Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Levincia Electric-Type Gym Guide To Beat Iono

Be prepared for the Electric-type gym in Levincia with this Pokémon Scarlet & Violet guide to defeat Iono.

Pokémon Iono Levincia gym leader

As your Victory Road path continues toward the Pokémon League, your third stop among gym leaders in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet should be the Electric-type gym found in Levincia, where Iono is ready to battle. As always, the order you choose to visit the gyms in can be adjusted, but the Levincia gym does land third when considering the strength of the Pokémon that Iono will have for you the first time around. 

With so many different paths to take, you don’t want to accidentally waltz into a new city’s gym unprepared for the challenge you’ll be faced with. Thanks to this Levincia Grass-type gym guide, you’ll be able to secure victory and add another gym badge on the path to the Pokémon League. 

In this article you will learn: 

  • What kind of test you’ll face at the Levincia gym
  • Details on every Pokémon that Iono will use in battle
  • Strategies to make sure you’re able to defeat her
  • What team you’ll face in the Iono rematch

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Levincia Electric-type gym guide

Pokémon Iono defeated Levincia gym

When you’re ready to head further east in Paldea, it might finally be time to chart a course to the seaside port city of Levincia. If you’ve already tackled Brassius at the Artazon gym, you’ll be able to follow the road which exits Artazon to the east. It’ll wind north a bit, but keep following this road into East Province (Area Two) until you reach the bridge into Levincia. 

You’ll find the Electric-type gym with gym leader Iono in Levincia, and the Electric Badge is waiting for you if you can secure a victory the first time around. When you’re much further along on the path toward becoming a Pokémon master, a set of gym leader rematches will occur, which will give you the opportunity to battle a much stronger team from Iono.

Levincia gym test

Iono found Levincia gym battle

When you’re ready to start stepping toward this battle, Iono will first task you with a fascinating little gym test as you hunt for “Mr. Walkabout” in several photos. Taking inspiration from “Where’s Waldo?”, you’ll need to examine the image and point your cursor to his location three different times. 

However, a step up from the gym tests in Artazon and Cortondo, Iono also has a few fans on deck ready to battle you throughout the gym test. These are the Pokémon you’ll be up against during the gym test.

  • Gym Trainer Marti
    • Luxio (Level 22)
  • Gym Trainer Michael
    • Tynamo (Level 22)
    • Flaaffy (Level 22) 

They aren’t the most difficult battles, but you’ll net some extra experience and be able to get a reward of 3,080 Pokédollars for each victory. Once you’ve defeated them and found Mr. Walkabout in the final photo, Iono will be ready to challenge you. 

How to beat Iono for the Electric Badge

Pokémon Iono gym battle start

The introduction of Tera Types and Terastallization continues to be on display throughout each progressively difficult gym battle, and Iono is definitely ramping things up a few notches. Here are the Pokémon you’ll be up against: 

  • Wattrel (Level 23)
    • Electric- and Flying-type
    • Ability: Wind Power
    • Moves: Pluck, Quick Attack, Spark
  • Bellibolt (Level 23)
    • Electric-type
    • Ability: Electromorphosis
    • Moves: Water Gun, Spark
  • Luxio (Level 23)
    • Electric-type
    • Ability: Intimidate
    • Moves: Spark, Bite
  • Mismagius (Level 24)
    • Ghost-type
    • Tera Type: Electric
    • Ability: Levitate
    • Moves: Charge Beam, Hex, Confuse Ray

Even more so than the slightly weaker leaders Brassius and Katy, Iono has a truly devastating Tera Type combo waiting for you at the climax of this battle. You should be able to use a Rock-type to take down Wattrel and a Ground-type could make quick work of Luxio and Bellibolt, but watch out for the latter’s Water Gun. 

However, the biggest challenge will be Mismagius, which Iono will Terrastalize into an Electric-type while simultaneously keeping the ability Levitate to give it immunity to Ground-type attacks. There is no super-effective counter in this case, so keep your levels higher going into the battle and hit Mismagius with your strongest Pokémon. If you want to be extra defensive, bringing a Ground-type or Normal-type to battle will at least neutralize one of Mismagius’ offensive moves. 

Following your first victory against Iono, she’ll award you the Electric Badge as well as TM 48, which will teach the versatile Volt Switch to one of your Pokémon. If this happens to be your third gym badge, winning will also grant you the ability to control all Pokémon under Level 35. 

How to defeat Iono in your Levincia gym leader rematch

Iono gym battle happy

Your path to the Pokémon League will run through each gym and town in Paldea, but it won’t be the last you see of those leaders. When the Academy Ace Tournament starts to come together later in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to seek out each of the eight gym leaders in Paldea for one more showdown. 

Unlike your first time around, the gym leader rematches are all at equal levels and offer no difference or benefit when it comes to taking them on in a specific order. However, it’s good to know you’re truly prepared for the upgrades Iono has made for the second battle. 

Here are the Pokémon you’ll face in the Levincia gym rematch against Iono: 

  • Kilowattrel (Level 65)
    • Electric- and Flying-type
    • Ability: Wind Power
    • Moves: Hurricane, Discharge, Quick Attack, Tailwind
  • Bellibolt (Level 65)
    • Electric-type
    • Ability: Electromorphosis
    • Moves: Water Pulse, Thunder, Reflect, Sucker Punch
  • Electrode (Level 65)
    • Electric-type
    • Ability: Static
    • Moves: Foul Play, Electric Terrain, Discharge, Sucker Punch
  • Luxray (Level 65)
    • Electric-type
    • Ability: Intimidate
    • Moves: Crunch, Wild Charge, Psychic Fangs, Ice Fang
  • Mismagius (Level 66)
    • Ghost-type
    • Tera Type: Electric 
    • Ability: Levitate
    • Moves: Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Mystical Fire, Dazzling Gleam

Just as was the case in your first battle, Iono is bringing an Electric-type focused team with the extra powerful Mismagius combo to boot. You’ll need a Rock-type move, ideally Stone Edge, to knock off Kilowattrel to open. Any good Ground-type moves should be able to manage most of the rest of the party, but watch out for Water Pulse and Ice Fang, which could cripple a Rock-type or Ground-type Pokémon. Mismagius is even stronger than before with more offensive versatility thanks to Dazzling Gleam and Mystical Fire, so be sure you’ve got a beefy special defender to handle it. 

With the team details and strategies outlined in this Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Levincia Electric-type gym guide, you’ll be as prepared as possible when getting ready to battle Iono. If Mismagius gives you trouble the first time, that should give you an idea of just how devastating Iono can be once the levels have boosted for the rematch, but you’re now ready to take her on.

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