Rage Fist 20 times in battle. The Ghost-type attack must land to count. If you miss or the opposing Pokémon is immune because it’s Normal-type, then you’ll have to keep trying. Primeape learns Rage Fist at level 35, so if you want to evolve into Annihilape immediately at 36, go back to an earlier area where you’ll receive a low amount of experience to land the attack 20 times (keep track!).

Annihilape is, like its previous two evolutions, a quick physical attacker that is well-rounded save for one attribute. It has 1155 Attack, 110 HP, 90 Special Defense and Speed, and 80 Defense. Its outlier attribute is the 50 Special Attack, but its move set is nearly all physical attacks. Annihilape holds weaknesses to Flying, Ghost, Psychic, and Fairy, with the two immunities of being a Ghost-type.

3. Skeledirge (Fire and Ghost) – 530 BST


While Skeledirge is the slowest of the three starters, it is the best special attacker of the three, which pairs very well with its dual Fire- and Ghost-type. Skeledirge evolves at level 36 from Crocalor, which in turn evolves at level 16 from Fuecoco, the evolutionary levels for each starter.

Skeledirge has 110 Special Attack, 104 HP, and 100 Defense. Its decent with 75 Attack and Special Defense, but its 66 Speed does leave it open to being attacked first nearly every battle. Skeledirge holds weaknesses to Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Dark with its two immunities. Skeledirge is the choice for a medium-challenge run, with Meowscarada the choice for a challenge run and Quaquaval for an easier time.

4. Ceruledge (Fire and Ghost) – 525 BST


One of two evolutions of Chracadet, Ceruledge is the Violet-exclusive evolution that will take a little bit of time to obtain. You have to find ten Sinistea Chips and trade those to a man in Zapapico for the Malicious Armor. Expose Charcadet to the item to evolve it into Ceruledge.

Ceruledge is a powerful attacker with 125 Attack. Interestingly, its defense is geared toward special attacks with 100 Special Defense, though 80 Defense is good. It has 85 Speed, but 75 HP and 60 Special Attack. Ceruledge holds the same weaknesses and immunities as Skeledirge.

5. Houndstone (Ghost) – 488 BST


Houndstone is the evolved form of Greavard. The Ghost Dog Pokémon appears to be some sort of energy vampire based on the videos released to hype the game, using its candle as a lure. Greavard evolves into Houndstone at level 30, but only at night.

Houndstone is a physical attacking tank. It holds 101 Attack, 100 Defense, and 97 Special Defense. However, its other attributes pale with 72 HP, 68 Speed, and a low 50 Special Attack. However, as a pure Ghost-type (and the only one on the list), Houndstone is only weak to Ghost and Dark with immunities to Normal and Fighting.

6. Brambleghast (Grass and Ghost) – 480 BST


Brambleghast also found its way to the bottom of the best Paldean Grass-type Pokémon. Brambleghast is the evolution of Bramblin and yes, they are literally haunted pieces of bramble. You can evolve your Bramblin into Brambleghast by walking 1,000 steps with Bramblin in Let’s Go mode where your Pokémon explores with you outside of its Pokéball.

The Grass- and Ghost-type Pokémon is a speedy attacker, probably unexpected for bramble. It holds 115 Attack, 90 Speed, and 80 Special Attack, but the other three attributes are low with 70 Defense and Special Defense, and 55 HP. Brambleghast holds weaknesses to Flying, Ghost, Fire, Dark, and Ice with the usual two immunities.

Now you know the best Ghost-type Paldean Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet. Which of these will you add to your team?

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