Raúl Jiménez FIFA 23

Moreover, Jimenez has several excellent individual traits, and he also has some useful special cards in FIFA 23.

Raúl Jiménez FIFA 23 Complete Guide

Raúl Jiménez is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a forward for Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Mexico national team. Read on to find out more about the exceptional forward.

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Career overview

He was contacted by Premier League club Wolverhampton. He became known as a vicious attacker in that area.

After missing three months due to a groin injury he sustained in August, Jimenez is finally making his pitching return. Even more impressively, his team was able to secure a spot in the Europa League for the upcoming season thanks to his efforts.

Raúl Jiménez FIFA 23 player card and ratings

The Mexican forward’s overall rating of 81 is especially noteworthy given that he plays for a Premier League club outside the traditional major six. However, Mexico failed to make it out of the group stage at the recently concluded World Cup that saw Argentina and Lionel Messi hoist the trophy.

The native Mexican really does provide everything you could want from an attacking player, and any FIFA player would be lucky to have the skills of Jimenez. The only setback are his defense attributes, such as 45 defensive awareness, 38 standing tackle, and 30 sliding tackle, which are quite low even for an attacker.

Raúl Jiménez’s standout attributes

Jimenez’s impressive physique is reflected in his high 83 strength and 82 aggression scores. This makes him a dangerous threat within the opposing penalty area, where he can cause problems for the defense.

In addition, he has a passing skill of 76, which is crucial for a modern striker to have in order to effectively connect with his teammates.

The finish is in sight, as Jiménez truly excels in all areas. He has a high 92 penalty rating, placing him in the top tier of players. It’s worth noting that the attacker has a history of creating spectacular plays in the real world, and he might be able to replicate that feat for your FIFA 23 Career Mode squad.

Moreover, Jimenez has several excellent individual traits, and he also has some useful special cards in FIFA 23. The trivela shots he takes are more likely to go in because of his outside foot shooting.

Bottom line

To sum up, Raúl Jiménez is a fantastic asset to any team in FIFA 23 and a standout performer. It’s helpful to have someone with his speed, shooting skill, physicality, and goalscoring prowess in the attacking third. The use of his special cards boosts his overall efficiency and makes him a greater threat in the penalty area.

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