Portugal FIFA 23

The Portuguese midfield in FIFA 23 is well-balanced, featuring a combination of dynamic and strong midfielders.

Portugal in FIFA 23 Complete Guide

With the release of FIFA 23, the latest installment of the renowned soccer video game, Portuguese national team supporters can finally check out how their squad performs in the game.

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Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes are just two of the world’s greatest players on Portugal’s excellent lineup. Overall, the club receives an impressive 83, which is an uptick from their 82 in last year’s game.

Attack: 9 out of 10

In FIFA 23, the Portuguese attack is a serious threat to any defense. The club possesses a dangerous assault that can score goals from wherever on the field, and Ronaldo is at the head of the pack. Diogo Jota and Bernardo Silva give pace and inventiveness from the wings, and Fernandes and João Félix add further offensive threat in the middle.

Defense: 7 out of 10

Even though their defense isn’t as potent as their attack, Portugal is still a formidable opponent. Pepe and Ruben Dias are rock at the back for the defense, while Joao Cancelo and Nelson Semedo provide pace and nimbleness on the wings. However, the defense is thin and could be attacked by more strong opponents.

Midfield: 8 out of 10

The Portuguese midfield in FIFA 23 is well-balanced, featuring a combination of dynamic and strong midfielders. The team’s best player in this category is Fernandes, whose passing and shooting skills make him a vital playmaker. Andre Gomes and Renato Sanches give pace and intensity from the wings, while Danilo Pereira and Ruben Neves provide a powerful presence in the middle of the pitch.

Goalkeeping: 7 out of 10

In FIFA 23, the scenario between the posts for Portugal is a bit of a cause for concern. The team’s starting goalkeeper, Rui Patrício, has a not-so-impressive 79 OVR rating. Even if he is strong in many ways, he may benefit from practicing more reflexively and agilely. Anthony Lopes, the team’s backup goalkeeper, has a little higher rating than Patrício (80), but is not significantly better.

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Player Ratings:

  • Portuguese captain and star Cristiano Ronaldo has an outstanding overall rating of 89 in FIFA 23, making him the best player on the team. He has great speed and shooting skills, and he finishes with clinical precision. His passing, dribbling, and control of the ball are all excellent, making him a dangerous opponent for any defense.
  • The Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has an overall FIFA 23 rating of 86, making him the team’s second-best player. In addition to his impressive shooting and passing skills, he also possesses a dynamic playmaking mindset. His vision, control, and dribbling are all top-notch as well, giving him an invaluable asset to the attack.
  • João Félix, with an overall rating of 83, is a young attacker for Atletico Madrid and a rising FIFA 23 star. He has great speed and agility and is a skilled dribbler. He is an asset to the team’s attack since he has good finishing skills, good ball control, and good passing.
  • Don’t forget about Pepe when talking about Portugal. The veteran center back is a strong presence in the heart of the Portuguese defense in Fifa 23, with an 82 OVR rating. He’s a big, strong defender who does a great job of tackling and marking. His strength and agility in the air are also noteworthy, making him an invaluable tool in both attack and defense.

As a whole, Portugal FIFA 23 squad is formidable, boasting a talented and well-rounded collection of players.

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