Rainbow Six Extraction: Objectives List and Tips to Complete them

Here is the full list of all the 13 Objectives you will be given in Rainbow Six Extraction.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, each location is separated into three different zones. Within each zone, you are given an Objective to complete at the beginning of an incursion. There are 13 different Objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Below you will find each Objective with a detailed description of how to complete each. Some tips will also be included for certain Objectives.

1. Biopsy

You must takedown the target with a stealth melee attack for Biopsy.

There are multiple steps to this – and pretty much every – Objective. First, you must find and identify the Archæan target from stealth (crouched); make sure to avoid its line of sight! From there, you must kill the target with a takedown using the REACT Blade. Killing it in any other way will result in a failure of the Objective. The Blade will automatically extract a biological sample. It’s recommended to always crouch unless running for your life, which should help greatly enable your chances of sneaking up on your target.

2. Decontamination

Aberrant Nests are green and emit a noxious gas, just like Bloaters.

For this Objective, you must identify and destroy Aberrant Nests. These Nests will be distinct in that they’ll be green in color. There will be one main Nest, generally centralized, but before you can destroy that, you have to first destroy five green Nests in a certain radius. Only then can you destroy the main one. However, be careful as these Nests, like Bloaters, will release a noxious gas that is harmful to Operators. Take out the five Nests in stealth before doing the same for the main one to avoid agitating them.

3. Gateway

Gateway signals that you will be fighting a Protean, and the only time MIA Operator isn’t the last Objective (Image Source: Ubisoft YouTube channel).

This is only accessible on Cautious and higher difficulty. If you are given this Objective, then you will need to enter a Singularity to fight a Protean, an evolved form of the Archæans. Interestingly, they’ve taken on the appearance and characteristics of Operators, even mimicking their abilities. These are undoubtedly the most difficult encounters in the game. They are more mobile than even Tier 4 Archæans and will take skillful teamwork to ensure everyone extracts with no MIA Operators.

4. Hunt

The three figures in front indicate needing to eliminate three enemies to draw out the Elite Target for Hunt.

For this Objective, first, you must defeat three Archæans associated with the target. These Archæans will have a yellow target after identifying them. Second, almost as soon as you kill the third one, the target will appear. The target will always be an “Elite [Archæan type]” like an “Elite Grunt.” They are probably akin to a Tier 2 to Tier 3 Archæan in terms of strength, defense, and health. Their attacks will depend on the type; Elite Grunts will rush you while Elite Spikers will keep shooting at you. Kill them to complete the Objective.

5. MIA Operator

MIA Operator will always be the final Objective if one is MIA in the zone except when a Gateway appears.

This Objective is only available if one of your Operators is MIA. This Objective is always the last Objective if there’s an MIA in the area. This means you have to successfully make it through both subzones (completing those Objectives is entirely optional) and enter the heart of the third subzone, the most difficult subzone with the most enemies. Retrieving an MIA is an involved process that takes both extracting them from the Carapace it’s being held to while also destroying the veins of Carapace that come to suck energy from the MIA.

It is recommended that one person extract the MIA while the others destroy veins. It can be done on solo mode – if you make it this far – but it’s difficult. Use the VR Training to practice as many times as necessary until you feel like you have an understanding of how to extract MIA Operators.

Once retrieved, MIA Operators will go to Inactive mode. Their health will slowly recover as you gain experience, complete Objectives, complete research Studies, and most importantly, safely extract from zones.

6. Nest Tracking

One of the simpler Objectives, this requires you to place trackers into Nests rather than destroying them. Better yet, it doesn’t matter which Nests you choose; the first three will suffice. However, you cannot track a Nest that is agitated! Remember, agitated Nests will keep spawning Archæans. Other than that, it’s best to stealthily take out any Archæans in the area of Nests, but once you track them, you’re done! They will explode after the tracking all three is complete, though, so watch out for that triggering any Archæans – that’s why you should take them out first!

7. No One Left Behind

This is only activated when a squad member goes down during an incursion. This doesn’t apply to a downed but not out state (DBNO). If a squad member falls (KO), then another must escort them to the extraction zone. Importantly, if you do not rescue a downed squad member, then that Operator goes MIA for that player. Sometimes, you may need to retreat a bit before proceeding to rescue your teammate (pay attention to the timer!), but remember to be a good partner and rescue your squad members!

8. Rescue

Escorting a VIP (Asset) to the extraction zone; make note of the coughing mechanic!

Similar to the previous Objective, here you must safely escort a VIP to the extraction zone. You will support them with one shoulder, but will only be able to hold your gun with one hand; at least you can still shoot! Use the Recon Drone to find your VIP and importantly, to scan any Archæans protecting the VIP. Usually, there will be a horde of Archæans surrounding the VIP, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 Archæans at times. Knowing what enemies you’ll face will help you quickly eliminate them and extract the VIP. If in a squad, have the VIP with the middle team member and the other two in front of and behind to protect them.

9. Sabotage

Here, you must set explosive charges and defend against two minutes of Archæan waves. Crucially, the Archæans can and will attack the charges, which have a “health” bar as well. Protect the charges for two minutes and they’ll explode. It’s best to try and place your squad in a triangulation that covers all angles and ideally, leads to one entrance point. However, keep in mind that Archæans can destroy walls and jump through windows. Keep an eye on the footsteps icon on your HUD.

10. Serial Scan

For this Objective, you must activate and scan three different areas. These areas will be identifiable through the blue wisps of humanoid smoke. Find the scan machine and activate it, awaiting the incoming waves of Archæans. You must stay within the scan area until the meter reaches 100 percent. It’s best to set up barricades and create a single point of entry to create a chokepoint, particularly on solo play.

11. Shutdown

Similar to Sabotage, in Shutdown you must set three explosive charges on a tower that respawns Nests. Importantly, all three players need to set their charge to shutdown the tower. Like with other Objectives, clear out the Archæans in the area before you decide to set the charges to ensure there is as little resistance and danger to your health as possible.

12. Specimen

Unlike Hunt, you have to capture a living Elite Target for Specimen.

In theory a difficult task, this Objective can be accomplished on solo play with a bit of planning. For this Objective, unlike Biopsy and Hunt, you are to lure a target to the extraction zone. Once they are on the extraction zone, you must set the trap at a console by the extraction area. This will shock the target and cover them in stasis foam. As you are told, live specimens are needed for study, and this is how REACT obtains them.

On solo play, once you identify the target, work backwards to clear your path and even go off path a bit to the sides to clear out any Archæans (hopefully in stealth) that may come to the call of the target. Then, to lure the target, either present yourself in their line of sight of shoot at them. Get to the console, then activate the trap when it’s near (it lasts about five seconds per activation). On squad play, keep one member at the console while the other two lure it to the extraction zone.

13. Triangulation

Another doable task on solo mode albeit more of a pain, Triangulation asks you to activate three laptops in sequential order. This needs to be accomplished within a time limit (variable). Generally, the first laptop you find will not be Laptop A. You will also probably find that while Laptop A is here and Laptop B is there, Laptop C may force you to backtrack to and beyond Laptop A to activate – or any combination of the three.

On solo play, clear out the areas around each laptop. While Archæans will make their way over once the first laptop is activated, this at least ensures there will be far fewer to deal with. If you do this and sprint to each, you should be able to activate them in plenty of time. With a squad, make sure everyone is at a station after clearing out the areas. Then, activate A, then B, and finally C, but make sure it’s in order! If you’re on headset, this is a great way to coordinate.

You may also come across another Triangulation Objective along the lines of seismic studies. These will function the same: three laptops activated in sequential order.

Can you complete each Objective in solo mode?

In theory, every Objective can be accomplished as a solo player, but it’s much easier to accomplish these in a squad of three, and nearly all Objectives seem made with trios in mind. Squad up whenever possible.

What do you get for completing Objectives?

You gain 1000 experience for extracting after completing the first Objective, 1500 for the second, and 2000 for the third. Remember that the difficulty modifiers for experience are zero percent, 50 percent, 100 percent, and 200 percent.

Now that you know what to expect from each of the 13 Objectives in Rainbow Six Extraction. Whether playing solo or teaming up, these Objectives can be accomplished (for the most part). At the very least, knowledge is key to success!





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