Pokémon Sword and Shield: Complete Guide On How To Get Dynite Ore and Ability Patch

How do you get Dynite Ore in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC? How and why would you want to get an Ability Patch?

Pokémon Sword and Shield has finally released their second downloadable content expansion, and The Crown Tundra has introduced Dynite Ore as a new and valuable resource.

One of the game’s newest features is the Max Lair, an adventure featuring four consecutive Max Raid style battles against Dynamax Pokémon that usually culminate in challenging a classic legendary Pokémon from previous generations.

The other primary reward for completing a Max Lair is Dynite Ore. This new item works as a form of currency with a vendor inside the Max Lair.

Upon completion of a Max Lair, you’re given a variable amount of Dynite Ore as a reward depending on how that Max Lair adventure went for you.

You can also get Dynite Ore from completing Max Raids in The Crown Tundra, but it’s a much lower amount compared to doing a full Max Lair run.

There are several ways to maximize the Dynite Ore you’re getting with each Max Lair run, but the simple answer is to do as many Max Lair runs as possible and do them as well as you can.

You can see our guide to tips on completing a Max Lair, which will help you get accustomed to this new challenge and improve your Max Lair strategy.

Max Lair Rewards

When you finish up a run in a Max Lair, you’ll get a specific amount of Dynite Ore depending on the parameters of how that run went, and you can see a list below of those parameters and their corresponding Dynite Ore rewards.

These are the specific rewards I’ve encountered through Max Lair runs so far, but there could be other specific outcomes that net more Ore on top of what these can get you. With a nearly perfect run that includes all of these, you’ll score upwards of 13 Dynite Ore from a single Max Lair.

Investigated the den – 3 or 4 Dynite Ore

Just for attempting a Max Lair, you’re going to get a small amount of Ore. In my attempts, it varied between 3 and 4 Dynite Ore per Max Lair try, but it’s not clear what makes the choice between those two options.

Reached the innermost area – 2 Dynite Ore

If you’re able to reach the fourth and final battle at the far end of the Max Lair, you’ll get an extra 2 Dynite Ore for that accomplishment.

Caught a very special Pokémon – 3 Dynite Ore

Max Lairs will often end with the opportunity to catch a legendary Pokémon from one of the previous generations. If you’re able to catch this “very special Pokémon,” you’ll nab an extra 3 Dynite Ore.

Connected with others to play – 2 Dynite Ore

You can run through Max Lairs on your own, but you’re better off joining others once you’re accustomed to them. Just running the Max Lair with others will earn you 2 more Dynite Ore.

Completed the adventure safely – 2 Dynite Ore

When you go through a Max Lair, there’s a likelihood someone’s Pokémon will faint in the process. If you can manage to complete the full run without that happening, you’ll net 2 more Dynite Ore.

What can you do with the Ore once you have it?

There are a few options that have already appeared when it comes to spending your Dynite Ore. Peonia, a character you encounter just as you arrive at The Crown Tundra, will hang out in the Max Lair and often find information that can be helpful.

Talk to Peonia whenever you’re in a Max Lair, as she will sometimes know where a specific legendary Pokémon can be found. This allows you the opportunity to start a Max Lair searching for that specific Pokémon, rather than hoping to find it by chance.

When I spoke to Peonia, she asked for 5 pieces in exchange for information on the location of Tapu Koko. It’s a very fair price considering the time this can save in hunting each legendary.

There’s a merchant just beside where you’d begin a Max Lair run that offers a variety of items in exchange for Dynite Ore. Below is the full list of items for sale, and exactly how many you’ll have to fork over for each one.

Every item your Ore can buy

  • Exp. Candy L – 1 Ore
  • Exp. Candy XL – 3 Ore
  • Dynamax Candy – 2 Ore
  • Wishing Piece – 3 Ore
  • Armorite Ore – 3 Ore
  • HP Up – 2 Ore
  • Protein – 2 Ore
  • Iron – 2 Ore
  • Calcium – 2 Ore
  • Zinc – 2 Ore
  • Carbos – 2 Ore
  • Premier Ball – 1 Ore
  • Beast Ball – 150 Ore
  • Bottle Cap – 25 Ore
  • Ability Capsule – 50 Ore
  • Ability Patch – 200 Ore

You’ll notice a huge difference in cost between the majority of these options and the final four. The Beast Ball is a beloved rare Poké Ball introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

It’s notoriously difficult to capture a Pokémon with one, but the unique animation when a Pokémon caught with one is sent out makes it worthwhile for many players.

As for the Bottle Cap, 25 Dynite Ore almost feels like a steal for this extremely useful item. They’re used for Hyper Training.

How and why to get an Ability Capsule or Ability Patch

Every Pokémon has an Ability. Some are uniquely exclusive to certain Pokémon while others can be found on many different Pokémon.

Most Pokémon end up with one of two Abilities, and that’s usually determined simply by chance. If your Pokémon didn’t end up with your preferred Ability, you can use an Ability Capsule to swap to their other regular Ability.

Some Pokémon have Hidden Abilities, which are significantly more difficult to acquire but can be extremely beneficial. Event Pokémon are sometimes released with Hidden Abilities, and breeding can sometimes trigger a Hidden Ability.

Before the Pokémon Sword and Shield released The Crown Tundra DLC, there was no surefire guaranteed method of switching a Pokémon’s current Ability with their Hidden Ability.

That’s no longer the case thanks to the Ability Patch. This expensive item can be used to swap any Pokémon’s Ability with their Hidden Ability, so long as they do have a possible Hidden Ability.

It’ll take you quite a few Max Lair runs to earn the 200 Dynite Ore needed to purchase just one Ability Patch, so use it wisely if you do choose to exchange your Dynite Ore for one.

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