Rainbow Six Extraction Operators List and What You Need to Know

Here is the full list of ALL the Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, you play as one of 18 Operators, basically character archetypes that all have different abilities and functions. The Operators also have a progression system, allowing you to upgrade their abilities and stats and gain combat perks, among others. Each Operator will gain an individualized perk at level five.

On the Operator screen, you’ll see that each has adjectives that describe their strengths. Usually, two are listed, but certain Operators will have more. For example, IQ is described with Scanner and Recon.

Read below for a full list and description of all of the 18 Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.


Image Source: Ubisoft Australia YouTube channel.

ALIBI is an Italian soldier who worked to dismantle organized crime rings. She volunteered to be part of REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team) and face the Archæan threat. She initially comes equipped with a Mx4 Storm SMG, a “pistol-calibre semi-automatic carbine.” More weapons can be unlocked for ALIBI as well as all Operators.

Her unique ability is to use the PRISMA Hologram to project a decoy that attracts Archæans. This will easily allow you and your teammates to pick them off and proceed with your extraction missions.

2. Capitão

Capitão appears to be a Brazilian soldier. He is described as having an extensive law enforcement background, giving him a mastery of a wide range of weapons. He initially comes equipped with the PARA-308 assault rifle.

His ability is described as silently shooting bolts that detonate on impact. These are TAC Mk0 bolts. He can switch between smoke screen and venom bolts. The former will hid you and your squad as well as stun enemies, while the latter – as its name suggests – injects a poison into your foes.

3. DOC

As his codename suggests, France’s DOC is the main healer among the Operators. As someone who was an “invaluable asset in containing the Parasite in N.M., he was added to the REACT roster the moment the new threat appeared.” He begins with an SG-CQB shotgun.

His ability is to use his STIM Pistol to shoot healing injections into downed comrades, and even himself. The beauty of this is unlike in other similar games, healing can be done from a distance rather than up close.

4. Ela

Poland’s Ela is the rebel of the group who “wasn’t the first choice for REACT” yet was chosen due to her tactical abilities and unparalleled skills as a survivalist. She begins with the Scorpion EVO 3 machine gun.

Her unique ability is to place sticky Grzmot Mines that stun and concuss Archæans. Better yet, Ela herself has a strong resistance to concussive effects, meaning these mines have no effect on her.


Image Source: Ubisoft Australia YouTube channel.

FINKA spent many years with the Russian Spetsnaz. She also used her microbiology background, which “pushed her to the top of the REACT recruit list,” to develop nanobot-driven adrenaline boosts to better her own medical condition. She begins with the SPEAR .308 assault rifle.

She can use those same nanobots to improve teammates. When her Adrenal Surge is activated, it gives a health boost, reduces recoil, and increases aim speed for her partners. Further, downed teammates will be revived and prevented from being knocked down. Finka is formidable, indeed.


Another former Spetsnaz, FUZE is the materials expert. His knack for using improvised materials earned him a spot with REACT. He begins with the 6P41 Light Machine Gun (LMG).

His ability allows you to deploy detonable charges on walls and barricades, sending out cluster grenades on the other side when remotely activated.

7. Gridlock

Gridlock’s expertise in mechanical systems and robotics comes into play with her role in Extraction. Described as self-sufficient and autonomous, Gridlock comes initially equipped with a F90 assault rifle.

Her ability allows her to deploy TRAX Stingers, an anti-personnel spiked trap that not only damages enemies, but slows them as well. This will be handy in tight spaces with many foes.


Image Source: Ubisoft Australia YouTube channel.

Japan’s HIBANA was one of the first Operators REACT approached due to her expertise in high-risk infiltrations. She also has an extensive counter-terrorism background as well as a “broad and varied set of tactical skills.” HIBANA comes equipped with the TYPE-89 assault rifle.

She uses the X-KAIROS launcher for her ability. This shoots sticky charges that can be remotely detonated, dealing armor penetrating damage.

9. IQ

Germany’s IQ has a tenacious, no-fail attitude that was welcomed immediately by REACT. IQ also has proficiency with the R.E.D. SPECTRE Electronics Detector, making her vital to locating hostiles and communicating with the team. She begins with the AUG A2 assault rifle.

With the R.E.D. SPECTRE Electronics Detector, IQ is able to detect REACT equipment through obstacles. This will be vital when you or your squad need to refill your REACT Tech.


Image Source: Ubisoft Australia YouTube channel.

Germany’s JÄGER volunteered to join REACT once it formed after seeing the devastating capabilities of the Parasite first-hand. He is an expert helicopter pilot who “brought his updated MAGPIE Automated Defense System (ADS) to the fight against the Archæans.” He comes equipped with the M870 shotgun.

His ability is to deploy the ADS. Automated turrets then begin attacking the enemy. Further, they also intercept incoming projectiles! These can be stacked to create a wall or line of turrets as well.

11. Lion

France’s Lion is the man who led the initial charge against the original outbreak in New Mexico. He is described as being essential to combating new threats. He comes equipped with the V308 assault rifle.

His ability is to deploy the EE-ONE-D drone. This drone can detect all moving enemies in an area, even through walls and obstacles, allowing for the planning and execution of preemptive strikes.


NOMAD is known for her time with the Mountain Infantry Battalion of the Groupe d’Intervention de La Gendarmerie Royale (GIGR). She acclimated to all kinds of weather, and coupled with her knowledge of environmental operations, REACT recruited her because of the Parasite threat in any climate. She comes equipped with the AK-74M assault rifle.

Her unique ability is to deploy AIRJAB grenades. These repulsion grenades blast enemies away when detonated, either immediately or when deployed as traps.


Hailing from the United States, PULSE has a background in FBI biometrics collection and analysis. As such, his role in REACT is to locate and destroy enemy Archæan nests and spawn points. He comes equipped with the M1014 shotgun.

His ability is to deploy his HB-7 Cardiac Sensor. This device allows PULSE to locate nests and spawn points, as well as VIPs and MIAs, through obstacles. HB-7 is “specially tuned to detect Archæan physiology.”

14. ROOK

Frenchman ROOK has exceptional marksmanship skills, the specific reason he was recruited by REACT. He was trained by the Gendarmerie Nationale and is known for his adaptability under extreme stress. He comes equipped with the P90 submachine gun.

His ability is to drop a pack of boron-ceramic armor plates for the team. This grants increased damage resistance, and any Operator wearing armor will be downed – or Downed But Not Out (DBNO) – instead of K.O.


Another former Spetsnaz, TACHANKA is described as fiercely loyal and calm under pressure. He comes equipped with the SASG-12 semi-automatic shotgun.

His ability is to use a DP-28 mounted Light Machine Gun (LMG). This can be used by any Operator and not just TACHANKA. It holds 200 rounds. This ability is ideal for when you need to defend an Objective or take down an elite target.


United Kingdom’s SLEDGE is the melee expert of the group. He also volunteered for react after hearing about the events in New Mexico. He comes equipped with the M590A1 shotgun.

However, SLEDGE’s strength lies in his unique melee weapon. As his name suggests, it is a Tactical Hammer used for not only bashing walls to gain a tactical advantage with a surprise attack, but can be used as a weapon to dispose of weaker foes. On stronger foes, it should stun them. Save your ammo!


Another volunteer for REACT, SMOKE is a self-taught expert in biology and chemistry. He is described as bringing a wealth of operational experience to the team. He comes equipped with the L85A2 assault rifle.

His special ability is to deploy Z9 grenades. These grenades emit a smoke that is toxic to the Archæans and deals them damage. Further, they cannot see Operators while Operators are within the smoke. This is an ideal way to stealthily eliminate foes in an area. Also, that visual is pretty cool.


A man who still remains a mystery, VIGIL’s operational experience is what won him a spot with REACT. He is an expert in electrical engineering, particularly stealth technology. He comes equipped with the K1A1 machine gun.

Hailing from South Korea, VIGIL can activate his Electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC). The ERC makes him undetectable to enemies for a medium duration – though it will need to be recharged after use. The ERC is best used for assassinations, rescues, and sneaking to activate a panel or switch, should one need to be activated to advance.

Operators Inactive and MIA in Rainbow Six Extraction

The post-extraction Roster Health screen, showing Inactive and MIA Operators.

Each Operator begins at 100 health. You can add equipment like Body Armor (through REACT Tech or abilities) or health kits to add 50 with each, but it is important to realize any lost health is not regained during extractions. If you have 87 health and gain a med kit, you will still be at 87 health, but gain the added 50 as basically additional armor.

As long as you don’t hit zero health during a mission – granted you don’t have a DBNO status – you can successfully “extract” from missions. However, if you fall behold a certain threshold (around 40), your Operator will be considered Inactive. You will be unable to use them until their health rises, but at least they won’t be MIA.

You regain health for Inactive Operators by completing extractions; the more you finish per extraction, the more health you regain. Thankfully, the health you gain will apply to all Inactive Operators rather than be split between them.

However, should your Operator hit zero health, they will enter stasis and be considered MIA. The only way to regain use of this Operator is to retrieve them from the deepest parts of the area they were downed. Your final objective in this area will always be to rescue the MIA Operator.

Leveling up your Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Vigil’s first level up, which decreases his cooldown time to use his cloaking ability sooner, plus a helmet skin.

To level up, or progress, your Operators, you will have to successfully kill enemies, complete Objectives, and complete Studies. Each Objective – the main mission for each zone – nets you one thousand experience points, for example.

Unfortunately, experience is not shared between Operators, meaning that you will have to work your way through each Operator, retrieving them if they go MIA, to unlock rewards like upgrades to abilities and more skins. The good news is the experience your overall experience is not curtailed by playing with different Operators, so don’t be surprised if you are overall level seven and most of your Operators are still below level three.

Vigil’s Advancement tree.

Further, when an Operator goes MIA, their experience is banked and reallocated upon rescue. You will see a red bar on your overall Progression of the banked experience, as well as the Operators page that will list how much experience you have gained with each character, including MIA Operators.

If you are a trophy hunter, then you will need to get all 18 Operators to at least level ten for two trophies, Bigger Kahuna and Proud Papa. Further, as you’ll see below, not all Operators are available at the start of the game, so you will have to work to unlock the others (you begin with nine).

Obtaining the nine initially locked Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

“The Backbone.”

Having the full team of Operators at your disposal will prove invaluable due to their abilities. Unfortunately, you have to work to unlock half of the Operators.

You begin with Operators DOC, Ela, PULSE, ALIBI, FINKA, HIBANA, Lion, SLEDGE, and VIGIL. That leaves IQ, JÄGER, ROOK, FUZE, SMOKE, TACHANKA, Capitão, Gridlock, and NOMAD to unlock.

You will unlock three Operators each at overall levels five, ten, and 17. The first trio to be unlocked are considered “The Backbone” of REACT in IQ, ROOK, and JÄGER. As the backbone of the operation, their abilities are uniquely suited providing stability to a mission.

At level ten, you unlock FUZE, SMOKE, and TACHANKA, known as “The Strong Arm.” FUZE and SMOKE are built around their remote charge and grenade abilities, while TACHANKA can deploy a mounted LMG (light machine gun). They provide that offensive firepower befitting of their squad name.

At level 17, you unlock the final three Operators: Capitão, Gridlock, and NOMAD. They are known as “The Architects.” Their abilities work best at crowd control situations with Capitão’s crossbow bolts, Gridlock’s spiked traps, and NOMAD’s Airjab Launcher.

There you go, your full list and breakdown of all 18 Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. Which Operator piqued your interest? Which one fits your playstyle best?





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