Pokémon: Steel Type Weaknesses

These are the attack types that Steel Pokémon are weak to, what dual-type Steel Pokémon are vulnerable to, and what types Steel Pokémon are strong against.

Pokémon: Steel Type Weaknesses

Steel-type Pokémon have become coveted in the games, with their tremendous range of strengths and decidedly tame number of weaknesses. In Pokémon, the likes of Steelix, Scizor, Bastiodon, Lucario, Heatran, and Dialga are all coveted for their Steel typing.

With this article we will try to help you cut down health or defeat others with powerful Steel Pokémon or find out the answer to the question: what is Steel good against? Here, you’ll find all of the Steel weaknesses, how to get super effective attacks on Steel Pokémon with dual-types, and the types that Steel Pokémon are strong against.

What is Steel types weak to in Pokémon?

Steel-type Pokémon are weak to the following move types:

  • Fire
  • Fighting
  • Ground

For pure Steel Pokémon, only Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type attacks will bring up the ‘super effective’ marker and be twice as powerful as usual. That said, the many dual-type Steel Pokémon – those with another type as well as Steel – have other weaknesses.

For example, the Steel-Water Pokémon Empoleon doesn’t have the usual Steel weakness of Fire, but is weak against Electric as well as Fighting and Ground-type moves.

What move types work against Steel types in Pokémon?

Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type moves are all super effective against Steel Pokémon. However, you’ll also find that Water, Electric, Ghost, and Dark-type moves work against Steel Pokémon. They won’t do increased damage by playing to a Steel weakness, but they also won’t come up as ‘not very effective.’

What are dual-type Steel Pokémon weak against?

Dual-type Steel Pokémon have different weaknesses to pure Steel-type Pokémon, with those weaknesses all being listed in the table below.

Steel Dual-TypeWeak Against
Normal-Steel TypeFire, Fighting (x4), Ground
Fire-Steel TypeWater, Fighting, Ground (x4)
Water-Steel TypeElectric, Fighting, Ground
Electric-Steel TypeFire, Fighting, Ground (x4)
Grass-Steel TypeFire (x4), Fighting
Ice-Steel TypeFire (x4), Fighting (x4), Ground
Fighting-Steel TypeFire, Fighting, Ground
Poison-Steel TypeFire, Ground (x4)
Ground-Steel TypeFire, Water, Fighting, Ground
Flying-Steel TypeFire, Electric
Psychic-Steel TypeFire, Ground, Ghost, Dark
Bug-Steel TypeFire (x4)
Rock-Steel TypeWater, Fighting (x4), Ground (x4)
Ghost-Steel TypeFire, Ground, Ghost, Dark
Dragon-Steel TypeFighting, Ground
Dark-Steel TypeFire, Fighting (x4), Ground
Fairy-Steel TypeFire, Ground

Ground-type moves are consistently your best bet if you want to land super effective hits on Steel-type Pokémon, with only Steel-Grass and Steel-Bug not taking super effective damage and Steel-Flying being immune to Ground.

How many weaknesses does Steel types have?

Steel has three weaknesses: Fire, Ground, and Fighting. More importantly, against pure Steel Pokémon, only four move types won’t go down as ‘not very effective’ and do regular damage, with those four being Water, Dark, Electric, and Ghost.

Is Steel type Pokémon weak against Fighting?

Steel is weak against Fighting for the most part. Pure Steel and 11 dual-type Steel Pokémon are weak against Fighting. However, against Steel-Ghost Pokémon, Fighting attacks won’t do anything, and they’ll only do their regular amount of damage against Steel-Poison, Steel-Flying, Steel-Psychic, Steel-Bug, and Steel-Fairy Pokémon.

What is Steel good against?

Every form of Steel Pokémon will resist Poison-type moves. There isn’t a single Steel-type that is weak or will even take a hit from a Poison move. Some dual-type Steel Pokémon can also resist other types, as listed below:

  • Normal-Steel resists Ghost and Poison
  • Ground-Steel resists Electric and Poison
  • Flying-Steel resists Ground and Poison
  • Ghost-Steel resists Normal, Fighting, and Poison
  • Dark-Steel resists Bug and Poison
  • Fairy-Steel resists Dragon and Poison

Does Steel resist Normal?

Steel does not resist Normal unless it’s a Steel-Ghost Pokémon. However, Normal attacks will only do half as much damage as they usually would if used against any Steel Pokémon as they are strong against this type. In fact, against a Steel-Rock Pokémon like Bastiodon or Probopass, Normal’s power is cut to a mere quarter.

Does Steel resist Dragon?

Steel does not resist Dragon unless it’s a Steel-Fairy Pokémon. That said, with the exception of Steel-Dragon Pokémon (which take regular damage from Dragon attacks), Dragon moves used on Steel will come up as ‘not very effective,’ only being half as powerful in these match-ups.

What Pokémon are good against Steel types?

One Pokémon good against Steel is Infernape: its Fire-Fighting type is perfect for combating Steel, especially as Steel-type moves aren’t very effective against the Flame Pokémon.

Still, you can still find favourable match-ups with Pokémon that are, or preferably a mix of, Ground, Fighting, and Fire. You can also find an advantage with Pokémon that are a dual-type of one of the Steel weakness types and Water, Electric, Ghost, or Dark.

So, consider these Pokémon to be top picks, as they are very good against Steel types:

  • Infernape (Fighting-Fire)
  • Whiscash (Ground-Water)
  • Gastrodon (Ground-Water)
  • Machamp (Fighting)
  • Gallade (Fighting-Psychic)

It should be noted, however, that both Machamp and Gallade take regular damage from Steel attacks while the impact of Steel against Infernape, Whiscash, and Gastrodon is halved.

What types are Steel Pokémon strong against?

You are probably wondering: well, what is Steel good against? Steel Pokémon are strong against the majority of types in Pokémon. This is why it’s so important to play to Steel weaknesses wherever possible. Pure Steel Pokémon are strong against Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel, and Fairy.

Each dual-type Steel Pokémon has a different set of strengths due to the influence of their other type. So, for each Steel dual-type, these are what are not very effective (½) or simply don’t do anything (x0) to the Pokémon:

Steel Dual-TypeStrong Against
Normal-Steel TypeNormal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Ghost (x0), Poison (x0)
Fire-Steel TypeNormal, Grass (¼), Ice (¼), Flying, Psychic, Bug (¼), Dragon, Steel (¼), Fairy (¼), Poison (x0)
Water-Steel TypeNormal, Water, Ice (¼), Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel (¼), Fairy, Poison (x0)
Electric-Steel TypeNormal, Electric, Grass, Ice, Flying (¼), Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel (¼), Fairy, Poison (x0)
Grass-Steel TypeNormal, Water, Electric, Grass (¼), Psychic, Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Poison (x0)
Ice-Steel TypeNormal, Grass, Ice (¼), Flying, Psychic, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Poison (x0)
Fighting-Steel TypeNormal, Grass, Ice, Bug (¼), Rock (¼), Dragon, Dark, Steel, Poison (x0)
Poison-Steel TypeNormal, Grass (¼), Ice, Flying, Bug (¼), Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy (¼), Poison (x0)
Ground-Steel TypeNormal, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock (¼), Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Poison (x0), Electric (x0)
Flying-Steel TypeNormal, Grass (¼), Flying, Psychic, Bug (¼), Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Poison (x0), Ground (x0)
Psychic-Steel TypeNormal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic (¼), Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Poison (x0)
Bug-Steel TypeNormal, Grass (¼), Ice, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Poison (x0)
Rock-Steel TypeNormal (¼), Ice, Flying (¼), Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Fairy, Poison (x0)
Ghost-Steel TypeGrass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug (¼), Rock, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Poison (x0), Normal (x0), Fighting (x0)
Dragon-Steel TypeNormal, Electric, Water, Grass (¼), Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Steel, Poison (x0)
Dark-Steel TypeNormal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel, Poison (x0), Psychic (x0)
Fairy-Steel TypeNormal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug (¼), Rock, Dark, Fairy, Poison (x0), Dragon (x0)

Steel weaknesses may number three, but the sheer lack of move types that even deal regular damage makes Steel Pokémon formidable in Pokémon. So, if you want to crush a Steel-type trainer or if you need to know the moves that’ll only shave off a bit of HP to ripen the Pokémon for a catch, consult the tables above.





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