Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Grass-Type Paldean Pokémon

Here are the best Grass-type Pokémon specific to Paldea in Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Best Paldean Grass-Type

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is set in Paldea, a fiction version of Spain. Many of the new Pokémon have Spanish-sounding names and some have ties to Spanish culture. A few of those are evident when looking at the Grass-type Paldean Pokémon.

Grass-types are generally numerous, but not too many were added in Scarlet and Violet. However, there are still a few strong Grass-types for players to acquire while playing Scarlet and Violet. 

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The best Grass-type Paldean Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet

Below, you will find the best Paldean Grass Pokémon ranked by their Base Stats Total (BST). This is the accumulation of the six attributes in Pokémon: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Each Pokémon listed below has at least a 480 BST. One thing to remember is that Grass-types hold many weaknesses, even more so when adding a second type. A full Grass-type team would make for a challenge run.

The list will not include legendary, mythical, or Paradox Pokémon. This includes one of the four 570 BST hyphenated legendary Pokémon, Wo-Chien (Dark and Grass).

The first name on the list is probably no surprise.

1. Meowscarada (Grass and Dark) – 530 BST


Meowscarada tops the list, no surprise as the final evolution of the Grass starter Sprigatito. At level 16, all starters will hit their first evolution – in this case Floragato – and level 36 will be their final evolution. Of the three starter final evolutions, Mewoscarada is best for those who like to hit fast with physical attacks. It has 123 Speed and 110 Attack. While its 81 Special Attack is decent, the others are a bit low with 76 HP and 70 Defense and Special Defense. If Mewoscarada isn’t able to land a one-hit knockout (OHKO), it can be susceptible to one itself.

That scenario isn’t mitigated by its typing, which packs a lot of weaknesses. It holds weaknesses to Fire, Fighting, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Fairy. However, Meoscarada holds a double weakness to Bug. Its typing and weaknesses make it more apt for veterans of the series or those who want a bit of a challenge.

2. Toedscruel (Ground and Grass) – 515 BST


Toedscruel is the convergent species of Tentacruel, having developed on land rather than in the ocean. They are not a new form, but a completely separate species from the Kanto species. Toedscruel is fast, but its best trait is that it is a special defense tank. It has 120 Special Defense and 100 Speed. Its other attributes are fairly tightly bunched, with 80 HP and Special Attack, 70 Attack, and 65 Defense. 

Toedscruel evolves at level 30 from Toedscool. As a Ground- and Grass-type, Toedscruel holds weaknesses to Fire, Flying, and Bug. It also holds a double weakness to Ice

3. Arboliva (Grass and Normal) – 510 BST


Arboliva is another three-stage evolutionary Pokémon as the final form of Smoliv. Smoliv evolves at level 25 to Dolliv, then at 35 to Arboliva. Arboliva is exceptionally slow, but makes up for it by being defensively well-rounded, a good tank. Arboliva has 125 Special Attack, showing that it’s not just about defense, and combines that with 109 Special Defense and 90 Defense. It has 78 HP and a low 69 Attack, but even that is a massive rating compared to its 39 Speed. It’s faster than Slowpoke (15 Speed) and Snorlax (30 Speed), but not by much!

Arboliva is a Grass- and Normal-type Pokémon, Arboliva holds the standard Grass weaknesses of Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, and Poison. It also adds a weakness to Fighting. As a Normal-type, Arboliva is immune to Ghost attacks, but it cannot land Normal attacks without the use of an identifying move first.

4. Scovillain (Grass and Fire) – 486 BST


Scovillain – a pepper monster whose name is a mash between the Scoville Scale to measure the spice of a food item and villain because many people do not like spicy food – has a unique typing as a Grass- and Fire-type Pokémon. Scovillain is mainly an offensive Pokémon with 108 Attack and Special Attack. It adds 75 Speed and 65 HP, Defense, and Special Defense. 

Scovillain evolves from Capsakid with a Fire Stone. Its unique typing means that Bug, Fire, Ice, Ground, and Water attacks inflict normal damage. However, Scovillain will still hold weakness to Rock, Flying, and Poison.

5. Brambleghast (Grass and Ghost) – 480 BST


Brambleghast is the evolution of Barmblin. Brambleghast – a mix between a bramble and a ghast – is a pretty fast physical attacker, and received over 200 more BST upon its evolution. It has 115 Attack and 90 Speed to go along with 80 Special Attack and 70 Defense and Special Defense. However, Brambleghast is not made for battles of attrition with only 55 HP. 

The ghast of a bramble evolves from Bramblin after having it walk 1,000 steps in Let’s Go mode, where your Pokémon travels outside of its Pokéball and engages in automatic battles. Once 1,000 steps have it, the evolution should trigger.

As a Grass and Ghost-type Pokémon, Brambleghast holds weaknesses to Flying, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Dark. However, it holds immunities to Fighting and Normal

Those are the best Paldean Grass-type Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. Which of these will you add to your team?

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